The story of this door, begins with my daughter’s birthday… Continue below


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Door of FATS restaur_4728

Warm Heart: Fats Restaurant Doors with a reflection in the window. There are two in the Sacramento area.
After my daughter and her hubby had seen a movie, they drove by here, “Let’s go to this restaurant.” Her hubby replied, “You know, now I’m old, I don’t like changes. Lets go to the one we always go to.”
Arriving at the other Fats my daughter had a shock,  when they were brought to the back area, because … a loud “happy birthday” rose up of at least 20 of her family and friends sitting there. It took her some minutes to compose herself. Her hubby proudly told later how he prevented her from wanting to go to the one posted here:):)







For St Paddy’s Day we will have this corned beef
for lunch or dinner, with sauerkraut or
cabbage wraps. What’s for dinner at your house?





Fieldsprep with Fence_1349
The fields close to Santa Barabara -prepped and ready to grow- Good Fences




It wasn’ t until I lived for a while in Southern California that I discovered how beautiful these flowers can be. In San Diego they have a society that has a yearly show and prizes for flowers of cacti.




Thanks to All the Hosts.

If you are looking for Sat. Critters or Six words Sat. I put them in the post Weekend Explorations!”

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27 thoughts on “THE STORY OF A DOOR

  1. I’m probably going to finish off the Mexican food I didn’t finish last night. 🙂 There’s only me tonight anyway. I’ll wear green today though. 🙂

    Surprise parties are fun! Nicely done S-i-L keeping it a secret, and pulling it off!


  2. We’re not having corned beef until the weekend as I just got home from work and have to leave for praise team practice shortly. I have to laugh at “Fats” as a restaurant name. There are “Potbelly” restaurants and that name doesn’t necessarily sound positive either. 🙂



  3. We used to live in Southern California and had lots of cacti to enjoy. Not so much now in Coastal BC, but we still take winter vacations to warm spots like Arizona in the spring.


  4. I loved the surprise birthday party story.

    For some reason it made me teary eyed.

    I would love to visit all the places you shared here.

    They all warm my heart in their own special ways.

    Thank you for linking.



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