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(1) THE GOOD: Sometimes one small marker is worth the attention … when you go around the corner, you have that red bridge ….with that kinda messy fence …                   (THE GOOD:, Good Fences, Fri Greens, Tue Treasure)


Fri Hunt:
Starts with V: View on El Capitain (7)
Weeks Favorite : Agapanthus (6)
Sunshine: Sun and shadow (1)


(2) THE RANDOM:, Thurs. Door and Weekend Reflections

Written on the Menu board –
Delicious with your Coffee:
–  waffle with whipped cream
– dollar size pancakes (poffertjes)
– apple pastry
– piece of cake


(3) THE FUN But even better is a cup of Joe at home while painting
For Beautiful World




(4) Visiting our young friend who worked with children – recovering from a brain injury. She just moved on this beautiful property of a horse farm with several houses on it.  At that time it was a puzzle how she could make a living now. She could bake well -very well, we discovered. That started a new period in life for her. Undaunted, at Meadows House
For Sat. Critters and Nature Notes



(5) Little mountain stream
For Trees & Bushes and Water World




(6)For Todays Flowers, Blooming Friday, and Floral Fri Foto*


SKY El Capitain184(7)  Sky above El Capitain -a 3000 feet mountain (on right) one of the most difficult to climb for mountaineers at Yosemite Nat. Park
For Sky Watch,Tue Texture, and Tue Travel


Have Fun with SEASONS

SeasonsSmall2WidgeBlueYelSunset_4269 copy

SEASONS – A Virtual Vacation will be going on at the same time,
photo link open from Sunday May 29 -Wednesday June 1


Thanks to All the Hosts
Little Things  Good Fences * Thurs Door Sky Watch*  Floral Fri Foto *
*Weekend Reflection  * Todays Flowers *  Blooming Fri * Fri Photo Journal Fri Greens  * Fri Hunt  *
*Maleviks Rosen * Sat. Critters Our Beautiful World  *
*Randomosity * Mundane Monday  * Blue Monday* Our world *
*Trees & Bushes * Tue Texture Nature Notes  * Tue Travel  * Tue Treasures *
*ABC Wed. -U *  Water WorldOutdoor Wed.  *  Communal Global  *







36 thoughts on “THE RED BRIDGE

  1. The purple flower is so pretty!
    And in regards to my Sunday post – I found another “photo a day” thing and just wanted to post bc I am a schedule based girl!


  2. Not understanding how your blog works. Click on image in the email takes me to a page with all these photos on it. Not just the red bridge. Then a line says click on the title to comment. No title. so I go back to the email and get a comment window under all the images. I do not see a like button.


    1. hello Sherry, am trying to understand -are you following me by email? Personally I’ve not done that with other blogs at WordPress, so I hope my comments here help.
      The title is “The Red Bridge” and there are 6 fotos in this post, all pertaining to the memes/challenges I participate in-during one week (from Thurs. to Wed.). I never do one photo for a post. I do hardly use the “like” button, because if I comment to someone, it means that I do like that post, so don’t worry about it:)
      I wonder if in an email the title doesn’t show because it’s right underneath my big header of the enormous cloud…
      Hope this helps a little?


  3. To answer your questions on my blog, the base elevation of Horsethief Park is about 9,500 feet above sea level. And I don’t live in New York, but one of my new company’s offices is there so I spend an occasional week in Manhattan, and play tourist for a couple of evenings when I’m there.


  4. Beautiful series of images. I do think the horse is my favorite this week. Very nice story to go along with it. Thank you for joining in Friday’s Hunt. I always enjoy your interpretations. Hope you have a great week!


  5. A great series of photos, all of them beautiful. When I saw the terrace outside the pub, I thought immediately :”. Ah, that must be the Netherlands!”. I understand that this year you are staying at home because of your new studio.
    Next week this time I will be in England.
    I hope you and your husband are okay.
    Wil, ABCWTeam


  6. Ah delicious with coffee, yes that is the problem too delicious , you’ve solved it with the paint brushes to keep your hands busy. Meanwhile I’ve decided on the apple pastry.


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