SeasonsSmall2WidgeBlueYelSunset_4269 copy               hello SEASONS – bloggers,
Last week was a terrific bunch. I so enjoy so much visiting you all!
Cinquo de Mayo
is celebrated much in Southern California, where I used to live, with picnics, parties and good food. Next week is Mothers Day!
In Holland (my country of origin) they had last Wed. Kings Day  – a big celebration each year for kids with games as well as adults who go to points where the King (Willem Alexander) and Queen (Maxima) come by, to wave at them. A kingdom is a totally different feeling and experience than a republic.
Whenever there’s a feast,  tradition or anything special, let us know with a photo in the link up!

not for 99% of you:):)   a short run down memory lane, a few might have missed.  Hate to do this, but it’s not fair to the other participants!
one photo in link list per blog
don’t use your own meme – post to link, because then it becomes an advertisement
no business blogs for profit allowed to link *

about the last one – don’t mind the blogs who sell something via amazon, red bubble or etsy in the side bar. But  a “blog” which sole purpose is to sell is a business blog. It’s also considered spam, but since I still have time to visit each entry…it was caught

Why some pics turn black – or if you can’t reach my blog, like last week Wed. afternoon (sorry!) is a temporary weak internet connection when we have a storm in the mountains at 3000 feet:(   Even in normal weather, some cell phones don’t work here. When it turns black I won’t mind you link another photo (the black one will be deleted afterward).

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For the past three weeks I’ve been living on green tea! And no appetite (that’s a new one:):) ) To keep me from caving in to my ever lingering cold. Notice the teaspoon -the Dutch as well as European over all, are usually smaller than the American. This one is even smaller because these are a special kind  (wedding present)



Burning Day_5500
Am a novice of Burning Days in my new neighborhood. First thought what are they all burning? It’s the needles and leaves. Our backyard neighbor’s fire, about  250 feet  downward from our deck. Have to get used to the idea of being allowed to start a fire in the forest!



Pic3Day2 Barn_1141

This is one of my “messy” pics. Had several neighbors come by and look last week, where all that noise came from next to our house, since I live on a quiet forest  road in the mountains. How high? 16 feet. Long: 40 feet, Wide 30 feet. Will talk about it more  (maybe not all in the SEASONS posts)




Love a fountain with a design
This month is the first of a string of months till Thanksgiving day where one of my adult children or grand children have a birthday. Now they live about 2 hrs. away, except  for our son, we happily come on the birthday itself.

Link is now open Sunday 12 am (midnight) May 1- through- Wednesday May 4,  7pm, US Pacific time
Click on the bottom of the post in red “Click here”
Your Turn to have fun with it!



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27 thoughts on “SEASONS – WHAT’S UP IN MAY

  1. When memes first started the practice was one post per meme and not linking in you own meme. But that was almost 10 years ago and nobody does that anymore. I know people link up to my Nature Notes to get visitors to their new memes and then leave. Not everyone but some people. The other part I am sad about is that my Nature Notes is linked along with sooo many other memes that it no longer has any meaning. I have considered ending it for this reason as the “community” of Nature Notes is gone. It is just a link up which I guess is OK, but not after putting 7 years into it. So good luck with getting people to follow your rules as it isn’t the way the blog memes work anymore…


  2. A question, dear Jesh – do YOU see this advertisements? – I wonder, if inlinkz puts them only to the wordpress- blogs, unvisible for the person, who links?
    If that would be the case, I am sorry about deleting you, then it would be the bad ad on of inlinkz, that I caused!
    Please, in this case – feel welcome again, and I am very sorry about yesterday.
    I think it is like this way – because two other participant with wordpress blogs have this problem – they themselves do not see the advertisement, the visitors of their blog, they are disturbed by it. So bad! P.


    1. please, please link your wonderful tulip again. I found out in the last hours, that all wordpress – blogs get this ad on of amazon- advertisement. may be it is caused by inlinkz, so it is my fault. sorry, sorry. I also do not know how to change it……
      I found it out, because two other participants are also wordpress – bloggers, and they tell exactly the same as you do.
      Please, do not mind. I did not know that new practise, and really – I thougt you would earn money with it. but now I know: INLINKZ has this strange way! P.


  3. Hello, I like the green tea too. I hope your cold is better now. The fountain is pretty. I would be worried about setting a fire so close to the forest.. Thanks for hosting. Take care and have a happy new week!


  4. Hi Jesh,
    Wish you a speedy recovery from that nasty cold.
    I love your fountain and can’t wait to find out what goes into that structure outside in your backyard – wonder if it is a Greenhouse 🙂
    Have a Happy Week and thank you for hosting.
    Peace 🙂


  5. Happy Cinquo de Mayo Jesh, and if I don’t get back to your before next weekend, Happy Mother’s Day 🙂 Happy King’s Day too 🙂 I linked my post but am late as my cable has been out, and leading up to that we have had a family member who is in ill health so we have been busy going back and forth.

    Sorry, but I realize that I have used my meme to link up, not for any advertising purposes but just that there are so many memes that I want to support, it’s truly difficult to link to everyone without including a multi-meme link up. I will try to adhere to your rules next time.

    My sister-in-law who lives in California seems to have the same kind of symptoms you do. Just one lingering cold that doesn’t want to see to go away. Feel better soon 🙂


  6. You have a wonderful studio being put up! That fountain is just lovely….So sorry you are under the weather, I fear I may very well be joining you after my barefoot romp in the rain over the weekend. 🙂 Feel better soon my friend….(ps. you know I can’t just post one photo on my blog…that is practically impossible)


  7. Jesh, you asked about if Robin’s Plantain and Miterwort are deer resistant or not. Yes, they are. At least here in NJ and we have lots of deers here.


  8. Sorry no entry for this one. I posted something, but didn’t think it was at all appropriate.
    Hope to have another post on Monday or Tuesday, that I will link!


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