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Time seems to be flying this year. So much in the news. At the end of this week it’s Passover, so if you like to add something like this or next week, you’re welcome to!
Seasons is for everyone and it does not need to be nature – it also can be an experience, feast, etc., photo link is open Sun April 17 – to Wednesday 7pm (US, Pacific time) 

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SEASONS is steadily growing – last week 37 of you added your beautiful image! Incredible, you rock!  This challenge/meme is kind of addicting. I have gotten to know several of you much more, because of back and forth emails. Thank you for allowing me in your life!

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Does someone know how to get some birds in this house?
Since we’ve been here it has been standing vacant. I like to hear
some chirps!









You see the purplish haze over the grass? It reminds me on Andrew Wyeth’s use of that color. Love it – so subtle!

These are one of the many streams at the low points between the mountains that
appeared when the rains became more frequent. Most years we had to buy
water from other states, so am happy, the drought in N. California is over!






An unexpected  surprise: hummingbird chimes  in the gazebo, left by previous owners



Still SnowinSpring_0023

Both are beautiful, the green as well as the snow! The red and white dots are from the wires.

How’s April treating you?
Your turn to share

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34 thoughts on “SEASONS- PASSOVER

  1. April is being beautiful in southern Indiana! We had a couple of cold snaps that scared us, but the trees we were afraid we’d lose came through it fine. We didn’t even lose our lilac blossoms! 🙂


  2. Hello Jesh, lovely photos!
    I will post some wisteria photos tomorrow… from Italy. Here nothing’s blooming yet.
    I don’t know anything about bird housing in your continent, but, in general, the house must be clean, of a correct size, this applies also to the entrance hole (and better if protected against squirrels and woodpeckers) and in a position birds find safe. Good luck! 🙂
    Thank you for hosting Seasons! See you tomorrow!


  3. Will a water bowl by the birdhouse and may be some hay help bring some much-desired occupants to the house?
    Glad you had a nice occupant who left you a wind chime.
    The Wisteria is gorgeous as are the mountains and hills around you.
    But, I will take the flat terrain (easier to get around on a bicycle) and look at the beautiful places when we travel 🙂
    Have a Happy Day!
    Peace 🙂


    1. Many thanks for the kind comments, and for the suggestions for the birdhouse! and I will try them:) For sure flat terrain is easier for a bicycle Also inviting you to be a part of SEASONS from Sunday-Wednesday, Pacific time with a photo to show your experience of the season Hope to see you there:).


  4. Oh yeah, it reminds of Andrew Wyeth (I like his art) and I have a birdhouse without birds too, don’t understand, how they are choosen their homes, but the do it…
    Enjoy your time, thanks for hosting


  5. Beautiful photos – love the wisteria. Some years our bird house has birds – some not – and I never know why. It is fun when the babies start poking their heads out. And Hurray for California’s rain. Here in NW WA we get lots of rain – but it broke my heart to see my beloved California suffering in the drought.


  6. I love the wisteria. I’m a little behind in showing my Wordless Wednesday photos, but I’m glad I have something to share because I’ve missed my walks for a couple of weekends. Now I’m finally starting to have more than snow and ice to show you. Thank you for hosting, Jesh!


  7. I wish I knew how to attract birds to bird-houses. We have three and they are not occupied. We provide food and water all the time, but instead of using those bird-houses, they make nests in our roof. I heard that the bird houses have to be really high on trees for birds to occupy. Beautiful pictures and wisteria.

    You asked about growing herbs — we have lots and lots of deer here but they never eat any of the herbs or my vegetables. They only eat tulip and daffodils and lilies :-O. But not sure how the deers are going to behave in your place.


  8. Great photos! I will also be posting something tomorrow.
    I wish the drought was over in all of California. Down here in the south it is most definitely NOT over.


  9. Happy Passover, Jesh!
    I see your mountains are still snow covered. If you read my post you will see we also got snow today–but we live as high as your mountain top so it’s easy to see why we get that weather. The good thing is that the temperatures will soon rise and it will melt quickly and make everything grow beautifully. Your wisteria is lovely—it is a treasure during its bloom!


  10. Hello, Happy Passover to all that celebrate. The wisteria is one of my favorite blooms and plants, gorgeous. I lvoe the snow covered mountain scene. The wind chime is cute, I love to hear the chimes. Thanks for hosting, enjoy your new week!


  11. Beautiful captures! I am smiling when I stop by. If I can get my life back to normal I will participate again. Thank you for always having a kind heart. xo


  12. I just love the wisteria! Our daughter has a huge plant that I just love (but unless it has an exceptionally long blooming season, we don’t see in all its glory any more). Thanks for your picture and the sweet thoughts it brings of
    ‘home’. Thank you so much for hosting. All of your pictures are beautiful.


  13. I love wisteria, wish we could grow it here in Wyoming. I happy things are going better water wise in California, it’s about time. Thanks for hosting.


  14. Here is info from Cornell on Nesting Boxes and what birds are in your area,,,

    A nest box has to be the right size with the right size opening and safe from raccoons, snakes etc on a pole with a cone or protected small opening. If they don’t feel safe and it isn’t the right size they will not use it… But best info is on the Cornell page.. Oh the water or food makes no difference as the parents will hunt insects for nestlings..


    1. Thank you so much Michelle! When I look at the pic, the hole is probably too big, and since it’s on the flat roof of a gazebo there are probably other critters, such as bigger birds and squirrels who could reach it!


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