A few significant moments here. The 2nd photo below is how the last part of Holland developed. In the past it consisted 70 % or more of water  (really!). With ingenuity and perseverance they took advantage during the ebb period when mud stuck between huge metal mats, added land, then surrounded it with dykes. After hurricane Katrina New Orleans asked the Dutch for advice how to strengthen up their coastline (levys – spelling?)

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(1) An artist, once my student, now we keep in touch as friends.
Since few years owner of a lunch place with her sister. Her apple torte is amazing!

Friday Hunt:
Begins with R: Red aprons
Weeks Fave: Bike park
Texture: Yellow Tulip


Little islands crossing_1418

(2) WARM HEART: “You can’t leave, before you see this …” and started telling me her story about how when she was younger, she went across to the other side to visit her parents. Not by row boat or canoe, but swam in between these sand banks to the other side.





The Good: Red Aprons (1)
The Random: water scape (2)
The Fun: the Garden Gnome “Statue” (4)


Garden Gnome_1227

(4) Just having finished a painting for a workshop yesterday.  Presented a painting  to a church in this town. At the window of the restaurant something was developing at the other end of the square. Too far to see what exactly, so I grabbed my Tamron lens. After our coffee we headed over to the other side of the square. Doesn’t he exactly look like a statue of a Garden Gnome? Then to the startled  passers by, the “statue” starts waving!




(5) The Question (ABC-Q)  is if this is a hybrid tulip
Todays Flowers, Blooming Friday, Floral Fri Foto,  Maleviks Rosen, Tue Texture



parkLot Heerhugowaard_1231

(6) Still grappling with just happened on the square. For them it may just have been a Monday morning, but for us it was a special art event. First week of vacation and look at all the bikes in the parking lot!” Fences to separate and lock the bikes to (very needed:(    )  (Food Fences, Trees & Bushes, Blue Monday signs))



Door BrightGiethoorn_1448

(7)Town Hall of Giethoorn, Holland – Door and Reflection of Fence in front of the building



Sunset OnCloudHeerhugowaard_1288

(8) A golden Sky above the greenhouses at the end of the day

My photo link for SEASONS runs at the same time this week  from Sunday May 1 – Wednesday May 4

SEASONS – What’s Up in May?

SeasonsSmall2WidgeBlueYelSunset_4269 copy


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51 thoughts on “A MONDAY TO REMEMBER

    1. You’re right in Holland it’s nothing unusual, but in a midsize town, it would be in the USA, and at that time I lived in a suburb of Los Angeles, where percentage wise to the number of cars, there would only be a handful number of bikes.It’s all in where one comes from:):)

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  1. Quite a full day you have had! Always gorgeous photos and I would love to try that apple torte. That living gnome, oh my, he would frighten me for sure! Busy this week, winding down to the wedding Saturday and getting cold weather with rain and snow mixed. We have the rehearsal with a casual dinner hosted by us tonight too. Have agood weekend and thank you for sharing. xo


  2. Hello, the sculpture does look like a gnome. That is a lot of bikes. Now, I am wishing for a piece of Apple torte, sounds yummy. Pretty sky and view of the water. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day and the weekend ahead!


  3. Fun post. So the Statue was a real person, that would have been a bit freaky but also fun. Lots of bikes for sure with needed fencing. They just had a big bike race here last week but of course I didn’t get any photos.


  4. I love seeing all the bikes. As you say, in much of Europe, it wouldn’t be unusual. Here, if you ride your bike somewhere, you may have to search for a place to lock it. My husband rids a lot, but not for errands and so forth, but for exercise. He logged almost 3,000 miles last year, in a place where there is serious winter.



  5. That looks like a very long swim. I guess I’d never see my parents again since I don’t know how to swim! Do you mean the gnome was a real person dressed like that to freak people out? Beautiful photos as usual.


  6. Hi Jesh, I found that very interesting and it was lovely to learn a little more of Holland and how New Orleans asked for advice after Katrina. How nice a student became a friend and has her own business now. The story of the girl swimming across to see her parents was heartwarming. Loved the random photos and that gnome would startle me too, and probably freak me out a little 🙂 okay a lot! The church will love your painting, are we going to see it at all? All those bikes inspire me. When we can afford it hubby and I are going to buy a couple of bikes but at the moment they are at the bottom of our priority list. Lovely reflections and a beautiful flower to share with Today’s Flowers, for which I thank you so very much. I will be back tomorrow 🙂


    1. Many thanks Charles for being a part of SEASONS with your beautiful views of the Outer Banks. Let me know how you prefer to receive comments back -on my posts here, or on FB. Google plus will not receive my comments, coming from wordpress! Hope to see you back with your beautiful images next week:)


      1. Hello Jesh, thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this link up! Replying here is just fine, I have added your beautiful blog to my list those that I follow and will be checking back regularly! : )


  7. 😉 No it is not…. this is a parrot-tulip (Parrot Tulips were developed from mutations of certain late-flowering tulips, and from tulips in the Triumph class. As a result, some are late spring flowering, and some are mid-spring flowering. Heights also vary somewhat.)

    I’ve just returned (how about coincidence 😉 ) from a trip to Keukenhof, just some hours ago, i came home. Have photographes lots andd lots of them….in vey varieties of colours…. see: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipNSORNClQ7pP4Gjj0Vi9tN2jzGS39ADaJKWkklrBmlBdYH8CLcgQjsAsvqCA9mcCA?key=R2MxQWhkbEN4a2VHTEZhYWJXSzdycERaZXRibkJB

    Have a nice abc-wednesday-day / – week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (abc-w-team)


  8. Hi Jesh bedankt voor deze foto serie. Goede uitleg over het feit dat Nederlanders zulke goede dijkenbouwers zijn.. Hopelijk krijgen we nooit meer te maken met een watersnoodramp..
    Goede Hemelvaartsdag,!
    Wil, ABCW Team


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