Pastel, Dikkop (literally Big Head) © StGermain for you bird lovers in pastel.  One of my first pastels. A great exercise in observation. The direction of the sun for the shadows, the pattern of the bird’s feathers. I remember at that time my stash of pastel colors was limited. Since this was long ago, have to look up the size of the painting, but probably 6 x 11 inch (approx).





Watercolor, 18 x 24, In Knots, ©St Germain.
My inspiration was the frayed scarf of my daughter she was going to throw away.
Being a therapist in the beginning years of practice, immediately the association of this image
of frayed nerves with being in knots, and feeling like a basket case, came to mind. Well, it was an instant success. The speaker of the women’s retreat where I showed some paintings, authored a book about child abuse saw it, and made it hers. As you see, in the beginning, my paintings were minimal in style. To get the sharp thin lines Liquifilm was used.


Plein AirHappy Isles Yosemite CA_1903

Oil, 12 x 16 inch, Happy Isles, Yosemite Nat. Park, CA. ©StGermain

My latest plein air in oil (12 x 16 inch I believe), painted in Yosemite Nat. Park
a delightful area in the shade at a roaring river

Painting in-between giving people directions how to go to Half Dome at 9000 feet
hubby was on his way up there, his wish for Fathers Day –
a college kid asking me where their friends were – they had left him-
came back twice. I suggested he try his cell phone (cuz hubby tried it one time, and it worked in the mountains)
a couple of Michigan taking a pic of me painting
Never a dull moment!
so I didn’t come very far, and finished the painting at home.
The adventures of an artist:)

10 thoughts on “ART NOTES

    1. Thank you Anita, you’re my first visitor! Even though I posted an oil, Yosemite is where I learned watercolors (looong time ago), because every day professional artists are there to do free art lessons on site (mostly watercolors.


      1. Hello again. I just noticed your comment on my blog about my photo with the birches. Of course you can put it on your list for a fall painting. I am so glad (and proud) that you liked the photo so much that you will use it.

        Thank’s and have a nice weekend!


    1. Thank you Wen! If you ever come to America, I would choose Yosemite over the Grand Canon – more interesting for a painter, if you want to see 3 huge water falls, come before July (it dries up to a trickle – that’s California:):) )


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