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Am still living in the haze of last week’s 4th of July celebrations, On the other hand also mourning for five policemen being killed in Dallas last week.


This week it’s real. My first pic took 4 times, to load up –
next week’s SEASONS will be at

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Sacramento2Bridge Pillar_2764

Several of you shared your vacation/fourth of July celebrations, so it’s only fair I share some of mine. My first choice  was a small town parade, but we could only find one at 7 pm, right before the fire works.  My sense was that the parade would be a marching band, so we ended up going to Old Town Sacramento. The original swing railroad bridge which had a facelift to accommodate the doubling of the Sacramento population(see Wikipedia)and has these pillars on both sides of the Sacramento river. This version of the bridge is a vertical lift bridge and was opened in 1935. It had a paint job in 2001 in gold to match the capital building nearby.




A future patrol_6644

Old Town is kind of touristy/  You can imagine, with my previous job, I automatically observe people, but often it’s the kids who crack me up. This one looks like he’s going to be a police man, or a mayor. Anyway, he is going to have a VERY IMPORTANT JOB!



Pink Broccoli_7047

The day before, we went to the Farmers market (another people watching place, when I’m not taking pics),
we saw this – is it pink broccoli? Anyone?
This is the color straight out of the camera -no photo edits!

How did your week go?

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SeasonsSmall2WidgeBlueYelSunset_4269 copyHello SEASONS Bloggers,

This Sunday is in memory of the fallen soldiers in the USA, called Memorial Day Wow, this has come such an international site- love the many comments on your favorite kind of vacation/holiday. This and next week you can show a photo of this (your photo can be from another season)!

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Matisse museum_2098

When you travel things do not always work out! Last time in Europe, at the museum of  Matisse, we hardly saw anything , because they did an overhaul for a new show in August. The guard we talked to, suggested jovial, “Well you can always come back next year!” We looked at each other, knowing he thought we were Americans, and all Americans are rich (haha), so we responded, “Maybe!”

Instead, we went across and had some fresh pastries and Tonic with lemon in the shade on the lawn (in Europe they drink Tonic as a soft drink). Nice (pronounce: Niece) is in the South of France at the Mediterranean sea. Similar climate as California, many of the same plants and flowers.




We can’t always have what we want, so now I rather be … painting a water fall on the right (Bridal Veil Falls) or a nature spot – 3 1/2 hrs. away. If I’m not mistaken these are the Cathedral mountains in Yosemite National Park



Blooming Cacti031

Or somewhere at the ocean ( near Corona deal Mar, Calif.) – fishing, snorkeling, kayaking, cruise, sailing ….


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SeasonsWidgetGrey&Sunset_4269 copy
Friday Hunt
of Teresa – Eden Hills
Start with J – Joy
Favorite: Hutong Beijing (below)
A cuppa: a cup of joy


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A CUPPA JOY – from cell phone – with permission

kerktorenUP 307


Scavenger Hunt UP – a church tower in Amsterdam
The blue sign underneath the clock is the shield of Armor of this city.


FRUIT- & THE GOOD: didn’t know until an art friend gave  me a bag of persimmons as a thank you for coaching her in her art endeavor – delicious!












NEIGHBORHOOD- & THE RANDOM: a normal residential neighborhood called a hutong, in Beijing. These are not poor people who live in a one room house, and a bath house for the whole neighborhood. They have normal jobs. No wonder the peope in the West are seen as  rich. (Tue Treasures, Tue Travel, Tue Texture)


When you are in the middle, you have to do”something” to attract your 3 (grand) sisters’ attention!


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Am giving you the cultural view -what struck me as a Westerner. We went the year before the Olympics for a week, so many things were more authentically Chinese. Our son lived there, and  staying at his apartment,  gave us more insight of the life of the locals.



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PandasChina 319

THE GOOD: The Giant Pandas have a den you see during the tour of the Great Wall

Also Good: You barter for anything, except in Western stores or restaurants. Everything is dirt cheap and our son kept saying “You pay too much!” Food is super cheap (also in restaurants) and hotels are half of the price in the USA.




Fence in the foreground for safety. Hazy sky and 95 % humidity!

THE RANDOM:  Hubby and son went to the Great Wall, and I went painting here, left from this bridge. Some of you have already asked for the painting,  Here it is, below





Two Bridges in Beijing, Oil, © StGermain
Painted like a fairy tale and other worldly style, which this whole trip was for me. Also, so I could break some naturalistic rules here (like, putting the focus in the middle)

The middle new bridge is the one above. On the right is the old marble looking bridge-very close by.
One of the workers at the bed and breakfast told it’s very unusual here to paint in the street, and even more for a woman to be alone and paint, but since I obviously was a Westerner, they let me get away with it:)
Felt safe, even though I couldn’t speak one word, let alone read Chinese, and felt those watching eyes. Back then westerners were still kind of a celebrity. We got used to people staring:):)



GteatWall 299

THE FUN:  At the Great Wall most visitors were Chinese.
Surprisingly for Asia, most women work and have a voice here.

While my two guys were taken up with bartering for a Sony phone in a giant mall specifically for gadgets, I watched a woman – across from us, blast a Middle Eastern man – no doubt wanting the special treatment – not giving in to his demands.
I loved watching when Miss High and Mighty spewed fire and won the half hour lasting loud argument. Priceless:):) Didn’t need to understand Chinese for this. The body language came over loud and clear!




