Excited to start the first of the SEASONS meme./challenge. This link will be open Mon -Tue- Wed. ( till 8 am, Pacific time!) every week. Haven’t figured out yet how to do my own weekly post for these days, so to the hosts of the memes of Monday thru Wed., please bear with me for this week! Thank you!

 Read “the Rules” because you can include more than you might think!
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The RULES – more like suggestions, except for 2nd and 3rd bullet point

  • Seasons, are not only about weather conditions, but also feasts, food, traditions, graduations , vacation time, etc.
    One way to take this is (if you don’t have any inspiration) is to do
    *the good, the bad, and the ugly
    *how a season has progressed for you, for example :March coming in as a lamb, and going out like a lion”
    *in March is Lent and Easter
  • one pic is enough and does not need to be in a separate post
    * but please link directly to the post of the thumbnail pic
  • you may use your pic also for other memes, as long as you do not advertise your meme/challenge on Seasons.


Bare ness Branches10Januar 071

THE GOOD: Love the bareness of winter
essentials is where it ultimately comes down to
(Tue Texture  *   Trees & Bushes * Nature Notes  *  )


Roasted BrusslesSprouts_4820

This year it has been several times below zero! Am Gravitating  to more of the comfort food, like Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Bacon and the Dutch boiled potatoes. Didn’t like these sprouts until my daughter roasted them in the grease of  the bacon, with garlic! The potatoes are tongue-in-cheek. Supposedly the sprouts are from Brussels, the fries seem to be French, the chocolate Belgian, the sweet rolls are Danish, the tulips are Dutch …(not originally!)
(ABC Wed – G* Randomosity )



THE FUND : California – when it snows, it often is not much:)
(Our World   * Tue. Treasures * Mundane Monday * )

Noticed that your thumbnail pics are turning out smaller than I wanted, so I’ll make them larger next week!

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  1. Hello, lovely post and images. I have found that roasted brussel sprouts are the best. I love the bare tree, but I am ready for spring now. I will try linking up to your meme next time. Thanks. Have a happy day!


  2. Trees in winter are so different but fun because you get to see their structure.That food looks good. Not many in my fly like Brussel sprouts so we don’t have them often but I like them.
    Snow in CA is rare in places, that was a pretty wintery scene.
    I joined in today with a Seasonal Quote on my photo. This is going to be fun.


  3. the food you present… is regularly on our plates, not that strange beeing Dutch 😉
    Maybe a little tip… brussels sproutes taste even better if you put soms coffeecream in the water while you cook them

    Have a nice ABC-Day // – week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (abc-w-team)


    1. Just answered my own question on the Linky site. If you want to save them, you have to export the file. That is why I like Mr. Linky. I have saved 6 years of widget links there and can edit easily.. You can delete these comments as they don’t address your post,,,,Michelle


      1. when these memes first started,,,I joined in 2008, the meme owners had a set of rules and there was only one post per meme and you couldn’t use a single post for multiple memes. There had to be a link directly to the post and back to the meme. If you didn’t not do that some owners removed your links. I never did that with Nature Notes… I have almost 1000 meme posts since 2008 not including Nature Notes or Thinking Green (now gone).. that is a lot of individual meme posts.. LOL… Michelle


      2. Am sure glad times have changed, Michelle! I would be in big trouble with my weekly posts:) Thanks for wanting to help me and showing your friendship this way – I really appreciate it!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. That’s why doing the memes took so much time, but it was early in my blogging and I met a lot of bloggers that way. It was also expected that you visit every other link which I did and that took time. But yes things have changed. Happy to help if I can. Still learning my new Macbook. It is a learning curve from my old PC.. 🙂


      4. During my psy. training I learned Apple because they had them in the computer lab, and I like it better than Dell – it’s only the cost that refrains hubby!


      5. From what I read, if you want to save the links for yourself for the future, you have to export the list to your computer. I don’t think you would want to save them on your hard drive, but it does allow you to.


    2. Haven’t got that far yet – I sighed of relief when the Linky List appeared on Monday morning – because I’m a first grader in these kind of things (rolling my eyes)! On second thought, I saw something on how to delete a link …but really didn’t read it thoroughly …


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