Came back late Sunday night from another stint to look for a house 7 hours away, so this weekly post is about a beautiful place  from my pics last year, close to the border between France and Italy.
Things with the house hunt are looking good, but am glad to sleep in my own bed for a while!































If balconies could tell a story …

They could tell you who’s on a journey, and who’s staying at home …





would they tell whose boat was still there because Guilio was sleeping in today
or whose brother was swimming down there









 … if it was Gina who had just hung the sheets to dry








 (Modified for Mandarin Orange and Orange TGIF)










or why someone put the fence up in front of these flowers









… or who was taking a break today and went shopping instead
… or reading a book by the door of the church
and … whose idea it was the stripe the walls of the church?



five towns at the Mediterranean Sea


 Thanks to All the hosts

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47 thoughts on “IF BALCONIES COULD TELL …

  1. I hope you find the house you are looking for soon. The town with the green slopes above looks charming. I like the racks on the balconies to hang the laundry. The stripes on the church make interesting designs around the arched door.


  2. I love this post!

    I do this exact thing! Think stories in my head of who or what or why!

    My favorite was the clothes hanging on the balcony.

    I think all your pictures tell an intriguing story, though.

    Thanks for linking for the letter I.



  3. Nice shots! I love perspectives in cities and views from balconies! Brings back memories of the summer of 2005… we spent the night in Celle Ligure-and swam in the Ligurian Sea in the morning before heading to France. wished we could have stayed longer-was beautiful! The tunnel on our route in France was closed, so we detoured through Briancon and saw part of the Tour de France and Lance Armstrong!


  4. Balconies bring back memories and wishful thinking of seeing more behind the louvers, behind the windows, behind the laundry hanging outside. Those views you posted this week are just wonderful. Thanks for sharing. See you next time.
    JM, Illinois-U.S.A.


  5. A great post:) Both words and images. My favourite is your edited balcony for MoM. I like the way you exaggerated the light and pattern. Thanks for sharing on Mandarin Orange Monday:)


  6. Thank you letting my mind wander, to the seaside and along those beautifully coloured houses!
    Regarding the striped church: Have you seen the cathedral of Siena, in Tuscany, Italy, another “striped” church? The facade and the interior are built of marble, though, white and dark green, almost black, arranged in alternate stripes.


  7. Great post, yes you can tell a lot from a balcony. I love your pics. I’ve seen multi-meme posted posts before and you win the championship. Thank you for sharing.


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