Changed my tag line to Significant Moments. For there are so many in my life.
Some of these  unspoken.











Parasols between the pillars of a coast line restaurant patio






The coast line atmosphere breathes all is well,  and the freedom to follow one’s own journey.
Freedom  I defend  by refusing to accept any oppression (my own quote, lol)












Modified: brightness. contrast and balance for MOM and OrangeTGF


For the ones who like to learn about cultures, Old Town is the place
of cultural things to see and hear.
Regular Latin dance performances (free!) and here you’ll find authentic Mexican food for a very reasonable price.











There’s plenty of nostalgia around in San Diego. This is the Cookie Company in Sea Port Village.





Looking at the reflection it’s these are the last sun rays of the day that grace the sky. I still had to wait some moments that people weren’t passing this building














For the nature lovers there are flowers in any season. These yellow ones with an Ochre heart. That’s how an artist would describe it.











Coronado Bridge and Coronado island



Some like the busyness, others like the water.


BY THE WAY … if I can figure out how to do a change in URL this week, I’ll shorten it to
I made an attempt last week, but I did it at the wrong location (why is wordpress making it so complicated??) so it was like I didn’t do anything at all.

I’ll give an update whenever it goes through.




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44 thoughts on “VIBRANT COAST LINE

  1. Morning Jesh,

    Isn’t it fun finding blue? You sure found plenty. I especially like that huge ginger jar.

    I know nothing about wordpress, so I can’t help you with that.

    Happy Blue Monday!


  2. Great photos and it looks like such an interesting city and surroundings. I especially like the water and the bridge – and the photo with the reflections in the window as well.
    Thanks for commenting on my blog.


  3. I enjoyed your show of San Diego, Jesh. Thank you. We spent one long day there as a stop on our Panama Canal cruise. The morning was a land tour of downtown San Diego then La Jolla followed by Coranado Island. We went over your water on that nice bridge. I enjoyed watching the Naval Station activities from there.
    That afternoon Mrs. Jim and I were loose walking around the fun places near the beach (Old Town and Sea Port???).


  4. Hi Jesh ! That is a great serie… I specially enjoy the shop whiwh building has the shape of a lighthouse : it is so cute !


  5. Much to do and see in San Diego. Speaking of San Diego. We’ll camping in the Cuyamaca mountains in the northern part of the county for the next couple of weeks.


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