BougainvillaChina 312




Quang Zhou 050

Only pic from Shen-Shen in this post.
China loves replications ….  and mishmash – From left to right, German Dutch, English, and in the back the Eiffel Tower:) The mainland has an unusual mix of communism mixed with  a democratic slant in business. Hong Kong is called (which is a half hour walk over the bridge) “the West.”



RoyalRobeForbDity 268

All the reflections are from Catching the Light  behind us.

Royal silk Robe display behind glass in the Forbidden City (that means China had a royal family before Communism took over). The Forbidden City are the former Royal palaces, and visiting them is like the Louvre – never enough time!


 Mind boggling for a Westerner
No special education for the handicapped*
(Six Words Sat)
yet 2 and 3 year olds start learning English in (Pre)Kindergarden


* mentally handicapped. Some are taken care of by the parents. Others are abandoned and wander the streets

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Lucca, even though small, has city walls, and is an hour either way between Pisa and
Firenze (Florence) close to the marble mining sites in Carrera in Tuscany. One of the
paradise places for painters, for the light they want to catch in their landscapes.

Went from Amsterdam two years ago with Transavia (a smaller plane co. our US travel
agent couldn’t find!) to Pisa, so we booked it ourselves and saved several hundred dollars:)



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THE GOOD: Leaning tower – not in Pisa, but still in the area (W Italy)
where we were.  Easy to see that the building styles are simple and sturdy.
Also, many towers and many gates (below).









No travel without some brushes, paint and foldable water bucket! Italy is famous
for Fabriano watercolor paper – oooh- in 3 1/2 x 5 inch postcard size
in downtown Lucca’s art store
sent the Tuscany plein airs with an Italian post stamp to a few art lovers




So simple …but not! I was hanging over the balcony five stories high while standing on tiptoes on a chair to catch this view. In the process of painting  had to come back from
my opinion that the long tall cypress in the van Gogh’s paintings were exaggerated –
there’s no other way to paint with the sun shining on them!





The plants and flowers made me feel at home – similar to California. Oleanders in a simple vase




Old arched bridges –  notice the way they trim these cypress trees (like on my postcard)





Have never passed so many tunnels cutting through mountains in a 4 hours. drive.
This one we went through –reflecting the sun– at time of sunset when leaving
Nice (pronounce niece), France.






The famous Mediterranean coast between Italy and France. My honest opinion:
don’t go in the summer, when tripping over the people laying on the beach!


Tuscany’s warm breeze and distant mountains
(Six words Sat.)
inviting the morning into my room
they are indelibly written on my soul


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The BLUE and GREEN Connection



A new Blue Green meme –am joking!  If you knew how long it took me to put this post together… am not deleting this post though, so I won’t forget!


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zipping from Southern to Northern California

There’s blue and green …okay I can have another some vanilla and very light sienna too




Trump-Vegas_7848 (2)

Am not a Trump fan let’s be nice and say I don’t understand the man,
but the tower illustrates what I like about the green-blue connection.

the tower partly reflects the sky, making the side of the tower
look green (blue sky +yellow tower=green reflect).
The reflection of the white clouds are light yellow.

Green which is a mix of blue and yellow – just saturated
the colors of the Trump tower in Las Vegas, where everything
seems over the top – even to the Starbuck coffee prices
($2 more, only at one place though)








In that time we visited the Huntington Library Gardens often –
a little river between the Chinese and Japanese Garden
– a blue green serene




GateCentral House_1817














A fourth blue and green! A view that makes me smile whenever we drive by. On the gate it says Central House. My mind goes …. central … central to what? This house is in the middle of nowhere:):)
But I do like the gate, and the fence leading the eye up the hill. In Spring the huge crowns  of these trees makes for  a nice shady area. The clouds – I like them big and billowing!

Did you ever have a top of the line idea, such is having a blue-green challenge, but then when you tried it out, it did not turn out to be so smart after all!

this meme would not last long since it’s too limiting, like maybe a month out of  a year…

really LOVE this color combination though!
(six words Sat.)

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We found a few jasmine flowers the previous owners left us by the gazebo:)

Happy Wednesday you’ll! Linking with Black and White Wednesday

Short CITY Walk

My family likes to take walks, and most of them like to hike too:) When they do the latter, I often abandon them for  a quick painting.
This is a short walk with many interruptions, such as a treat, ice cream, bathroom, and more such things, because of the little ones

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Look a horse behind that fence










Underground tasting rooms 2

Underground Tasting Rooms

Depending on who says, but this could be the fun part of good random fun:)
Appropriately too, since this is

whoa, my 100th post on wordpress!
(Six words Saturday)



which reminds me on another celebration long time ago ….


OllyBday 272


Because we’re at the letter O for ABC Wed., I couldn’t resist this pic
of Ollie on his first birthday  in a couple of weeks – now 7 years ago. (don’t worry he hardly ate from his cake – just getting his hands in it was all the fun)





Harbor Reflect_2781

Reflections everywhere in the harbor (also in the windows)
On hot days we like to hang out here  by the Water side to cool off






The base of the yellow Sacramento bridge I showed earlier this year – a massive and impressive structure…







Never knew that I would miss the city lights at night, now I live in the country!
Now I textured this sky view with grain and posterize (PS) I can put my nose back to the grindstone (really, it’s more exciting than that!) of writing – paper and paper clips in every room now –





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