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I explore, not only in weekends
Six Words Sat.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday
Stairs (1)  Green (2)
How do you feel Today (4)  Flower (4)  Hair (4)

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(1). STAIR cases, Old Town Sacramento, as far as I know an abandoned building
Randomosity: THE GOOD, Tue Treasure  & Tue Texture, & ABC-a Keeper

FRIDAY HUNT  March  18 with Teresa from Eden Hills
Start with L  – Logic (pic of painting (4 ))
favorite: the staircase in Sacramento (1)
Lace (2)


(2). These espaliered trees and white blooming tree are like LACE – a pretty foreground and neutral background
Found in Muiden, the town belonging to the Muiderslot castle in the Netherlands.
Also for: Tue Travel, Trees & Bushes, Nature Notes, & Communal Global




(3). Are you hungry? For Sat. Critters & Nature Notes



Sassy:) I should be asking you how you feel, because I am the therapist

FLOWER: it’s on the painting I am painting this for Easter – I will call it The Promise.

HAIR (sassier)  My hair is fine. With an official document they told me I should put down: grey, because “it will always stay grey” – I sighed at the logic!
(sassiest) When we left, the officer had that crooked smile as if to say, “I won!”




(5). THE FUN-  sailing – as soon as there’s some wind – Harbor San Diego  Also for: Water World

Thanks for Hosting!
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31 thoughts on “WEEKEND EXPLORATIONS and Beyond

  1. Love the painting and the sweet picture of the horse with the kids. You didn’t climb that abandoned staircase just to check what was up there? (LOL … Brave enough to stand under it, I think!). I gave up on coloring my hair years ago. It is all white …nothing sassy about me I guess.


  2. OK I can’t stop laughing about that “Logic”. Seriously, usually they want you to use whatever color you hair looks…cause lets face it. A cop pulls you over, asks for your id….your id says Gray…but he’s looking at Red….it might give him a moment of pause…thinking to himself…”that can’t be right”. Love the images! That painting is beautiful!


    1. Mitzi, guess my logic just went the other way. I told him, When it says “grey” and they see my red hair, they’ll think “it’s not her!” Anyway – my family is very trendy. When I told them I was thinking about blue, they responded with, “Oh, cool.” But they did almost fell off their chair when I told them that I had a blog – go figure:)
      Apropos, your thumbnail link between Mon and Wed. for SEASONS is very much appreciated:):) Have a marvelous week!


  3. Very pretty shots. I took pictures for the Scavenger Hunt but did not get them edited or posted. That’s what this coming week is for – a two for. That painting is very pretty.

    I do like Lightroom for editing pictures and I now understand better about keywords and organizing. I refuse to do the cloud subscription so Lightrrom, On1, and some topaz Labs plug – ins are how I edit. On1 is where I can work in layers. My devekop presets are what I use for editing pictures and some brushes I have from other companies so that is why I was not pleased when they did not all transfer over. But I figured it out and I have them now.


  4. wonderful results of your ‘hunting’ … you are a great artist, loved that photo in particular

    Have a nice ABC-Wednesday-day / – week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (ABC-W-team)


  5. Another lovely collection of photos! “These espaliered trees and white blooming tree are like LACE” — Yes, that was the perfect phrase. Great captures 🙂


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