SeasonsSmall2WidgeBlueYelSunset_4269 copy                     Hello Seasons Bloggers,
Haven’t decided yet on a change of the title of SEASONS:)
For some who go by the educational system, it will soon be summer vacation! Hurray! In the USA that is. In Europe most years it’s the around the first-second week of June. Don’t know what the dates are in the rest of the world! It would be fun for one of the next two weeks to link up a photo what would be your vacation of choice – where you would LIKE to go. For me, I would like to go to Europe, but that’s not possible for a few years, but since that is my LIKE, one of my pics next week will be of Europe.

As always, the above subject is a suggestion – go ahead if you like to do another subject!

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CULTURE or TRADITIONAL: Since one of my very close friends introduced me to teas, and my best study friend married an Englishman, I have been in love with teas, and organized them for 20 to 25 people. Now, my middle daughter had a tea for Peach’s 4th birthday. In June her youngest daughter Mackenzie will have a 4th birthday tea. These little kids have an American tea –  more of a party than the teas in the UK.
What I like about the latter is that it’s not exclusively for women. We stayed once at a restauranteur’s house in Sussex. He made the tea, not his wife:)




PinkCamellia_0640OBSERVATION: Pink camellia

Don’t have to tell you, that as a painter, I love galleries. Our first time back in Europe – after my studies – we took our young teenage kids to four galleries in a matter of 11 days: the Rijks Museum and van Gogh museum in Amsterdam, and the Louvre, and a smaller Picasso museum in Paris.




Biking is my life

ACTION: Teas or galleries would be utterly boring for some and you would like something more active like this


Your turn to tell what YOU would LIKE for a perfect vacation!
The photo link of SEASONS  opens  Sunday May 22 – Wednesday May 25
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30 thoughts on “SEASONS – THINKING ABOUT VACATION (May 22-25)

    1. Norah, I loved the way you did your blogpost with so many shots that are great representations of Spring! Like the birds and butterflies. Of course, the painter on the beach caught my attention – now am curious how he painted it!


  1. Summer vacations are always welcome except maybe when it’s very hot and humid, and I tend to hide away from that and stay in air-conditioned places. I love those teacups and saucers and I love a good cup of English tea. I used to be a PG Tips drinker until I discovered Yorkshire Gold. Love a cup of Yorkshire Gold, and I’ll take a cup of tea over a bike race any day 🙂 Your Pink Chamelia is a delight for the eyes. Such a pretty and delicate shot. I enjoy going to the art galleries in Washington DC but you’ve reminded me that I am overdue for a visit.


  2. I would love to do all of them — stroll around in galleries and museums; drink tea with cakes; then bicycle around nature trails :-). Lovely camelia. Too bad we can’t grow them here as they will not survive the cold climate here.


  3. Hello, I always look forward to vacations. Hubby and I tend to avoid the in season vacation times and go during the off season. For now, we are doing daytrips or staycations. We have a lot of local parks that are fun to visit. I love your images, especially the pink camellia. Thanks for hosting, enjoy your new week ahead!


  4. I have lived in New Zealand for almost 10 years and it’s still my favorite destination for a holiday! There is always so much to see in your own back yard if you just take the time!


  5. I babysit quite a bit so I don’t wander far from my state of Colorado, but I will be visiting my former state of NY soon. Glad to jpoin in Seasons again!


  6. Nice photos, I recently got back from an amazing vacation to the Outer Banks of North Carolina on Cape Hatteras Island (linked the photo set), and think my next choice would also to visit Europe at some point.


    1. So many wonderful images today here! II made it in and lined up. Had to stop by and say hello. I love anything to do with tea. Sigh! Such beautiful shares. Have a great week. xo


  7. Having traveled nearly everywhere and lived abroad as well, I’m not really sure where my ideal vacation would be. Maybe a week in a log cabin up in the mountains with lots of snow? Happy Tuesday my friend!


  8. Hi, I am new to your blog, my dear friend Anne at Phamilyblog had a link and I think your blog is just lovely. Vacation! Boy do we need one! We are going on a 10 day Mexican cruise in November, I can’t wait. Going with friends so that is always nice..just getting away will be nice..ahh…
    Nice to meet you, would love to have you come visit my blog when you have a chance!



  9. Oh Dear! didn’t realize that I have become an expert, I know nothing about nature yet; I’m a novice and trying to learn everything :-). From my research, and experience I know that Russian comfrey doesn’t become weed. However, there are other varieties of comfrey and they can become weed. I hope that was your question and I answered it 😀


  10. There is so much of Australia I still want to see. I have a feeling it could take a lifetime to see it all. I usualy spend my holidays visiting family rather than seeing new places. I love camellias, so pretty. I’m not much of a tea drinker but I do love pretty tea cups and tea pots. I hope you have a great week.


  11. What’s a Vacation? – We rarely take them (can’t afford) but I have an idea of where I would like to go if given the chance. – The Teacups are gorgeous. I think I would enjoy attending a tea party. Such a pretty flower. I don’t mind art galleries. The bike ride wouldn’t be my “cup of tea” though as riding hurts my knees.


  12. Love that pink camilla, so delicate! Thanks for the reminder to link up and yes, my daughter studied German in high school, took it both semesters this first year of college and is now taking a one month intensive course in Munich. Honestly, it wasn’t until after we left Germany that she thought it would be a good idea to actually study hard to learn the language. I am just glad she finally enjoys it!


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