While living in Holland during my teen years shapes were most attractive. Now colors are primary and shapes secondary. The degrees of light in California may have much to do with it. That’s why I don’t blame van Gogh for moving to France. The closer to the equator the more natural light (ABC Wed) particles in the air. He began to use much brighter colors!

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Balboa Island – a paradise to roam around, shop (or not), or go to the beach -which we always do!
Thurs. Door, Good Fences


THE GOOD: Door close up


Warm Heart: Thank you Joy, from Raft of Apples in the UK for access to your photo! It gave me a smile and much inspiration! It challenged me to paint a water reflection, a forest omitting a few details, so I would not get lost in them. The combination of a distant view, but bringing it close by the rocks at the bottom

Landscape England_4626

This landscape’s process in soft pastel took a few years:) In the middle of this I moved, and could not find it for about half a year. Not a realistic rendition.
The pixels show that the cross-hatch technique gives it a rough and unfinished look (what I’m after).



RaftofApplesPhoto2014_03_03_1320 (2)

Joy’s photo from Raft of Apples

Am in the process of writing a book about creativity with the revelational approach. Nowadays everything is called art and everything is called creative.
Before you read –  it is not my intention to put people down, but here is what authentic art is:
Art is driven by a high level of creativity which is expressed by an all-consuming drive.

The last separates the artist from the artisan. This means if you are able to put your art off to the weekend, or think there’s not time, or no money for it, this is not an all consuming drive … because ALL your money goes into it, as well as ALL your energy. My blurb about all-consuming drive. Another time, a blurb about creativity.



Amsterdam Canal259

THE FUN: Amsterdam Canal and boats. if you wonder about the boats. The origin of these houses in the 16th – 17th century is these were located close to the canal, so the products coming by boat from the East Indies
were easily unloaded in the houses of these rich merchants.
Tue Treasure,Tue Travel, Communal Global , Reflection



Blue Hydrangea_4800
This hydrangea begged to be adopted
so I took this fledgling home:)


Sequoia Squirrel_8902

THE RANDOM: He called his friends, but they were too busy, so he started on his dinner with great enthusiasm
(hubby’s photo of a spoiled Sequoia squirrel) Sat. Critters




Friday Hunt:
Starts with O: Omits (Pastel Painting)
Spring or Fall: Hydrangea
Favorite: Hydrangea

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Such a mysterious and wonderful mood
(Six Word Sat.)

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44 thoughts on “SURROUNDED BY BEAUTY

  1. The painting is beautiful! What talent. I’ve read that it takes talent and skill learned from hours of hard work and drill (like the Wyeth kids went through). I always wonder how much talent does one have to start out with. Anyway, it’s gorgeous and looks like such a pleasant hobby (especially if you’re good.) 🙂


  2. You mentioned you did not have cable. If you go back to my post about the TV show at our float cabin, you can go to the website and watch it there. I’m not an artist, or even an artisan. But I do like to create things that I enjoy. – Margy


  3. Hello, wonderful collection of photos. I love the turquoise door, one of my favorite colors. Your painting is lovely, a pretty scene and reflection. Enjoy your day and the weekend ahead!


  4. I love how you have brought out the shapes and colours of Yew Tree Tarn, solid but ethereal, a beautiful painting. It gives me pleasure to think my Lakeland photo has provided inspiration for your painting talent. I like the inclusion of the rocks which you might like to know are the top of a dry stone wall.


  5. I loved your photos, I loved the painting. Surrounded by beauty indeed!

    The difference between artist and artisan was very interesting. I’m neither but appreciate both 🙂


  6. Love your photos Jesh, and your work of art. I like the house and the door and the cute squirrel, all of your photos are very enjoyable. Thanks for linking with Today’s Flowers. I will be back to link up with Seasons.


  7. The painting is beautiful! Lovely flowers. I’m ready for some spring flowers to show up here. The squirrel is adorable. I kind of like squirrels. Thanks so much for joining me at Friday’s Hunt. Hope you have a great week!


    1. It’s so telling, people who had one parent as an artist, have such a fondness of particular things of their parents art. I don’t know if you get this comment, because you’re on FB – I’ll come back later to your blog. Don’t forget to link onto SEASONS – love to see your rendition of Spring this week:)


  8. That’s a great entrance door. Love the colors they chose. Wow, love your painting! Soft pastels are a favorite. What a pretty hydrangea. I’m glad you gave it a good home. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos.


  9. What a joy to scroll through and enjoy each photo. I loved them all but was really drawn to the canal shot. The buildings are just so beautiful!


  10. Nice pictures. About the cellars of the amsterdam canal houses I differ from vision with you. I think they used the attic because the change to get wet stuff in the cellar was to great in those times.


  11. as i have read on multiple places throughout the years… i believe you in what you say about the colours… but still, beeing Dutch and living in Holland and high rarely travelling beyond Dutch borders… i can’t agree with you from own experience 😉

    Your photo’s are gorgious!

    Have a nice abc-wednesday-day / – week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (abc-w-team)


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