Am experimenting – don’t know if I give up my weekly story because of my new challenge/meme SEASONS (in the post coming Mon – Wed. *Seasons- March is On,* because even with perma links, the post on top gets all the comments!

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Friday Hunt
of Teresa – Eden Hills
Start with J – Joy
Favorite: Hutong Beijing (below)
A cuppa: a cup of joy


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A CUPPA JOY – from cell phone – with permission

kerktorenUP 307


Scavenger Hunt UP – a church tower in Amsterdam
The blue sign underneath the clock is the shield of Armor of this city.


FRUIT- & THE GOOD: didn’t know until an art friend gave  me a bag of persimmons as a thank you for coaching her in her art endeavor – delicious!












NEIGHBORHOOD- & THE RANDOM: a normal residential neighborhood called a hutong, in Beijing. These are not poor people who live in a one room house, and a bath house for the whole neighborhood. They have normal jobs. No wonder the peope in the West are seen as  rich. (Tue Treasures, Tue Travel, Tue Texture)


When you are in the middle, you have to do”something” to attract your 3 (grand) sisters’ attention!


Thanks to All the Hosts!

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15 thoughts on “From the HUNTS to WEDNESDAY

  1. what a sweet tea party! love that church! just beautiful! and yes, it is all about perspective… when seen like that, we can appreciate how well off we really are! have a beautiful weekend! (and thank you for your kind comments on my blog)


  2. The two boys are so nice brothers; one playing house with his sister and the other trying to make his sisters smile. I like persimmons very much. I’m puzzled with the neighborhood photo, the meaning of “middle class” might be different. Thank you for your visit and a lovely comment.



  3. i have visited this blog for the 2nd time this week, i think you were sharing fencing the last time i was here? i think? i could be wrong. i will admit the 1st time here i didn’t understand the commenting process, it is very confusing for me, i scrolled up and down, over and under … only the 2nd time here did i see the about clicking the post title, but i figured it out this time. thank you for joining us at InSPIREd Sunday this week, you are more than welcome any time. please show up again soon. we love every one sharing from around the world. so fun!! i love the spire details. that is awesome amazing!! ( :


  4. Great perspective on life when we get to see how others live. I’ve never tried persimmons, but I think it would be good. Adorable shot of the kids having a tea party. Thanks so much for joining in. I do think people miss out on posts when you like the blog rather than a specific post to the linky parties. I had to scroll back to find this one. If you link just the post, it makes commenting easier too because the comment form is right there at the bottom, and you don’t have to click on the comment button.


    1. Thanks for trying to help me. I have tried what you said, about linking to the post, but it seems to give some people on blogspot a problem (and most of the people who keep in contact with me are from blogspot), so then I have to keep track on whose blog I can do it with, and whose not.
      On another note, posting several things at once,will only last for a few months – hopefully my new meme will by that time be more established, because I have a very big painting project I need to be starting on – that will shrink my energy here big time!


  5. Love that photo of your Joy pouring drinks. I like that she wore her tiara.
    Persimmons, yum! We had a large crop from our tree this year. We began eating them in October so no more for us. 🙂


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