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What I really like is that there is no one-upmanship here, no vying for a first position – it’s fun just to share!

Am still living in the haze of last week’s 4th of July celebrations, On the other hand also mourning for five policemen being killed in Dallas last week.


This week it’s real. My first pic took 4 times, to load up –
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Sacramento2Bridge Pillar_2764

Several of you shared your vacation/fourth of July celebrations, so it’s only fair I share some of mine. My first choice  was a small town parade, but we could only find one at 7 pm, right before the fire works.  My sense was that the parade would be a marching band, so we ended up going to Old Town Sacramento. The original swing railroad bridge which had a facelift to accommodate the doubling of the Sacramento population(see Wikipedia)and has these pillars on both sides of the Sacramento river. This version of the bridge is a vertical lift bridge and was opened in 1935. It had a paint job in 2001 in gold to match the capital building nearby.




A future patrol_6644

Old Town is kind of touristy/  You can imagine, with my previous job, I automatically observe people, but often it’s the kids who crack me up. This one looks like he’s going to be a police man, or a mayor. Anyway, he is going to have a VERY IMPORTANT JOB!



Pink Broccoli_7047

The day before, we went to the Farmers market (another people watching place, when I’m not taking pics),
we saw this – is it pink broccoli? Anyone?
This is the color straight out of the camera -no photo edits!

How did your week go?

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The title for this SEASONS’s post I borrowed from R. MacWheeler  (see side bar for his newest book) who gave me this comment:):)

SmallSeasons2SpringSunset_4269 copy  Hello Season’s Bloggers  Sunday July 3 – Wednesday July 6 till 7 pm, Pacific time

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On my blog post (Up the Fourth of July -below- you can read more of what many Americans do on a day like that).

Summer started  … Hotter than I expected, because last Wednesday I couldn’t see the Link list of SEASONS (sorry if you were not able to link because my weak internet connection), because there is a big fire (350 acre, already people evacuated)  close enough that it effected our internet connection. This fire is caused by arson.
The second day of this fire the Scoopers (planes that drop fire retardant) could not fly because there were too many drones in the sky – are you kidding? Heard that there is legislation in process to prevent this – because lives and homes can be at stake here!
The fire is why I’m posting this SEASON early, and the Linky list should take care of itself.  The fire is too far away to put us, or our house in danger, so don’t worry if you don’t get a comment back from me right away:)


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ShipJul4 246
Star of India in San Diego



Cake_0842Chocolate cheese cake and Mocha on the inside



Outside sandiego
Upstart Crow – coffee and books in Seashore Village, before Starbucks ever was around.

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Oliebol Apple Beignet (right)&liebol

Did you enjoy your Christmas celebrations? Hope you spread around the good cheer to the lonely or sick. If you didn’t, you still have a chance to mean something to someone with New Years Eve or New Years Day. Hubby’s specialty is to make apple beignets and oliebollen (a Dutch treat for this time of year of the same dough with raisins, deep fried in a ball)


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The Path

NO FEAR – Come what may in 2016. A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU!
Am determined not to let any threat or intimidation
Trying to encroach me
rob me from freedom of joy
on the path designed to follow
Away with you fear and fear mongers
this year is mine



StGermaintDoorLight_3430 copy


of all the doors opening up
welcoming me
choosing the one hand made
created by the Designer
to fit my inner room


White Fence_1562


Life may not be a white picket fence
nice or popular or  easy
but ever effort is
worth the journey


For Warm Heart: when my kids were still living at home, every new year we would each write down the accomplishments  of the year before, as well as what we could have done better. For the new Year we would write out, which goals we would like to reach. Then we would share all these items with each other. These were such memorable times!


XmaswDanielnear W-Entrance_3447




In Yosemite Nat. Park – river with snow near W-entrance


my reflection will not
freeze in fear
or melt
in hot pursuit
when chasing castles
in the sky





The (Tuesday) Texture of oil paint & Tuesday Travel – Bryce Canon, Utah

watch me finish some paintings
revisit every ascent, texture and shadow
hearing the rhythm of horses’ hooves
at the base of the mountain
see the flutter of each leaf or needle
longing to know what the distance breathes
before the last brush stroke
is done

Warm Heart: these significant messy moments are the inspiration for the next painting, not the subject, or how well or badly this one turns out!

Yellowsummer rose












but also I’m going to play
forget about the future’s sorrows
ignoring the politicians antics
whether they’re right or not!
for tomorrow is another day
but today I’m going to play

Join gleefully the NO FEAR year
(Six Words Sat.)

