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Any experience during the season goes! Mine are not as “pretty ” this week, but reality!

Finally – we can make a claim on the weather that it should behave like SPRING!
Such lovely images you showed last week!

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Learned much about the wind since we moved almost 2 years now to an altitude of 3000 feet. A wind stream in the lower region may be a soft breeze, while at the same time, the wind at a higher level can be quite forceful.
Something similar going on here with the clouds. The low fast moving clouds are quite pronounced and small. The very large layers of clouds higher up stay, like a bump on a log.



As tiny as a snow drop – my pink Spring flower. Caught a few days ago, while raking the pine needles.
To the memory of the innocent victims and their families in Brussels. Belgium


ElectricCo 12trees_5537

Friday a week ago a team of 7 worked a full day in the rain cutting trees and cleaning  up the branches.
Remember, the large fire last year where this area got help even from (7 hrs. more S.) Southern  Californian fire fighters? It burned 64.723 acres, 135 residences destroyed, costing an estimated 2 billion all because a tree fell on an electrical wire.


Almost Done_5571

Twelve trees died from the beetle were marked in the front yard to be cut –  for free!! The largest tree was 60 feet high.  Since it was raining hubby maneuvered an umbrella with the camera to get some of these pics for me. Neighbors came to see what was going on, traffic got rerouted …Whoa, who says it’s boring on the country side!


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  1. I’m glad you had your beetle killed trees removed, Jesh, so that there will be less fire danger around your home. I live in a valley at 6,2000 feet, so we still have cool temperatures and even had snow this week. Full spring does not arrive until May, but we were happy for the snow as it gives our dry climate moisture. Fire is also always a hazard here.


  2. I wonder who pays for the tree removal. The county or state I would guess. I didn’t know the fire was from a tree falling.


  3. Another interesting post Jesh and I enjoyed those photos. That cloud shot is breathtaking. The flowers were such a pretty color! The tree cutters must have a good head for heights. How awful that a fire started because of a fallen tree. So much devastation, hard to imagine. I have linked up just now. I hope my post fits. Just one photo this week. Thanks for hosting and have a great week!


  4. The electric companies here are always pruning trees. When we moved in here our property was over grown with really tall locust trees – they tend to be weedy and pop up new trees from the roots. Then when they are tall the break in windstorms. Just before we moved in, one crushed the neighbor’s car. We had 16 down that were within 10-20 feet of the house. We found the here, in winter, the tree guys have little work. We had 13 removed for $600! Usually it is $800 per tree. So we always call in winter and it is much more affordable.


  5. Lovely photos – the cute little flower is of course my favourite. 🙂
    I’m so happy to join this link party. Our spring hasn’t sprung yet, however, we still have two feet of snow.
    I post potted tulips this time.
    Thank you for hosting and have a great week!


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