SEASONS – April, Need for Cover?


Seasons2WidgetBlueYelSunset_4269 copy Hello SEASONS bloggers,

What I love about you, is that you come from so many corners of the earth!
When time allows , say hello and connect with a few about  your love for anything happening this season:)

From now on, the Linky list  is going to be opened Sunday morning (instead of Monday), to give the bloggers  in Europe  (9 hrs. and about 17 hours ahead), Australia and New Zealand a little more time to link.
Am usually away from the computer on Sunday, so I’ll get back to you on (my) Sunday night late.  The closing time on Wed. night may be changed. Any suggestions or wishes?
April may have a wilful nature -asking just to go with the flow and duck for cover when a storm hits. In Australia and New Zealand I expect it to be a glorious in Fall colors. Hm, I wish we had someone from Asia to fill us in! For April – anything goes, but if you need some inspiration, you may follow – if you wish

a weather condition
a personal experience, like an event, trip, birthday, activity, etc.
(detail of) a recent landscape
3 or one photo –  your choice

 If you are totally at a loss, think of what you would write in a journal. Example: yesterday I had to do some groceries, and I bought bananas, milk, and broccoli. Now, take a pic of it and link below! It’s an experience, and was within the season!


Birds like2 the beach_5719

The sun was shining, the birds had a great time. Life was decadently good on Easter day.
Great we enjoyed it, because….



Wisteria w Hail_6118

I could not believe that the next day it would turn into rain-snow-hail. Just one day after the Wisteria had shown its face.
I can image they were not happy!




No matter what weather it is, you will find the youngest grand -McKenzie outside-
playing with any animal she can find, even lizards
(usually without shoes! Guess her mommy put her foot down -pun intended)




We go across the street to snap a sunset.  A few days after the sudden snow, hubby
surprised me coming in with this view! Not as bright as on some other days, but heh,
talk about relief! Where I live we are not as spoiled as in Southern California:)

How did April start  in your neighborhood? Your turn  to click on “Click Here” in red below

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25 thoughts on “SEASONS – April, Need for Cover?

  1. Great shot of your granddaughter. Glad you had the chance to enjoy good weather. Friday evening we had a tornado that went out to sea we think. My husband and Blessing saw the funnel cloud. Blessing asked me excitedly if I had seen it too. (We lived in Tornado alley so while we give them respect, we are not terrified of them either)>


  2. Your granddaughter is beautiful! It’s great that she has a lot of spirit. I like the whale weather vane. My younger brother lives near New Bedford in Massachusetts–famous as an old whaling town, and the original setting for the novel Moby Dick.


  3. Autumn is progressing here Downunder, Jesh. After turnign our clocks back an hour yesterday, it was already dark by 6:30 pm… Pumpkin is on the menu!
    Thanks for hosting.


  4. Spring weather is unpredictable. Today is lovely here in Northeast Wyoming, it’s supposed to get to 73. But forecast says rain/snow mix by end of the week, sigh. Thanks for hosting.


  5. Oh my snow after Easter, that’s a bummer but the Wisteria look pretty. – We’ve had nice weather here with sunny skies but it rained today and is cooler and windy. – Your little granddaughter is so cute. Lizard would be fun to play with.
    Such a lovely sunset you were able to enjoy. – You’ll be happy today as I have (more than 1 photo) to share!


  6. Such beautiful photos, even with the snow! 🙂
    Thank you for hosting Seasons! It’s lovely to follow and try to depict the seasons in nature.
    As to your question, I’m a Finn, but lived for example in Italy and big parts of my heart remain in Italy, England and other countries. 🙂
    Happy April!


  7. Grand Mckenzie is a doll with that sweet smile. What is going on with this crazy one day hot and then the next day very cold weather? Wisteria is beautiful.


  8. What a cutie McKenzie is! Hope your wisteria and other blooms can survive the ups and downs of spring weather. It just keeps snowing here in Breckenridge.


  9. Your outdoor girl granddaughter is as beautiful as she is smart! I love to see kids who are being brought up to love playing outside (tho I’d agree with her mom about the shoes!). That really is crazy weather for April .. Even for Northern part of your state, I would think. Thanks for hosting…. And by the way, here in SW Florida, April feels — and looks — just about the same as March…. Really not much of a seasonal change at all.


  10. It sounds like you’ve had some pretty unpredictable weather. Just in the last couple of days our early mornings have started to cool, Autumn is here in the tropics. The days are still pretty warm, even hot but they never really cool down that much with 25 degrees C being a normal winter temp. What a lovely sky.


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