Several of you lead a traveling life and also have the energy to blog. I don’t know how you do it! Each time when I have only my Ipad with me, things go wrong. Yes, I have my post up, but linking memes with the Ipad is kind of iffy. Besides, where I am at that moment takes up all of my attention, and usually end up waiting till I’m home to resume my blogging  addiction   life.







A little blurry drive-by shot of the side of the road


We were house hunting in Amador county (east from Sacramento) last week, and saw the mountains on the I5 in… brown while driving up there. Even chocolate brown can be beautiful in the right kind of setting:)









Who wouldn’t like to have  a fence like that? So pretty!  Plenty room to build a studio here for Ms. Artist, don’t you think? But… what’s this? It looks like a sinkhole next to this outside wall ….hmmm, I think we’ll leave for  the next house …








A big and open living room – including a good size kitchen. We would paint the wall a color that fits better with the red brick.  A dining table in front of the patio doors.  Enough space in the yard for a big art studio. The only thing I need to decide is how much privacy I want. I like both to be with people, and also have down times.








How about a white or orange wall?
For Mandarin Orange and Orange TGIF




We saw six properties, so it was a day well spent, and ended it with a delicious Italian meal. Our real estate agent was very informative about where several places like restaurants, stores, hospital, etc. were located.
So that’s the latest about our house hunt,  bloggie friends.









Click on the pic for  a closer view

On the day we would return home we took a detour, driving through part of Yosemite Nat. park. Toward the W-entrance we began to see burnt trees and then I remembered …
last year around this time we had scheduled to spend a week near Yosemite, but cancelled, because there were two big fires burning nearby and would make for unhealthy air quality. To drive between towering burnt trees is like suddenly being transported to another planet without life. It was kind of eerie.






Relief to see there are still green leaves on earth – and flowers! Several bunches of these grouped together






WEntrance river2185



Same spot, but with the Merced river in view, at places deep enough to swim.

Coming from lower elevations  where it was  97 degrees, we ate our sandwiches at nearly 7000 feet – where temps were a cooler  85 degrees. Sitting on a tree trunk with the river in front of us,


I feel nature is a gift!



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50 thoughts on “WHATCHAMACALLIT?

  1. Hi Jesh,

    Although I love blue, I’d paint that wall too. The blue is too conflicting.

    Six houses in one day. Whew! My mind would be swirling.

    Isn’t it fun finding blues to share? Thanks for playing today.

    Happy Blue Monday!


  2. Such an exciting time house hunting! And what beautiful country it is.

    When we’re traveling we have our laptop with us and I blog whenever I can in the evenings. We drive short distances, short days (because we’re too old for long ones) and i don’t watch TV. So we pull in to our RV space, go for a walk, eat supper and then I blog. I use the IPAD for a lot of stuff, whether traveling or in one place, but find it impossible to write my own posts on and difficult to link and/or to comment on other blogs from it.


  3. I opted for a netbook rather than an ipad as I’d heard there were difficulties when it came to blogging and it has worked well for me so far. I don’t envy the house hunting. Exciting but I imagine frustrating at times. Good luck.


  4. House hunting can be exciting, I hope you find the house and garden of your dreams. I’m tired of fighting weeds on 2 acres and would love a lower maintenance yard. It’s sad that there were fires in Yosemite, the bright side is that many species are geared to grow after the fires, so there may be more wildflowers as a result.


  5. House hunting is fun – I’ve moved many times but feel settled finally. I find it amusing that you think 85 is cool…I’ve been dying here in 80+ temps lately!

    abcw team


  6. I’m guessing whoever thought that shade of blue would look good against brick was colourblind!! 🙂 All great shots, I really liked the ones of Yosemite.


  7. Happy house hunting. You certainly are looking in the right place for your artist life style.
    Even though I’m not doing ABC Wednesday I still had to drop by to see what you posted.
    I think I am enjoying just posting when I feel like it.


  8. I do hope you find a house soon, It can be so time-consuming and frustrating. When I am out and about, photos are the only thing on my mind. I don’t feel the need to blog until I get home.


  9. House hunting, alone, would make blogging difficult for me. You are doing a great job. My favourite photographs were the first and the last, but each one added to a well-told story. All the best with the search for your perfect home!


  10. Excellent….no worries…enjoy your traveling around. Hope you find the right place to live to be happy!!!

    Such a beautiful scene and sky – wonderment truly abides here!! Great for Skywatch!!! LOVE the chocolate brown atmosphere too….;o)


  11. Are you still house hunting, or did you find one you love? It was sad to hear about the fire at Yosemite..The flowers are river are beautiful. Have a great weekend!.


  12. I often add links and do last minute editing from my iPhone and it is fiddly, but using the text version rather than visual makes it easier.
    Good luck with the continued house hunting. Such a lovely part of the world, I am more than a tad jealous!


  13. I drove to Austin from Houston on I-10 last month and was shocked to see the remains of the fires they had near there a couple of years ago. It was the same thing. Miles of burnt trees. It will take many years to recover. I found the sight shocking. Good luck with your house hunt.


  14. Looks like you’re house-hunting in a really beautiful area. I flew into Oakland today over some of those golden hills with green oaks… always makes me want to go explore the area. Best of luck!


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