Since I closed my case load as a therapist (Psy.D.) I first used my blog mainly to keep up with my paintings and beautiful things I saw in nature. After some years I thought, but this is not all of me.

From many years of experience I know what issues adults and children tend to struggle with. Why not give them, as well as their friends or loved ones a hand?

So I decided to categorize these specific issues for you as  SPECIFIC and SPECIAL STUFF on the first line of the post.

It may be about anxiety, anger management, loss, depression, mood swings, light sensitivity, trauma, cross-cultural adjustment, relationship issues, gender issues, distorted body image, such as anorexia, bulimia, problems with weight,  sleeping problems, etc., etc.

The posts in this category you are welcome  to copy or print  and give  to whom fits the shoe. It goes without saying that this is about the text, with normal copy rights for the pics.

Opened up a separate email to answer questions (for you, or the one you give the post to), since I also need that for Art Notes

JPS39vanKerkvoorde (at) Gmail (dot) com
Whenever you write me, you never need to write me with your real (legal) name or the name of the person you are concerned about.

Life is beautiful. For everyone to enjoy 🙂


5 thoughts on “SPECIFIC and SPECIAL STUFF

  1. I wanted to comment on how much I enjoyed your post on Beijing! It was posted on Blue Monday today and I loved your photos.l would have loved to see the painting you spoke of! I too paint on the street when the mood strikes.


  2. Thank you for posting it, I love your work! I’m still hazy about finding the place to comment on the post itself, I’m so glad I found this page. Seeing the painting was wonderful!


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