SeasonsSmall2WidgeBlueYelSunset_4269 copyHello Seasons Bloggers in the Middle of May,

Last week was a blast with so many awesome captures as well as stories! Hope you visit some this week!

Am thinking about changing the name of SEASONS  a little bit (adding to it)

WHAT DO YOU THINK: TOP of the Season, BEST of (or: in) the Season, DETAILS of Seasons,  BEAUTIFUL Seasons, ENJOY the Season, or maybe you have another suggestion? Let me know!

Personally this year is like 2014 – so many changes, it’s hard to keep up!  These are my messy pics, and goes to show you, SEASONS is not only about flowers or weather:)
Now I am going to paint, having to stand on on scaffolding! If my late parents would see this, they would not get over the shock!


One of our neighbors has the tradition to go to Napa Valley and give the first strawberries of the year to his neighbors:) That was a month ago. Finally now, I saw this strawberry patch in our area opened (higher altitude)


As HighasHouse_6254





In the background is the residence. You see the roof of the barn is almost as high!
Two hardworking people from Honduras. Later we discovered why that country – they had a political coup some years ago.





now we have to figure out what to do with the heaps of soil:)

A studio on the left for my painting. A few weeks ago in my “SEASONS – What’s up in May” I showed you the “bones – beyond my dreams to have all this space and height to do art!



JoelJacob1546Five year old Joel, trying out the string bass of his daddy (friends of us), and hubby admiring…
Whatever your dream is, it can happen THIS  SEASON!

SeasonsSmall2WidgeBlueYelSunset_4269 copy

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29 thoughts on “SEASONS – COME what MAY

  1. I say hallo and admire the delightness of this post.
    It is a pitty with these advertisements, that you cannot see, but I, when I visit you!
    wordpress adds them without asking you!

    The strawberries are my favourite picture! P.


  2. Hello

    I am a new reader of your blog. In answer to your question about re-naming the Seasons feature – I think the name – as is – is perfect. It covers the topic and needs no further explanation.

    Your blog is beautiful

    Thank you for sharing these pictures with us.


  3. Hello, I like the name Seasons. Fresh picked strawberries are delicious. I can not wait to see some in our garden. Unless the critters get them first. Thanks for hosting, have a happy week!


  4. Strawberries are a great sign of summer! It’s looking good at your place. I think ‘seasons’ is good by itself–maybe ‘beautiful seasons’ would be a good change.


    1. To answer your question, I live in the North Island of New Zealand in Taranaki. We get more rain because of Mt Taranaki and, therefore, is the greenest part of the whole country.


  5. Hi Jesh
    It looks like a busy week for you. It will be wonderful having such a large space to create your art! I like the title “seasons” as it is but any of your suggestions were also good.
    We have a week of babysitting our 3 year old granddaughter ahead –her parents are going away on an anniversary trip. I know it will be fun but exhausting for me.
    Have a good week!



  6. Hi Jesh and thanks for the invite to join in as I do enjoy SEASONS as it is!
    Love the strawberries and well done on surviving the build so far! Its looking good!


  7. Spring is a great season for dreaming and new beginnings. But I love the name just as it is!! Mostly my posts for this meme and for all the others I join are about nature. That’s pretty much the only kind of pictures I am any good at taking!! Thank you for hosting. And I love the little boy and your husband — wish I could do better people shots.


  8. We ate the most delicious organic strawberries over the weekend. They tasted very sweet even though they looked like they weren’t ripe yet. I like your title “Seasons”. Do you think the title is too broad or unfocused? Maybe something like “In Season” or “Enjoy the Season” then. I think titles like “Top of the Season” and “Best of the Season” don’t work well with weekly memes, because that means every week’s contribution has to be better than the last one. That can get tough after awhile, at least for me.


  9. Wonderful post my dear friend! I know you are excited about the art studio and am certain you will create some beautiful pieces there! Enjoy your week!


  10. Hi Jesh, whatever you come up with for Seasons will be fine by me. I will just go with the flow 🙂 You made me smile with your comment about your parents seeing you standing on scaffolding. I daresay mine would be surprised at some of the things I can do now that I couldn’t back in the day. I didn’t know Napa grew strawberries also. I have only associated it with wine. How kind of your neighbor. How exciting to see your barn taking shape. We have a gentleman who helps us out every now and again who is from Guatemala. He has told us quite a bit about his country. Nothing like getting knowledge first hand. A lovely photograph of your husband with Joel, a treasure! I did get both of your comments thank you. Just taking me longer to get to my blog and publish these days. Sadly we are going back and forth to visit with a very sick relative 😦 Life is keeping me running and my blogging when I can get to my computer is keeping me going 🙂


  11. Seasons seems to be a fitting name. – Mmm strawberries, I can’t wait for our local berries. Should be a few more weeks though. – Oh my I don’t think I would handle being up on scaffolding, you are brave. So good to have your studio just about ready for you to work in. – Cute shot of the lttile boy & the Bass.


  12. How about just “Seasons Sunday or Sunday Seasons”. I always have trouble knowing what day to put a link in. I am trying to remember to show up here and can not remember when it is!! Is anything related to Seasons acceptable to put a photo in, like gardens and plants and weather?? I am not clear on what is acceptable! Probably just me though.


  13. The simplicity of ‘Seasons’ leaves room for everyone to to post their own interpretation of the term each week.
    Good to see your making progress with a big undertaking in this ‘season’ of your life.


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