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Coffe & CleanBrushes_3270

My daily life in the kitchen. For some this may be an odd combination, but for me, it’s a common sight:) I imagine other worlds with my brushes. Can be messy, so after I’m done, I need clean brushes – to the point where the brush is falling off the handle (on the right) because the wood is so wet:) In my living room, the lipstick plant (below) draws all the attention!




Jackson Goldyellow Tower_1515 (2)

 My point was to capture the gold top of the tower in Jackson, CA … oops …
But oh, a barn door for Thursday to the rescue!


howto2 unwrapPresent_4409

Warm Heart: it’s long after December has gone, but don’t want to wait till the end of the year with this , because it’s priceless!
Three of my grands came on Christmas day afternoon with their parents, proudly dressed up in snow gear, because the day before snow had just fallen. The bag was too tight to get the present ( blanket) out.  Opa (Grandpa) had a great solution how to unwrap a present Just keep pulling, Peach!








Friday Hunt from Eden Hills
Start with K: Koi fish
Favorite: first pic with my brushes:)
Flower: Lipstick plant flowers

Seeing these Koi fish swim, I imagine what it would be like to live in the water.
Rainforest building Huntington Libr. Gardens Pasadena, CA



Just so you know this was really seen from my deck, I left the tops of these trees in:) Imagine what this looks like…

What you think of MY face’?
(Six Word Sat.)

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29 thoughts on “IMAGINE THAT

  1. That church in Jackson is wonderful. I photographed it in 2010. I haven’t looked at my images of it since I shot it! Thanks for the memories. I am going to head on over to my archives and look at the church.
    I really enjoyed the whole town. I did a photo-walk there, had lunch, and did a photo shoot at Preston Castle that day.

    Isn’t being a Grandparent wonderful! I’m loving it, and having a lot of fun being a Grandma. I hope I’m blessed with more than one Grandchild. Time will tell.

    Has Hubby’s schedule loosened up to go over the settings with you to shoot Hummingbirds?



  2. Hello, wonderful collection of images. I like your granddaughter with the present, the pretty flowers and the lovely sky shot. Happy skywatching, enjoy your weekend!


  3. Did not know about lipstick plants, but that is so cool! And thank you for letting me know about your seasons linky! I’m sorry I missed it this week due to much happening here. Are you hosting a regular linky up?


  4. Nice reflections with the koi! I also like the picture above it. Oh, I see a face in the cloud.
    I replied to your comment at my blog I hope it makes sense. 🙂


  5. You are hard on your brushes! Love the tug of war with the Christmas present. I’m sure that picture had a happy ending. That’s a beautiful blue sky from your deck.


  6. I like the textures of the old wooden barn – it’s a great contrast to the golden tower top!
    And mostly I like the green and the trees, so quiet and serene summer feeling (I can’t wait)
    Have a nice weekend


  7. Beautiful series of images. I do like the image with your brushes too. The church/barn image is lovely as well. Thank you so much for linking up to Friday’s Hunt.


  8. I love the lipstick plant, I have never heard of that plant.

    I always love pictures of old barns.

    In your cloud picture I see lips.


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