A HAPPY EASTER or RESURRECTION DAY for the ones who celebrate!

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Santa Barbara Door and Reflections


Callasingle lilly2
Calla Lily – perfect simplicity. Love these so much that I painted two of these (this is a photo!) as a part of twelve 24 x 24 inch oils  in the Celebrity Collection of Nature







Fence and entrance gate to Sacramento’s original soil (level) when it was established. Too many people around to get a better shot





The Promise, Oil, 18 x 36 inch, © StGermain

Warm Heart: Was not sure if this half painted scene a few years ago communicated my purpose. Until I heard the story of Donnee, a 20-something. Her father Kim Clement (Kim, and outstanding musician, we heard several times in South. California  had two brain bleeds last year. Now he was for the third time in major surgery to fix the cause.
She found out the meaning in Hebrew for almond blossom is the same word as for Promise.

She decided to plant an almond tree in her father’s garden. I’m skipping much of the story – I felt so touched and asked hubby to look for this unfinished painting.

For me, it it reminded me on the story of Good Friday where all hope seemed lost when he died on a cross,  but three days later the Messiah, the Promise,  rose, so our mistakes were forgiven and we could have eternal life.

In the original painting only the top flowers were there. All the others were added. The other elements stayed, but changed the brush strokes here and there. The bird is a Gold Finch.


SpreadWings_6036Spreading your wings to NO FEAR, freedom and destiny
Fri Hunt: Start with M – Much Fun here!
Favorite: Calla Lilly
Wings: above view at Corona del Mar Beach, CA




Sun playing in the hills. En route from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara

 An important Turning point in History
(Six Words Sat.)

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34 thoughts on “PAINTING THE PROMISE

  1. Such a beautiful share Jesh. I am always looking forward to seeing your beautiful photo shares and the words that compliment them. Thank you for sharing and have a blessed Holy Week. xo


  2. That Sacramento photo is one I’ve taken myself. Also, we’re going to spend a week this summer in Del Mar. Seeing your photos makes me excited to come to CA.


  3. The lily is lovely. Those type don’t make me sneeze. – Nice buildings and a good fence. – Loved your painting and how you related it to Easter. Great ending shot of the mountains too.


  4. That is a beautiful Calla Lily Jesh, the dark background really makes it pop. Your paintings of them, I hope we get to see them sometime. Your goldfinch and blossom artwork is stunning and has a fitting name. Sad about Donnee’s dad, I hope his surgery is successful. Sweet story about the almond tree. You took a great photo of the gulls. How I love them and I love this photo. That is also a beautiful view on your way from LA to Santa Barbara. I love all your photos Jesh, and I thank you so much for sharing with Today’s Flowers. We are blessed and I appreciate the kindness. Wishing you and your Loved Ones A Very Happy Easter.


  5. Thanks for sharing- I like the painting and how you related it to the Easter story. Have a blessed weekend!


  6. Hello, I just love the painting of the Goldfinch! The view of the mountain is beautiful. Great shot of the gulls. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy Easter weekend.


  7. These are all lovely. You are such a talented artist! I do think the calla lily is my favorite too this week. Thanks so much for joining Friday’s Hunt. I hope you have a happy Easter.


    1. Love the painting and the story…what a connection. Love Calla Lilies, they remind me of The Lily of the Valley. Hope you had a blessed Resurrection Day!


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