Weekly Blurb: this is all about Balboa Park in San Diego, CA – except for the horse in Norco and my bagel –
where people can enjoy a variety of interests. Look it up in Wikipedia
Sorry, if you saw some other photos before, I thought this was a better combi:)


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Warm Heart: tthe beginning of this year I chose NO FEAR as a theme. At the end of Feb., on the very first time the meme/challenge SEASONS opened, kids at a middle school in Madison Ohio were shot. I saw the video clip of the girl that was standing right in front of the shooter. Because her mom had prayed Psalm 91 over the family (he who lives in the shadow of the most high…..he rescues you from every trap…etc.) for a few weeks before, her daughter was not afraid and took care of her friend to whisk her away.

ArchWaysBalboaP 287

(1) THE GOOD: All these  arches with an almost too simple  Door for these Ornate towers (ABC, Good Fences, Trees & Bush, Tue Treasure) in Balboa Park (San Diego, CA) Monthly one plant/nature association or another have their meetings on the right side (not visible). Many of the buildings they started building after 1915.



(2) Friday Hunt: Start with P: Park & Play
Favorite: Sunset below
In Motion: Statue of Warrior



HorseSignSmallnorco 042 copy

(3)THE RANDOM:  Got Hair?
(Tue Texture)



hungryformozpros 246

(4) Hungry for the real (thick) Italian Proscuitto with Mozzarella for lunch
(Tue Travel & Com. Global)

Sunday Scavenger: Outside  – Horse Outside(3)
Collection & Tiny: collection of Flower pods (5, 6,)
Hungry: hungry for Mozarella & Proscuitto  (4)
Hair: Got hair? (3)


WaterliliesDetailSanD 290

(5)  * Flor Fri Foto, Todays Flowers, and Bloom Fri


WaterliliesSanD 290

(6) THE FUN: Above this one, details of these Lotus (I like the heart)
(Week. Reflections, Fri Greens & Nature Notes)




Unedited! (Blue Mon, Sat. Silhouette)

Many Arches make Life more Romantic (Six Words Sat.)

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Sunday April 17-Wed     Seasons – Passover

SmallSeasons2SpringSunset_4269 copy

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43 thoughts on “ARCHES

  1. In answer to your question on my blog, I have been to Guangzhou twice. Both times were to adopt a baby, but no I have not been to the open air market. I have a feeling I have only touched upon the places to see in this city. So much to see and do!


  2. Sorry jesh, I was trying out my microphone on my iPad for the above comment and it left out the beginning. It is meant to say, I love the buildings etc. have you ever tried the dictation to leave comments?


  3. Hello, the horse is adorable, great shot. I typed waterlilies above on my comment, I should have typed the lotus flowers are lovely. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!


  4. Happy Pink Saturday. Thanks so much for joining us and sharing these stunning images. I must admit that bagel looks delicious. I might have to make a plan for a late lunch.

    Thanks for the compliment on our view to our gazebo. We are really enjoying it.


  5. Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos on so many different subjects. Loved the many subjects but the Arches photo is very nice. and caught my eye. Thank you for joining Blue Monday.

    I am sorry my comment is late. We were out of town and I ran out of time on Monday to visit everyone.
    Happy Blue Monday,


  6. Nice collection of architecture, statue, sky and horse. I see all kinds of lighting in those pictures. Soft light of evening, morning light and harsh light of after noon.
    Well somehow I didnt get the pingback right from your post. Just checking.


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