A Vineyard in December


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Since my blog is about daily meanderings, this is a mishmash of experiences and preparations.  … and working on the house getting “in shape” for Christmas.

By now I finally know what I can’t do without!
1. Good working appliances in kitchen & storage
2, a clean and functional bathroom
3. a  good mattress

What is indispensable for you?

This week hubby installed glass doors for shower/tub – they’re beautiful. Having worked in million dollar homes in So. CA, he has a  standard of excellence. He went twice to the hardware store just for the right screws! 
Our toilet in the guest bathroom kept running over (and it looked like a child seat to me – so low), so he installed a higher one with a bigger connection to the pipes.




Waiting in the car, because I don’t want to get wet …


It’s a special event when it rains in California. It’s super special when it rains a few days in a row! On Dec. 11 we had the worst storm in 10 years in CA.  In San Francisco the wind gained speed up to 100 miles/hr.  – that’s 3 hrs. from where I live. Here in the mountains the thunder sounded like a giant engine revving up.  That day,  nature was roaring like a wounded animal! Heard some eerie whistling sounds through the house.




SignVineyardsinFall_2814 copy

Modified for Mandarin Orange and Orange TGIF

Still getting to know Amador County better. Driving half hour, we at least pass 4 vineyards. They display striking Fall colors now.




XmasCactus_3124 copy

This is to remember my mother by, who had a huge pot of these  Christmas cactus flowers in bloom by Christmas

Am super excited that they are blooming “in time” (my previous house was a lot darker, so this one bloomed the end of Jan-Feb)





Left: scratch (metal) brushes and steel wool for different effects.
On top: ink.  On the right a specific blue ink with a small reflection,
barely visible on scratchboard (which is hardboard with layer of clay, and topped with India ink to scratch on).





First phase – I painted the Neighborhood gang  (there are normally about 6 deer, included one male and one bambi) roaming our streets and looking on when hubby builds a retaining wall in the yard. Now it gets colder, more deer are passing through –
Second phase is scratching the outlines of the deer.  In reality the contrast is not as stark as it appears on the pic (am not a photographer!)
The hard part now  is how far do I go  with scratching out…

 But Rudolph I haven’t seen yet…. have you?


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(For blogfriends abroad, Rudolph referring to Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, one of the reindeer of Santa Claus)

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43 thoughts on “A Vineyard in December

  1. Nice post! As always, it’s nice to see your photos and other forms of art! I totally agree with you about the rain. Down here in OC, we had our first real rain since last February. I went outside when it started and just stood there getting completely soaked. I loved it…
    I’m glad to hear that things are going well for you up there.


  2. Ah yes California in winter time is very tempermental, visiting wineries is a fun thing since they are relatively quiet so you can have more quality time with the owners or tasting room people


  3. Hi Jesh,

    I’m so glad that you weren’t in that horrible weather! For a time, we lived in Oakland, close to there, and I really “felt” for the folks.

    I see just a touch of blue. Thanks for playing today.

    Happy Blue Monday!


  4. Okay, my list is very similar to yours – solid appliances, the mattress (i love your spelling of that word by the way – ha!) and have to modify one thing though – feel like we need at least 2 bathrooms. or 1 and 1/2 – a because in a rental house back in 2002 we had a single bathroom – and it was not cool. I feel spoiled saying that – and also I really wanted an upstairs and like to have that in a house – I know older folks don’t – but I like to be able to go up and get away… 🙂

    and your post – well this was delightful! and I use that word most specifically because it really flowed with such a personal essence of you and with the weather, the bloom, the art, and the husband getting the screws – ❤
    – and my favorite picture is the "waiting in the car" abtracy -rainy one
    have a nice week!


  5. Hi Jesh, I like all your paintings, especially the one of the raindrops on the window. I wish you and your husband a. very merry Christmas and the preparation of all your Christmas celebrations. We sang Christmas carols in church with our choir.
    Kind tegards,


  6. We are getting some more of that beautiful rain tonight! Being originally from England I never would have believed I would have been so delighted to see rain! Love your scratch board deer.


  7. I’m hoping my Christmas cactus will live up to its name this year too (for the first time!). It produced two flowers about three weeks ago and now it is covered in the buds. Most unusual, must be their special year.


  8. Always good to get things right around the house. I love my creature comforts at home and a tropically warm bathroom is a must for Winter.
    Many thanks for your kind participation in this week’s Floral Friday Fotos, look forward to your next offering!


  9. So love your painting of the deer. Love the expressions on their faces. And as for rain, we have had so much just before summer begins on my Mornington Peninsula. We get a glimpse of summer then rain and cold.


  10. Rudolf (with friends) I have spotted in the mountains, and in the north of Norway! The deer gang is passing by our garden too.
    I very much agree with your list 🙂 Good luck with the last preparations – come rain, come storm


  11. I like this post very much! I am pretty close to you, having working appliances, a brand new mattress and a bathroom that sparkles when the hubby cleans it! Hee Hee, I also love my coffeemaker and electric tea kettle. Makes life easy in the cold wintry months, Have a beautiful weekend. Come visit soon.


  12. How wonderful to have deer wandering through like that. And I love your scratchboard – I like it as it is, so perhaps not much scratching out – you must show us the finished version. Like Yvette, i like the shot from inside the car – and how great to have such a handy hubby 🙂


  13. We used to do scratch board projects a long time ago. It’s neat to see the craft is still around!

    Your captures are all excellent but I am especially drawn to the shot of the car window!

    Thanks for linking to the letter E.



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