Thursday is my “new day off” since the challenge SEASONS finishes Wednesday night, and I work on looking for photos for the weekly  challenges/memes I participate in. By the way, I can strongly recommend them – they are consistent, and they usually leave me a comment in return. That is important to me.
Am ambivalent about the “likes” of WordPress since it’s not Facebook. The latter I use for easy contact with friends and family. How about you?

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Am giving some suggestions or how to find a subject (although you are free to do your own thing).

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Bridge n Pillers3950

THE GOOD: In 1911 this Tower bridge over the Sacramento River replaced the old railroad bridge,
since between 1910  and 1935 Sacramento’s population doubled in size. It was the first lift bridge in
Mellow Yellow
of the California high way system.
Reflections, Sky , Fri Greens, and ABC Wed.


Nature Notes, Water world, Sat. Critters
Ducks enjoy their day



THE RANDOM & Outdoor Wed. a door on Balboa Island

Warm Heart: it takes considerable skill  to hang a door well. People are stressed when a shoddy job has been done. In Southern California one of hubby’s specialties was hanging beautiful doors, simple ones like this (this one is not one of them), or elaborate ones with side lights, etc.. People gushed about his work, gave him tickets to fancy restaurants, Xmas presents, etc., referred him to their neighbors and friends, which put a smile on my face!



THE FUN: My cowl (round scarf) – after the Lodge Pole pattern of Sarah Gresbach on Craftsy. Had been looking and looking since the summer for a thinner yarn round scarf /cowl – finally saw and liked this one – My super fast knitting project
IrisesEdit 068

THE FUN:  Sometimes I like sharp, sometimes blurry. Like a Memory
(ABC Wed, Fri Floral Foto, Today’s flowers, Bloom Friday, Maleviks Rosen)
A photo edit, NOT a painting. But … it could become a painting:)



Burnt Tree Fence_8827

Tue Treasure & Tue Texture
Among the big Sequoia’s in the South of Yosemite Nat. park they left the trees that were burned in a fire a few years ago. Considering all things – very sad, but the upside is  that what nature left is still exceptionally beautiful. (you see stripes because the sun shines on certain parts). The fence must have been built after the fire!

Friday Hunt:
Start with N: Not Cool (referring to the fire)
Vintage: my take: the charcoal-ed trunk
Favorite: the Irises above


Sunday Scavenger:
Photographer’s Choice  (5 photos)

Thanks to All the hosts!
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  1. I love the comments about the skill involved in hanging doors. I love your burned tree trunk, and the flower shot.
    Also, I use facebook for communicating with friends and poking my tea party and liberal friends as well. I do a lot of Instagram these days. That is my favorite social media form these days. I use Twitter for keeping up on breaking news and reading comments during the awards television shows.


  2. I always like the variety of photos I find here on your blog. That old burnt tree between the fence was interesting. I wonder why they didn’t clear it out. Enjoy the photo of the bridge, it’s quite lovely. So were those flowers and the ducks were fun to see too. I liked the door as well. My hubby works now installing doors for people.


  3. Beautiful photography. The ducks, the iris, the remains from the fire. Yes, hearing nice things about your husband’s work would make your heart warm. It’s hard to find skilled craftsmen. I’m sure his good work was appreciated.


  4. Lovely photos. I especially like that beautiful front door. There is something so welcoming about a nice door.


  5. I really like that Tower Bridge in Sacramento. I’ve been there to photograph it, but the images are languishing on my hard drive. I’ve wanted to go back and shoot it again since.

    Nº12’s door is very pretty. I love the glass in it.

    Did you knit your cowl?

    I deleted my fb account a couple of years ago and haven’t missed it. It was a major time suck and I keep up with close friends and family via Instagram, emails, and the phone.


    1. Thank you Deborah! Whenever you go back to photograph this bridge, who knows there is some time to meet up – I never go there without hubby (I would get severely lost!) Yes, I learned knitting in 2nd grade -it’s something you never forget, like riding bike. The only reason why I don’t let go of FB is because my kids begged me to stay on there, since cell phones don’t always work where i live – they get worried when they can’t reach us.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Loved all of these photos Jesh, every one was a pleasure to see and a fun post to read. Thanks for linking with Today’s Flowers and I wish you a very happy weekend 🙂


  7. Can’t get over that iris “painting” … I was so sure it really was one of your paintings. I do FB although I’m sporadic about posting anything and don’t remember to check it every day and when I do it sometimes drives me crazy. But I will stay on it mostly because of pictures of the great-grandkids , but also because it is a good way to keep in touch with people when you’ve lost their email address.


  8. So many lovely photos to choose! I enjoy stopping by here. I am sorry I did not get to participate in Seasons this past week. You have such a creative heart. I love the photo of the iris. As a kid we called them flag flowers. Still so pretty and still a happy memory. Trees in my yard and I do not get on well but I love the photo you took. Beautiful ! I hope your weekend is wonderful and I am hoping to join you next week. Take care.


  9. I don’t think my husband could hang a door, but the one in your photo is lovely. At first, I thought the tree had brought down the fence, but then I saw the fence had been built around it. 🙂

    About FB. I do use it, but try not to be there too often. I like being able to instant message my s-i-l in France or friends who I see are online. But it definitely can be a time suck and I’d rather spend my time on WP.



  10. Majestic bridge! And I adore your texture photo. I may join in with that meme especially after we have moved. Beautiful photos! And such a nice cowl scarf too.


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