My Favorite College Town

Am so excited to start this meme/challenge SEASONS  – every week on Monday through Wed. Morning. 9 am.
Join me in the fun of sharing how your season progresses and leave a thumbnail pic of he good (or beautiful), the bad or the ugly in your season – one pic of whatever you like to share. For this week, just grab a pic from your archives.

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Wished I could have gone to college here! But no:)  On the way to Santa Barbara – gorgeous, but often foggy here until late in the morning
(ABC Wed.-G, Water World)



In Memory of Tina, EG Camera Girl. May she and her husband Tom see these kind of views and be in a better world.

my favorite drive  up to Santa Barbara- so scenic!
FRI HUNT: Begin with I and something Blue: The iridescent and blue water
& weeks favorite (pic: ) the one with the palms)



GatewyFenceSantaBarb_4287Pretty Gate, white plastered Fence & Stairs –  every step has different decorative tiles

Warm Heart: to all the people who helped me in so many ways to make my college time easier, especially graduate school. You had in turn an effect on all the people I could help after my training. Cannot thank you enough!

THE RANDOM:  Almost looks like a rose, eh? But …it’s a Camellia:)


Balcony doors down town




not all gone to the dogs!
(Six Words Sat. )

A thank you to All the Hosts!
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48 thoughts on “My Favorite College Town

  1. I love all the details in these photos. The gate is simply gorgeous and I love the tiles on the steps. I have never been to California, and probably won’t ever get there..but I do enjoy seeing the sights. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Thanks for commenting – my pics don’t do justice to the beauty here! Join my new meme – anything during the season, goes. Between now and Wed. 9 am (pacific time) you can link up – underneath my weekly post! Thank you:)


  2. Oh those beagles! They make me smile. I walk my neighbor’s beagle from time to time and have a new appreciation for how much work that can be. Harley, the one I walk, is constantly nose to the ground chasing a scent. It’s hard to get him to move when he is one the path to some smell.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ah yes, the lovely Camellia flower…how closely it resembles the rose. We have white ones and pink ones around our home and each and every season they bloom, they call out to me. Awesome door and lovely pups!


    1. Have been trying to get to your blog, but it keeps sending me the message your blog isn’t there anymore – even when I type in your URL-so I’ll send you an email! Thanks for your kind comments:)


    1. This post is full of things I love!
      Santa Barbara, Beagles, Iron gates and Talavera tiles…so much goodness.
      I am planning to visit a Talavera tile outlet while in San Diego this weekend maybe it will result in some photos if not a box of mismatched tiles!


      1. Ooh, I would like to visit Talavera in San Diego (whenever we’re in South. CA we try to visit San Diego – our fave hang out city!) – where is that outlet store?


    1. Sorry Linda, it has been kind of crazy at my place.
      Also, I started a new photo challenge (meme, as they call it on Blogspot) about the Seasons (now every week Mon. -Wed. 9 am pacific time). so, today I was linking from 2 posts at the same time (My favorite college town AND the Lion and Lamb of the Seasons). That may have been the problem!
      orry, am not as good anymore as I used to in multi-tasking! Hopefully I will have it all straightened out next Monday.
      I appreciate you telling me about it – I didn’t know since I did get a comment back from Tamar. Again, sorry, and hope the rest of your week will go smoother:)


  4. LOL, I had to laugh when I saw your comment about the camellia, Jesh! When I was a little boy, I used to tell my mother that “I liked those roses without thorns”… Even then I was a budding horticulturalist.
    Many thanks for taking part in the Floral Friday Fotos meme.


  5. I would’ve have liked going to Santa Barbara, too. It’s a beautiful city. Have you read the Sue Grafton “ABC series”? She sets her story in a mythical place that I think of as being Santa Barbara.


  6. Beautiful photos, and so nice to to see the camellia. Here in Norway they do not grow outdoors, so I grow them in my cellar during the winter.

    Have a nice weekend!


  7. We loved Santa Barbara when we visited there several years ago! Lovely post, Jesh.
    Thanks for taking part in the Travel Tuesday meme, hope to see you again there this week!


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