My interests are  traveling, reading, music, knitting, interacting with people and the list goes on.  My greatest love though is art in the old-fashioned sense of the word: the kind one sees in museums. Oil, watercolor, and pastel are the main mediums, but I’m often up to try out something new.

An art block (like a writers block) – what is that?
I do not have enough hours in a day to accomplish all the lists I have of what I want to paint.

Came to the USA to get my doc in psychology. It has become part of my DNA and although I retired,  I still love to help people manage their issues.
Art and psychology work very well together since they both focus on observation, analyzation, and interpretation. Some of why I started blogging is to write about my life and have a record  of my inspiration and what was involved in painting a particular subject.

My world view and  life style  are influenced by the countries I have lived in: two countries in Western Europe, Asia, and the US. It’s true, I’m a city dweller. Now I live since Sept 2014 at 3000 feet I’ll have ample opportunity to paint the mountains and the vallies. In certain aspects I miss city life, since it takes an hour to go to my favorite stores, but I get so much back in return: no traffic, and nature is awesome.

My family is important. Three children spread their wings (some of the reason of our travels), but they like to know whenever hubby and I have something major going on. Suddenly we find ourselves having 7 grandchildren? We are now a tribe of FOURTEEN – not possible!  Am in an identity crisis (not):)

Orchid n Pot_6379

My loves other than the branches of art: and art history:
everything having to do with nature
whatever’s made from scratch






Ceramic pot with orchids for Our Beautiful World



25 thoughts on “About

  1. I miss the city too. I am living in the country right now and it is difficult to not be able to walk out the door and nip into a gallery or coffee shop a block away. We live in Gunsan, South Korea and I loved that city. The people there are very kind and they had a great artist community.


    1. I can imagine -I feel for you. There must be a good reason to live in the country, lol! Have been to China because my son was teaching English there for 5 years, but haven’t been to Korea yet, but we have some Korean friends, so who knows when:) Let me know if you don’t know these expressions, like lol or “) or 😦


  2. Please give me some time to know how to get around here. It’s so different from Blogger. Like living in a different country with a different language. I might have given a wrong impression – sorry. My travels have more to do with teaching art/giving workshops, than with doing plein airs. So, I don’t have that many:) Most of them are from Yosemite Nat. Park and Utah. I’ll alert you when I start posting them.


    1. Your writings about where you live and the work you do is captivating! Sorry for the late reply – from Thanksgiving on till now I haven’t spent much time on the computer.


    1. Carol, thank you for the invitation, but my grandkids live 7 hours more North, so I only spend a few times a year with them – and try to catch up with their lives. Am afraid am not much of a home maker. As you can read above, art (in the museum sense of the word) takes most of my time:)


  3. Congrats on the 7 grandchildren!
    Wow – you have such an interesting background – so glad I stumbled across your blog. I look forward to the upcoming variety of posts – all with that artistic flair! 🙂


  4. Love the pond and the cloud formation – couldn’t see the comment section on the postpage – but otherwise the layout is fine – nothing wrong with white background.


  5. Hello, Jesh (?). I’ve just had a quick look around your blog and am impressed by what I see so far. Your art work looks amazing. I’ve always thought oil paintings were wonderful They seem so much more vibrant than others, somehow. I’ll look forward to reading more of your posts in future.


  6. Hallo Jeanette,

    ik vond het heel leuk dat je op bezoek kwam op mijn blog.
    Ik kwam ook bij jou maar ik kan niet reageren op je schilderijen en foto’s.
    Er staat dat je op de titel van de post moet klikken maar dan gebeurd er bij mij niets. Ik heb gezocht waar ik kon reageren en dat was hier.

    Groetjes, Helma

    Hi Jeanette,

    I found it very nice that you came to visit my blog.
    I came to you but I can not respond to your paintings and photographs.
    It says that you must click on the title of the post but nothing happened to me. I sought where I could respond and that was here.

    Greetings, Helma


    1. Helma,Just a reply, so I also have your email in my address book. I am Dutch, so you can reply in Dutch, but hope you don’t mind if I write you in English (it goes a lot faster after using English daily for 30 years:) )  Am glad I saw that link of your blog today! Your photos are gorgeous! I am a painter, but still I take a lot of pics in case I want to use it in my paintings.Cheers, Jesh StG (Jeannette)


  7. Hello there! Thank you so much for taking the time to contact me and for having a look around my blog. I really like your blog too. So interesting, and different… an original perspective on things. I look forward to seeing more of it. Best wishes to you, 🙂 Anthony.


  8. You have some beautiful posts, I so enjoy a visit here. I love your granddaughters art, she has quite a talent. My first granddaughter also graduated this year. She also doesn’t care a fig about clothes. I love that.


  9. Thanks for visiting my site this week. We share a lot in common – travel, enjoying city living, and grown-up kids spreading their wings (very soon). My husband says, “you don’t see a bird sitting on an empty nest,” so we’re spreading our wings too. We may be moving to the mountains. Love your photos and writing.


  10. Hi Jesh, was so nice to see that you visited my Advent page and commented. Did not know that about the length of Advent. Such a wonderful season leading up to Christmas. I see you love some of the same things as I do other than I am so envious of those who can paint. I’m starting to try a bit of drawing, but I love to view the work of others and enjoy. I like your idea for paint brush containers. Anything recycle is fun. Again, thanks for visiting. 🙂


  11. I have been trying to link in with you but have the wrong address for your blog. Please send it my way. Thank you. I always love your shares. These photos are gorgeous. The food looks delightful and you are always sharing such interesting shares. Have a beautiful and blessed day. Thank you Anne xo


  12. Hi, I don’t have access to your personal e-mail but yes I did get your comment the other day. I’m on comment moderation and hadn’t yet published the comments. This past weekend (Sunday 20th) was my birthday and I was busy all day. Then Monday we went to a Casino as part of my annual birthday celebration so I was gone all day. Then I had bowling yesterday and have just been away from the computer for most of the week. Thanks for the invite for Seasons, I’ll post next week. Ida


  13. I’m ashamed to say I’m only getting round to my blogging friends’ ‘about’ pages now. You certainly have had a busy life and well traveled, too. I love your painting ‘In Knots’ and how it alludes to frayed nerves and being a ‘basket case’.

    Liked by 1 person

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