One Saturday Morning






In memory, things blend and fade (like the photos) together
like a dream.
The happy, the messy, the past, the exciting, the fearful, the innocent mingled together (without rhyme or reason).








DarkAir ofAnticipation_2682






this Saturday morning awakens
the air shines with anticipation
I lean against this log fence
while my minds’ eye travels far beyond












What hides behind
this enormous flower door?
three knocks, a fourth, fifth …










The 2mirror_2518




the mirror gleefully decides
which hat and gloves are desired
for this momentous occasion
chuckles arise when Sammy wraps
a  scarf around the birthday girl
with purple sash






First business of the day
Around the table




thebig girls_2519




the big girls just know
how to tackle this job
a card for a friend
full of affection and glitter










perfect rose 266




but before they start Anneli goes off the deck to pick a rose
and puts it on top of Sasha’s braid. “So here – it’s perfect!”


Encouragement from the side lines










 Sammy?   I’ll do the glue, Emily.  A vehement nod.














Such weighty significance
must be interrupted by a thoughtful
cup of tea or delicious strawberry-cucumber drink
with a scrumptious scone or sandwich











No, she’s gonna do it herself! Was I like that, mom?










The back row moms smile and catch up
on the latest in the neighborhood














A second card with as much excitement
as well as more glue and more glitter














The cup cakes patiently wait
till the second card is finished












The desert of the morning unfolds
when one pretty bag after another
is heaped on top
and penned on the list of Thank You’s …
arriving  their destination
when this morning has become
a  memory



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45 thoughts on “One Saturday Morning

  1. I do like your blog posts, they are so poetic. Where is the landscape photo taken, if I may ask?

    I’m sorry to hear that you can’t get my translate widget to work. Have you tried on a computor? It works on mine, so I don’t really know what to do. It doesn’t work on my cell phone though. My Blue Monday post is all in English this week, I hope you’ll have a look at it!


  2. Love that first shot, looking out across Bryce. The air up there is so clean and fresh. Such a beautiful place.

    Looks like the girls had lots of fun that day. The cupcakes looked yummy, I bet they were a hit 🙂


  3. The main ingredient for the perfect card is glitter!! Looks like a perfect party!! So happy you found me, thanks for the kind comment!!


  4. This must have been a party never to forget! Thanks for sharing. I also thank you for your visit and comment. Yes , when I was 16 years old I was also the only one in my class who was listening to classical music!
    Have a great day.
    Wil, ABCW Team


  5. Nice party, Jesh. I am ready for tea, scones, and cupcakes.
    I also like your subtle “V” term, a “vehement nod.”
    The top picture, I think I’ve been there. We visited a giant hole in the ground with old, old buildings and remnants of more in middle Spain. 🙂


  6. The very first picture made me think of Massada Fortress, I don’t know why. The point of view is really terrific !

    Then I like the way you describe this very particular day, by the choice of your words, but also by the lovely picture you took of your family. You must be very proud.

    Thanks for this inspired sharing, dear. (and thanks you for your kind words on my blog)


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