From the different kinds of paintings you have seen from me (also in Art Notes, click top right) , this is the style that represents me most.  Nearly abstract, but still impressionistic – and an apparent unfinished look. All the pics in this post were taken in the Netherlands except for the birdie.


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PaintPut up Your SailHeerhugowaard

(1) Putting Your Sail Up, 24 x 30 inch, © St Germain
A few years ago I had 3 workshops and 3 art shows in Holland. The workshops were in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, and Heerhugowaard (N. of Amsterdam). For each I painted something that would encourage to bring them to the next level. In this very artsy town H., an amazingly talented group of people at my workshop, it came to me that several had the greatest tools, but were drifting without goals. My message to them was, put your sails up – you may have an expensive boat and the newest gadgets, but you go in circles when you have no goals to pursue.




Art In or Out Heerhugowaard_1230

(2) Across from where we were drinking coffee. This is one of my après -expresso shots.  Art – are you in or out?
I would say “RAD” – but that word may already be “out” –  but I don’t like “wicked!”





(3) Each workshop was well attended, and so different. In Amsterdam the teens and twenties, here in Rotterdam between 30 and 50ties (this table is in the “what am I gonna paint ” stage), in Heerhugowaard from five to fifty plus.
The older, the more they had to overcome to just let go, unless they were artists -there were a few – the latter weren’t doing necessarily better, because of the subject).

Warm Heart: Some smiles here!  It’s the older men who participated who made me smile especially, because I know it takes them more courage to even show up! It helped doing the workshops in Dutch (I practiced hard before!!)

Fri Hunt
Start with S: Sails (1)
Weeks Fave: water view below
Smile: above


Hortus-along the path_1017

(4) Along the path of the water with Reflections  (R-ABC) at Hortus (Botanical Garden near Groningen) with a fence
There were many volunteers working to keep this garden up to date



Seqoiia bird_8924Light

(5) Bird in the Sequoias (Tue Texture and Nature Notes)


Door of a Souterrain (below ground) Amsterdam238

(5) A residential door (actually two) in Amsterdam  (Tue Treasure, Travel Tue)



WhiteTulips2HortusGronSign_1084 copy

(6) Tulips seen in Hortus, Province Groningen, the Netherlands



Dutchbright Sky_1496

Trees & Bushes


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54 thoughts on “PUT YOUR SAILS UP

  1. What a wonderful unique looking bird, great doors, and I fear I’m outside looking in!

    That pond is beautiful! Your painting of the sails is wonderful. Though I thought of the old Chinese sailing boats when I saw them.

    Happy Mother’s Day to you Dear Jesh! I hope you have the day you hope it to be! xx


    1. Looked some more on your blog at the paintings! Love the Spires abstract, but also your last palette knife landscape!
      How did you actually find my blog?
      By the way, some of my earlier paintings are on Art Notes (click on the box with the 3 horizontal lines, top right). Have not been at WordPress that long (was on blogspot before), so I’m still looking for the best place to put things. Have a great weekend!


  2. ‘Put your sails up’ is an excellent metaphor for life — trying new things, improving on old skills….I love it and your painting. People look like they are having a wonderful time in your workshops and I am sure you are a wonderful teacher.


  3. Hello, Jesh! I just wanted to stop back and say thank you for linking up your pretty bird. It looks like the White-headed Woodpecker. An awesome bird to see, I wish I was there to see it too. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!


  4. Your painting is so nice. Your style is lovely. I love my painting. I forget everything around me when I am doing it. Your pictures are beautiful, and I really do like that first abstractish one.My favorites one has to be the little bird in the sequoias.


  5. I’m one day late but Happy Mother’s Day Jesh. Wonderful painting. I love those bright, vibrant colors. Always a lot of fun reading about your week. I’ll be back later.


  6. i think it does not really matter what one does to relax and feel well… i think it is important for everyone to have something that does goed!

    Lovely photo’s again….

    Have a nice ABC-Wednesday-day / – week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ <abc-w-team)


  7. i really love your painting and that reflection shot! funny, rad is making a comeback…that’s the word from my high school years and it cracks me up hearing kids say it now 😀


  8. Prachtige foto’s Jesh!. Bij de zeilen bijzetten, zie ik van die prachtige, grote zeilschepen van meer dan een eeuw oud, zoals clippers, galjoenen en de schepen van Captain Cook.
    Wil, ABCW Team


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