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(1) THE GOOD is a home made sweater!
For Tue Texture this  happy, creative “from one thing comes another.” The brioche stitch comes out beautifully when knitting with two contrasting yarns. After I had found a yarn store in Sacramento, I saw this blue-purple  blend of cotton and silk. The thinner thread I needed to go with it, did not happen (the lady in the store and I were not on the same page!) (Little Things, Fri Photo Journal, Randomosity)

At home I gave up my plan for contrast and went with a similar color, since this purple was in my stash. Had to relearn the stitch, and ripped it out at least five times. My QUEST for perfectionism!

Warm Heart: Now I’m good:) This reminds me on how Super Nanny (TV) so talented at getting parents in the right spirit to discipline their children and calls,  “am on my waiyyyy” in Cockney English when she sees on video how the family operates and desperately calls for her help.

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(2) always knew this flower as Blue Nile flower. Now I blog I say “Agapanthus” (crooked smile) (Flor.Fri.Foto, Todays Flowers, Bloom. Fri., Nature Notes))



SacOld townCandyland stairs

(3) Candy Land For Scavenger Sunday with open
glass doors
as entrance around at street level of Old Town Sacramento, my closest city, & not to forget a homemade knitted sweater (1).

(Good Fences)*

The Deckrbuilt_6151













(4) THE RANDOM: our own (Tue) Treasure  … there is the saga of the house sagging  (already before we bought it)- Hubby reinforced the foundations, replaced the deck with bigger “pillars. “It does make a difference in walking on the deck – believe me!
In repairing the railing, he sees they put the underside of the wood on top (for a builder it is like putting on a sweater  inside out). Discovers the floor planks are too close, so it can’t dry out after the rain. (it means the wood rots) Talking about”from one thing to another!”



Door Muiden_1705

(5) Thurs. Door in Muiden in the Netherlands, the town of the castle Muiderslot
Wished that I also had taken a photo of the whole building:)


Fri Hunt:
Begin with Q: my Quest (1)
At Rest: Doggie asleep (6)
My Favorite: Agapanthus (2)

Doggie Asleep_1090
(6) Doggie Asleep



BotanBuildReflect_5800(7) THE FUN: By 1915 the biggest lath house was built in Balboa Park, San Diego, to house many plants, including a collection of beautiful orchids and stag horns. Even though it is “outdoors” it is refreshingly cool in the summer (in the hot Californian summers)
(Week.Reflect.,  Fri Greens, Trees & Bush, Tue Travel, Water World)




A Pretty sunset at our house


From One Thing Comes Another Thing
(Six words Sat)

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39 thoughts on “From ONE THING to ANOTHER

  1. Wow, I have no clue how to knit or crochet! I did knit a potholder once when I was 10. Haven’t knitted since.
    The reflections in your image at Balboa Park are wonderful, and that sunset from your house is gorgeous!

    Good series this week!


    1. Thank you! sorry for not getting back to you – I’ve been hanging on by a thread for 2 weeks, because a bad cold, and no energy, not because I wasn’t interested in our conversationm (but my answer on your last comment may come by email):)
      In Holland we had needle works as an elective from 2nd grade on in that time, and for the boys wood working. It’s like bike riding, you never forget it completely .

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hello, I like the color of the yar, very pretty. The flower is lovely. One of my favorite photos is of the sleepy dog. Lovely sky capture. Have a happy Thursday!


    1. Thank you Chandra! (I went to your blog, and commented on “nothing comes from nothing”)
      My intention was that to show when one thing shows a mistake, then one often discovers that there may be more mistakes (about the deck)
      With knitting the sweater I have to accept that sometimes things do not work out the way I want it to, and then I have to look for another solution:)
      Am sure the solution oriented thinking is more modern Western thinking. Have a great weekend. Please call me Jesh:):)


  3. That door really hits in the rest of the red around. As for knitting/crocheting/etc., those aren’t any of my talents, although I work with someone who’s an excellent knitter. I just find my sweaters at the thrift store and don’t worry about it. 🙂



  4. A wonderful series of images as always! Love the sleeping dog. Your sunset is beautiful. Thanks so much for joining in Friday’s Hunt. I always enjoying seeing your interpretations.


  5. I am usually wishing I had taken more pictures instead of less…I take detail shots like your door and then want more! Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  6. So many great things here today. Looks like you have quite a task with your deck railing. – Enjoyed the entrance photo to Candyland (which also had a fence in it). I like the Blue Nile flower (a much prettier name than Agapanthus). Sweet sleeping dog image. I think I’d enjoy that bathhouse.


  7. Quite a mix of images this week. As soon as I saw the knitting I had to restrain myself from grabbing my knitting bag. There is something that I love about knitting. It’s certainly not what I create but I think it must be the way it grows in your hands. That’s a beautiful reflection to finish off with this week.


  8. I’ve always enjoyed that nanny show and yes, it warmed my heart to see her give those children the training they so desperately needed! I also love blue, including that yarn and those agapanthas. My yard is filled with them!


  9. Hope you’re feeling better, Jeanette. I picked up a bug, which has settled in my throat, a few days ago. Hopefully, it won’t stay long. I love the colors of your yarn and that Blue Nile flower.


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