Not the hills (actually mountains) in the background caught my attention first, but the tree in the foreground.











Posted this tree on my old Blogspot blog, but why I saw this tree uberhaupt, was because I was looking at the hills beyond.




How something damaged can be so beautiful! I love this tree!
It also reminds me how God can love me/us when we are
so imperfect, addicted, bad attitudes,  you name it.








A sharpened the contrast in Photoshop to make it easier to finish the painting,
as well as for Mandarin Orange and Orange Friday




The back row of these hills, so cutely formed like  plum pudding! I immediately knew I wanted to paint this view.

Every time I started painting though,  the sky darkened and the wind got colder, just before big raindrops fell on my watercolor paper for the daily shower.







Utah Sky_3189


The sky became much darker than this (that’s when  a painter protects her painting, instead of grabbing the camera, lol)
Within 15 minutes of rain, temps dropped 30 degrees (I checked the temps  in the car, because shivering Miss Unprepared was in shorts, grabbing anything to cover herself). There’s nothing Moderate about Utah!



Eventually I did get the view on paper. Am jazzed when kids of elementary school age keep looking. To them I’m just any other old woman, so my painting must intrigue them.

One time 2 little girls stopped and kept quietly standing behind me (when are little girls quiet??).   I asked them where they were from (I heard them talking in something like German, but not quite…?  Later on I discovered it was a dialect).
I could tell they understood me, but they were for a loss of words.


When their dad came, he asked me in perfect English what I wanted to know. After I told him, he asked his girls. When they couldn’t come up with anything, he finally said in German, “Der Schweiz” (which is Switserland). The girls rolled their eyes at their inability to remember the German nor the English word.









Not quite satisfied with how the colors in the pic came out, so this is an approximate of the rendition in watercolor







Little flowers like these can be so hidden, but the one who keeps looking, eventually will grasp the brightness of the treasure.
Like the end of this story.





As follows,

when they left, I overheard the 11 year old say to her 8 year old sister, “So wunderbar, nah?” which means, so wonderful, eh?
That made my day more memorable than if anyone famous would have said that!



Don’t underestimate how your skill (in whatever it is) can make someone else happy!




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47 thoughts on “PLUM PUDDING HILLS in Utah

  1. I love trees like the one that caught your eye. Its beauty is as great as those mountains that provide such a striking backdrop!


  2. You are doing what I want to do…but am yet to get around to it…develop my digital art into painting and other media. I really do LOVE what you have done – I love the colour, I love rocks ( I like to paint rocks) and the final painting is very dramatic. As for the classical music – I love JS Bach too – and also
    4 Seasons. Of course I also like Tom Waits, Bob Dylan etc:) Thanks for sharing your art on Mandarin Orange Monday:)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. what an insuring post – and I love the watercolor and orange hues – also filled with warmth when you noted how “something damaged can be so beautiful” and how God sees us with that love – thanks for that and so true, so true –
    and then the zinger at the end…

    “Don’t underestimate how your skill (in whatever it is) can make someone else happy!”

    well said
    have a great week


  4. Hi Jesh,

    Your adventure with language (and the girls) while painting really “took” me there. Thanks.

    I wish that I could paint. (I’ve tried. I can’t, but I can admire.)

    Have a Happy Blue Monday!


  5. A lovely post, Jesh. That tree immediately made me want to sketch it. And I too would have been thrilled at impressing those children. Apart from anything else you know such praise is genuine and from the heart – something you cannot always rely upon with adults.


  6. I so admire your ability to turn what you see into a painting, that is a wonderful skill, and it was great you could experience the impact you had on the girls. I like the tree too, twisted and affected by time and events. It’s God’s wonderful grace that allows Him to make us anew and restore us when we come to Him.


  7. Beautiful paintings, especially the one with the broken tree, I like what you said about the tree and how you compared it with human nature.
    Have a great week,
    Wil, ABCW Team


  8. I love that tree so much and appreciate your words of wisdom — I’ve never quite been able to articulate why I am so attracted to abandoned buildings, rusting machinery, broken shells and , yes, twisty trees. I think you nailed it for me!

    The stories of the children watching you create are wonderful. Beautiful experiences for all concerned!


  9. Delightful posting!! I love your watercolor rendition — my fave– We lived in Salt Lake City for a year, but never heard of Plum Pudding Hills; is that an actual place or just an expression? BTW — the Grand Canyon is replete with dead/beautiful trees. Love the twisted and gnarled ones. Cheers, Stan


  10. What a wonderful selection of shots in this post. The tree is intriguing, the mountains are wonderful and the clouds are amazing. But your watercolour is the best. Thanks so much for linking this in.


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