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CHRISTMAS EVE – cannot believe that I woke up to snow, just like at Thanksgiving! But … today also power outage till 4 pm (a driver ran into a power pole and 5000 people were without electricity!). But this week 3 neighbors came by to bring cookies and chocolate, so I’m good:):) Anyone who thinks living in the country is boring, stay with me for a week – it will change your mind!

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Poles of a Fence_0318 THE GOOD: To See the sky gives me a feeling of space and freedom.  Nature is so inspiring! Like a blank canvas – you may add clouds or a sunset, a storm, or a rainbow – somehow it always looks superb.
If you squint, you’ll see the pole on the right side of the fence. Keep going left, and you’ll see the other poles and wire. Sorry, couldn’t get closer!



THE RANDOM: We Had been to Old Town San Diego so many times, but coming out of the coffee and tea shop
never noticed these flowers hanging like this in a tree!
Below, this was hanging in our tree!








For Tuesday Texture & Travel Tuesday &

For Warm Heart: One of the few memories I have from early childhood in Asia, was sitting by the open window in the dark (it was hot), eating my evening meal, close to the Christmas tree. No lights, because outside riots were going on, because of clashes between Islamists and Christians ( history repeating itself), so it was safer to eat in the dark. When I saw the collection of these Christmas decorations in the store of the Huntington Library (Pasadena, CA), they warmed my heart. I knew I had to get them, because they just looked like the ones my mom had brought with us to Holland.

THE FUN: looking for a door that with my musings today





Tuesday Texture, Water World, Good Fences, and Weekend Reflection
The Balboa Park Lion fountain in San Diego




The five years before 2014 it was fun to see how many Christmas or Xmas decorations I could “pack” in one room:)
Wherever you live, you make it work! That’s more satisfying than moping around for the December celebrations!


(Sat. Six Words)

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Whoo Hoo! You hear the sound?
now coming in accelerated speed …
Am very unprepared this year –
but a Christmas tree  was bought …

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THE GOOD:  It’s not the Polar Express, but one of the old steam trains in Old Town (Sacramento)
dressed up for the holidays and ready to (Tue) Travel
Reflection (Fri)  in window left front, the (Thurs.) door, and little fence (Thurs.) in back ground




THE RANDOM: Before they played in the snow with their kids, daughter with
blue-grey scarf and her hubs in darker blue. On right, blue eyed grand
(sorry no pic of her eyes:)  )

Warm Heart:  probably once in our life time (2014) we decided on this  tree
from our yard for Christmas – a heart warming feeling.


Big XmasballsinMall_3490

THE FUN: These balls – last year in the mall – in the right one reflected hubby and moi.



Snow Bonanza Road_3838

You know the song “Let is snow?” That’s what started the day before thanksgiving  –
it’s frightful outside! Such a difference with Southern California –
so WHITE at 3000 feet it’s as if I moved to a Northern state!
This orchid below from the roofless Botanical building in Balboa Park,
San Diego, to remind me I still do live in California.













Flowing Water Huntington_0097

For Tue Texture, and Water World a stream with Forest green and yellow green aside.
Hope we’ll get to it, during December




Turkeys backyard_4040

Last week we watched The Great Escape of turkeys, running through our yard ….
you understand why,  if you know turkey is THE popular meat with Thanksgiving and Christmas in the USA…:)




Hope we’ll still have some sunsets with the holidays, the more the merrier.


(Six Word Sat.)

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THE GOOD: From the bottom of my heart I hope that the freedom this country used to have
will be regained and it once more will be the land of the free and the brave


WEEKLY BLURB: my personal opinion!
Being a Dutchman I have lived here for about 30 years, (plus 4 years earlier during studies) and for the first time I have fleeting thoughts of wanting to go back. Being a researcher, it is frustrating to discover since this president has been in office, the USA has become divided, and many things have been put in place that are so un-American, I am baffled.
Yet, it is the way things have been put in place is what disturbs me most. A president who consistently lies about his own life and keeps going against the constitution, weakens the army, and divides the people. You do not know what goes on here if you live outside the USA!!







THE RANDOM: The Big Question is where will we be on the 4th of July?
In Solvang (California), like the past few years? Because ….they have a great small town parade….
a great opportunity to take pics!




THE FUN: Probably not in San Diego, because of horrendous parking on this day,
but may be in Encinitas, not far from there.  This bakery is out of this world …
a very interesting spice shop behind, where they even have a rock Himalayan salt block
… a huge yarn store, but that will be closed on the 4th …







Go to Dry Town on an antique store hunt? Right at the main road – so a Fence is good!





geese no lunch_1710

Or go to the park for lunch? But the little ones are kind of wary of the aggressive and loud geese






Or, paint at beautiful Yosemite Nat. Park, like on Fathers Day? A
Michigan couple on vacation passing, took this pic





pink roses061

Roses from one of the 7 rose bushes we had at our previous house.
For me, roses are one of the most festive flowers




Black and whiteFizzle

Never seen a black and white fire work, but allez mes amis (“ok, my friends,” loosely
translated), it’s for the meme:)   )



Red and whiteFizzle



(Six Word Saturday)



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Found a new place to work on my watercolors when the deck is in the shade. Also a good place to work on my oils, so I do not have to keep airing out the living room. Can’t wait till the art studio is done so I can leave out my art supplies and keep them all in one place!






