Christmas is my highlight of the year, so I’ll just sneak in some moments here and there this week to keep up with you!

Merry Christmas to All


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 The first life of a tree ….


Only because it’s in the way of my future studio:(

In October I took a pic of where the concrete would be poured for a new location of the gas tank. That time I didn’t know that the blurry background “little” 16 foot tree would be the Xmas aka Christmas tree (in the Greek translation the X  is our CH). We  chopped it off last week on both sides to 8 feet.


 The Life of a Tree

 is that of a Watcher

Sunset trees_3070

they watch the sunrise, the sunset and are shaking when it storms




The second life of this tree …
is to bring beauty


Stringing lights – I’m smiling, because the guys are the romantic ones in the family as well as  the quys my daughters married




LikeFatherlike Son_3221

What do ya know –  a down view and the sun reflecting the tree playing peekaboo

Willy is growing up too fast! Without anyone saying something, he started putting on the decorations, next to his dad. “I really like this race car here.”









Oooh, what’s this?





Modified For Mandarin Orange, Orange TGIF and Pink Sat
Finally the moms get into it too:)


The third life of this tree …
is to burn, so we are comfy and cozy


Thanks to All the Hosts!
                   If you wonder, the other challenges are at “Festive Touches” underneath this post where I make my own Christmas card from a wood carving
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41 thoughts on “ONCE UPON A TREE

  1. Hi Jesh,

    That tree is giving its all to you and your family! What a good idea to document it. I love the idea that Willy pitched right in to work without being told.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Blue Monday!


  2. The family decorating the Christmas tree together is such a treasured time. Have a wonderful Christmas and thank you for all your kind comments throughout the year.


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