Do you know the game “Simon says…” (it’s a follow the leader game)? It’s not how we raised our children. More the opposite- encouraging their own opinion, and going by their own desires instead of giving in to peer pressure.

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The GOOD: Last Thursday after he emailed, sorry we can’t Skype tonight, because no internet yet- a photo on FB – “I have a new internship and a new home”- about 63 likes. Perks of an internat. university (an internship and dissertation for a BA degree – what?). He’ s not even 33, and this will be the 4th country he’ll be living in.


HubbySontoCastle487 copy

WARM HEART: He’s turning out being our traveling buddy. When we went to China we flew together to 4 cities, since he speaks Chinese and we don’t! Visiting  Holland, he traveled with us for 10 days. He is so easy to travel with!
THE RANDOM: Common in Holland, sun with a lingering fog. On our walk to the castle


THE FUN : On the bridge to this castle -originated in the 13oo-s.
(Tue Texture, Tue Treasures)


Tower Muiderslot493

They were doing a major remodel on the castle, so only this view.But the gardens were gorgeous and lush greens. Several people took a walk there in the middle of the week.
Wikipedia has some nice pics from the outside of the building (Tue Travel)


Peach roses179






Sadlly this door from the church in Wijk by Duurstede (center of the Netherlands)
looks pretty dilapidated, but had to include the reflection in the window:)




Fence for Bike racks



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in the post March is On!


Am so jazzed that several participants have introduced SEASONS on their own blog – thank you for your friendship! Some like to use a button. If so, drag this image off the side bar

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Thanks to all the hosts!
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31 thoughts on “GOING THE DISTANCE (Weekly Post)

  1. The best kind of traveling companion 🙂 Lovely Jesh! Great photos and I also love those roses. Thanks for sharing them again, do appreciate you being there at TF 🙂 I will come back for the link up. I don’t see it right now so perhaps I am a bit early. It says it will be open in 16 hours.


  2. ahhh found it 😉

    I recognize the churchdoor in WIjk bij Duurstede 😉

    Have a nice ABC-Wednes-day / – week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (abc-w-team)


  3. Sounds like your son is well accomplished. It’s great you get to travel together. The castle looks cool and the color of that rose is gorgeous. Lots of bikes there and good fences to chain them up too.


  4. traveling with adult children (or adult grandchildren in my case) is the best treat ever. They’re old enough to enjoy and appreciate the art, history, landscape and wonder around them. Traveling with my children when they were young was fun, but a whole different experience.


    1. This is a daily affair in Holland – I think close to a university…it’s because you can’t get through the city (most cities)anymore with the car, and parking is sky high (I think 5 Euro an hour)

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  5. Jesh, what a wonderful adventure he (and you as well) is having, all those countries…I love the idea of ground fog and sunlight together…these are great photos, too…


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