This photo does not seem to show the finished version of this 24 x 30 Oil.
(my paintings are still packed away)

After lounging today – Sunday – it suddenly occurred to me that
next week Sunday is Easter!!
Was originally going to call this post Menage a Trois after the wine,
but I thought to share this painting with you, because of the cup with wine.
The cup seems to be so important. Right off hand I remember,

Joseph was in prison – for a false rape charge – with a baker and the cupbearer (servants of the king). He interpreted a dream of the cupbearer that he would be released from prison shortly. He asked him not to forget him and two years later Joseph was released.

The cup was also the focus when Jesus turned water into wine  – his first miracle at a wedding. The cup was also significant at the last meal before he would hang on the cross, when (I imagine) he raised the cup (paraphrased)
This is the cup being poured out for you,
and a symbol of my new agreement with you …”



Wine Bottle_0228

















Lilly (modified in Texture and color)



cloud form cross

Saw this cloud, when we were visiting Big Bear Lake with two of our Dutch friends.
It fits for this week, doesn’t it?






MyEasterBasketOpa (2)


My Easterbasket with eggs, Opa … Nana … anyone!
This is Zoe, our 4th grand child. She’s now a few years older and may be embarrassed seeing this pic – so we’ll keep it between you and me.  But she does have a good fence behind her!
(Opa = hubby  Nana = moi)



I added a pic on “Bridge of Chinese Garden” for – click here: Black and white Wed.


and wish you a marvelous EASTER!



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Yosemite Nat Park in Winter

 Can’t let the death of several cartoonists and policemen in Paris as well as all the hostages
just go by.

Je suis (I am) Charlie

with so many evil loose canons around, I sincerely hope they change the gun control laws for the police in France!

Now my post

Hope the New Year is treating you well!

A short get away to Yosemite Nat. Park. Going in the summer didn’t turn out, since there were two fires near the Nat. Park. Since our son  traveled from Holland to the USA for the holidays,  we thought  winter may have its own atmosphere…
Surprise! the parking lots were full. There have been winters that we only saw one-two people in a day.


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burnt TreeTrunks_3367


We were there in mid winter many years ago ( an avalanche took place an hour where we left. We heard a 13-year girl was killed at the route we had been taking. Second thoughts about being safe when there’s a pack of snow laying on the mountains).  A stark  contrast of the blackened tree trunks that survived the fire with the snow.






The mountain view everyone comes for (Half Dome) “War” stories by father and son were exchanged of climbing this mountain










Everywhere are fences at dangerous points. Still people fall to their death because an impulsive maneuver when they jump the fence to take a better pic






To prove to his friends from school in the Netherlands he was actually in this Nat. Park with his parents
living in the USA.




summerflowerW-entrance 175


a not so frosty, summery flower in the area of the W-entrance


Concerning me, the queen lays on her bed with Alka Selzer, cough drops and tissues  right beside her. No extra Zest in her!

The only comfort is knowing that I have this out of the way for the rest of the year!


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Christmas is my highlight of the year, so I’ll just sneak in some moments here and there this week to keep up with you!

Merry Christmas to All


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 The first life of a tree ….


Only because it’s in the way of my future studio:(

In October I took a pic of where the concrete would be poured for a new location of the gas tank. That time I didn’t know that the blurry background “little” 16 foot tree would be the Xmas aka Christmas tree (in the Greek translation the X  is our CH). We  chopped it off last week on both sides to 8 feet.


 The Life of a Tree

 is that of a Watcher

Sunset trees_3070

they watch the sunrise, the sunset and are shaking when it storms




The second life of this tree …
is to bring beauty


Stringing lights – I’m smiling, because the guys are the romantic ones in the family as well as  the quys my daughters married




LikeFatherlike Son_3221

What do ya know –  a down view and the sun reflecting the tree playing peekaboo

Willy is growing up too fast! Without anyone saying something, he started putting on the decorations, next to his dad. “I really like this race car here.”









Oooh, what’s this?





Modified For Mandarin Orange, Orange TGIF and Pink Sat
Finally the moms get into it too:)


The third life of this tree …
is to burn, so we are comfy and cozy


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