A Random Mundane Scavenger

A tongue in cheek title after some of the memes of this post running till Wednesday. Am still experimenting with organizing my pics for the week, so I can have longer periods to paint!

Sunday night I’ll put up the post “SEASONS – Almost Spring” above this post. Link is open Mon-Wed. till 7pm, US Pacific time at the same time as I’m running this post

Any one can join the fun!
You do not have to hold to the suggested themes, but can do your own thing:)

SeasonsWidgetGrey&Sunset_4269 copy
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For Scavenger Hunt:
Something you wore (1)
Window & Red (2 & 3)
Loud (4) Fork (5)


1. SOMETHING  YOU WORE and The good – in Holland -workshop in Heerhugowaard  (1  1/2 hr. N. from Amsterdam)
In my work – yes, work, but is such fun:) -as an artist, I do not want to get paint on my clothes, so as  simple and as roomy as possible

For Randomosity
The Good (1)
The random ( 2)
The fun (6)



2. The random (2) and FOR Our World, Trees & Bushes & Tue Treasure  & Tue Travel
How old these bridges are depends on which neighborhood in Amsterdam this is. Most likely the first half of the previous century. One of the most fun things is to take a boat ride. You will see different periods of time in architecture, and the tour guide gives you a ton of info! Also, great for camera clicking;)
When venturing out with a rented car, be ready to pay 15 Euro per hr. for parking! Very lucky, to have good friends who drove us around with the Amsterdam fervor – double parking, etc. – I knew he had some excuses in mind if he would be caught.




3. For Nature Notes Kinda crazy – when we get our groceries half an hour away, the cherry trees are blooming, but at 3000 feet we had another dusting of snow earlier this week.



Window Frame_0724

4. WINDOW (2) & RED (3) – What a creative and idea! Just perfect (ABC Wed)
In a mosaic work shop I participated she came with an old  window fame – this was Audrey’s first mosaic ever with glassy(Tue) textures.



Mosaic Drillbit_0726

5. LOUD ( 4)  and for Mundane Monday If you think mosaics is for sissies, some handle a drill bit going through wood and stone to make their design!



Fork Pear Torte
6. A little FORK (5) for my pear torte and the fun (6)


Thanks to All the Hosts
Scavenger Hunt Randomosity Mundane Monday  *
Our world  *  Nature Notes Tue Treasure * Tue Texture Tue Travel  * Trees and Bushes *
ABC- Wed. – J  * Water world  * Outdoor Wed.  * Communal Global *


24 thoughts on “A Random Mundane Scavenger

  1. It’s funny, I went on a little drive yesterday to take pics of our Cherry Blossom trees that are in full bloom right now too! That Mosaic is gorgeous. It would seem like making something like that would be a lot of hard work.


  2. Always delightful to see your photos. I lover that beautiful mosaic and your pear torte looks delicious.. I am going to try to post with you on Monday. I appreciate your lovely photos and the words you share with each one. Thanks and enjoy your weekend


  3. I don’t blame you for wearing clothes that you don’t mind getting paint on for painting class-I would do the same. I like the design and colors of Audrey’s stain glass windows.

    The doughnut cookies came out very well. Soft and more dough than a regular cookie but still good. My kitty is about 8 months old and her breed is american bobtail. That breed is slower to mature, taking two to three years to reach maturity. She is very small for her age so she may be on the long end of maturing. She is not going to be a big cat as an adult-she is not yet 5 lbs.


  4. working with glass to make something beautiful is what my son and daughter in law do…. very much work, with very little details.. but so wonderful when ready

    Have a nice ABC-Wedneday-day / – week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (abc-w-team)


  5. I like the way you combined all those challenges into one post and travelling to a beautiful place. Mosaics looks lovely. Never knew one need to use a drill to make designs!


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