For 18+ years we made several 7-hours trips per year from Los Angeles to Sacramento,
to visit our two daughters who now have families of their own.
Seven grand kids, 2 daughters and their spouses make for a lot of birthdays  – not to mention the holidays!





SunsetFenceJune2 258

A blurry drive-by near sunset – see the fence on the bottom-left?

It began to dawn on us we would save money, time and energy  if we didn’t have to do all that traveling, even though we passed by gorgeous landscapes.
Moving seemed to be a good choice. We found out it came also with hurdles adjustments.





Sounds kinda superficial, but one of the hurdles is STUFF

Was glad that we already had “purged” stuff (including one fifth our books,
😦  ),  moving 5 years ago from a 3 bedroom house with a 2 car garage and a yard to a 2 bedroom condo and one car garage.
Still though, the real estate agent/broker urged us  to “de-clutter.”







“Moms and Pops have done all the work. Now all we have to do Mallory, is sitting pretty”
“But Pugi …, I AM pretty!”















Then we found out that the stuff was the easiest. Said goodbye to LE BEACH.
The sound of the crashing of the waves.  The wind and color of the water. The rhythm of ebb and flow.
Shells and other gifts the ocean leaves on the beach. the birds, sea lions and other creatures.
Seeing the sun rise or disappear setting in the water.










Goodbye to ARTIST BUDDIES. Love to discover other people’s gifts.
It inspires me! She’s a natural.
This is only her second time that she made a mosaic! If you look closely, she potted (real) plants in the cups  – half sticking out – that are part of the mosaic.
Of course I’ll make new art friends:)










Goodbye to CITY LIFE STYLE  in San Diego.

Afternoon escapes, only 1 1/2 hours away. Sitting in the shade in Old Town enjoying an ice cream while listening to live music from South American artists.

On the way back home  often enjoying the firework of Disney land – for free:)
At home, browsing at the well known South Coast Plaza (mall) – a 10 minute walk from my former condo –  with cool stores like the Container Store, Crate and Barrel, Anthropology, and Barnes and Nobles with magazines for my next knitting project.
Now I have to drive an hour and 15 min. to Sacramento!











Curiously enough the only plant I could get to bloom  on my deck are this kind of potted hydrangeas. All other flowers and plants failed to survive:) (except for the stag horn and cactus). Happy that this one is trying hard to stay with me and bloom in a land climate (hot summers, colder winters) .





BUT …    I gain peace and quiet around my house!  Can grow roses, or fruit trees. Maybe even both! Can sing as loud as I want to, while painting. Even if it would be two in the morning.  Can sit on my deck or balcony without having to have the right clothes on, or people staring. Probably can leave my door open, or leave my bag in the car!



 Hope you caught the TONGUE-IN-CHEEK attitude:)




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39 thoughts on “GOT (A NEW TAKE ON) LIFE?

  1. It sounds like lots of changes to your life-style but rather fun as well. I wouldn’t like to live without the beach 😦 but I do like the idea of some space around your new house. Good luck!


  2. I hope you come to love the new place as much as the old house.. I am sure being closer to your family, will be a happy outcome.. Cute post and photos. Enjoy your new week!


  3. Hi Jesh,

    We have much in common. Like you, Johnny and I have two grown children (one daughter, one son) and seven grandchildren. We moved five years ago to be closer, and left behind long-time friends. I hope it works for you. Thanks for making Blue Monday special with those blue blooms.

    Have a Beautiful Blue Monday!


  4. The tiny flowers of the hydrangea remind me of forget-me-nots while the larger flowers make me think of orchids. I’d like to growing that. Hope you enjoy your new adventure in the Sacramento area.


  5. Jeepers you are a brave soul to start over again….but you will find new friends, new places to visit, and you get to hug your grandchildren daily and not just see them a few times a year. Family is the best! Enjoy!
    JM, Illinois


  6. Hi Jesh ~~ Thanks for looking me up, it’s been a while, 2-3 years? Old Sky Pictures or (other meme in common back then–perhaps “Blue Wednesday ?).
    I hope you acclimate to dryer and greater temperature swings. Our youngest along with 5 and 17-year-olds and Hub were 4500 miles away for four and a half years plus. We loved to visit and had stays counted in months and almost hated to be closer. But they moved back here (Houston area) from London, U.K. Now they are 80 some miles and an hour and a half in moderate traffic away.


  7. Moving is hard, but each place has it’s special attractions. My son with 5 kids moved here from the bay area, so that is great, but my daughter with one son still lives there, so I don’t get to see her much. Sacramento is not terribly far from the ocean but it is colder. I suppose there are a lot of plants that like it dry you will learn to grow. We toy with moving to a smaller place but 20 years of accumulation is staggering. I like your Hydrangea, it seems more double in bloom than most I’ve seen, and I love the blue tints.


  8. Moving from midland to seaside (in the UK), moving from the UK to America, moving from East Coast to West Coast and then West Coast to East Coast and several stops in between, I know all about adjusting. I do still miss the ocean but I’m happy to be near my son and his wife. If they ever moved I know we wouldn’t be far behind 😉 I wish you peace and happiness in your new home. You have the right attitude which I greatly admire.


  9. It sounds like you are just altering course and starting a new adventure. There is so much to do and see up there. Also, doesn’t “de-cluttering” feel kind of liberating?


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