“Short” is tongue in cheek, but at the end you’ll understand

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We go over this bridge to Early Toast


Veggie Crepe_4713

THE RANDOM: The service has been excellent every time. I had a veggie crepe with hash browns. After this brunch, saw the flowers outside, sauntering through mid town historic Jackson (Gold Rush) and saw the sunset on the way home (Jo’s Walk) – just a short diversion  in a busy week

Irish Coffee_4715

While eating our crepes, I thought we could order Irish Coffee
and three times Irish it was!
Hubby’s eyes got real big, and asked for a normal coffee to blend it in
since he had to drive



Annivrsary breakfast_4718


THE FUN: Taken by our waitress. Had my camera on automatic. Am glad her waitress-ing is better than picture taking….
Spent some time with this pic in photoshop

Warm Heart: the clincher about our marriage is that when we announced the wedding, everyone was vehemently against it (some for the most lame reasons), because it was the 70ties and marrying another race was just a very bad idea, now I can say, “Really!”


Mail Boxes 113

In that time it took 3 1/2 years to work this out, so this is to all the letters we wrote each other, he in Berlin, I in the Hague before we could tie the knot. (Tue Treasure)

For Fri. Hunt:


Begin with H:  Happy to Negotiate. With hands covered in dust – “If you don’t take it, I will!”- a 30 lb. soapstone (like alabaster). Went from the Netherlands back with this one in my backpack back to Los Angeles, and another heavier in our luggage:). No problem at customs in either country, when I told them how much I saved in Holland-  happy:)
Family:  of Artists – my sister substitute:)
Most Favorite (pic): hubby & I











Door TreasureMercentile_1516 (2)

Treasure Mercantile has a simple white shop door, but the building has the colors and architectural
style I like (Mundane Monday). We’re here in the Gold Rush(1849) area that made “the Californian dream” famous.


Sunset 2 Trees_3655

Forty four years ago seems like the day before yesterday

That’s when we tied the knot
(Six words Sat.)

just a short diversion!


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64 thoughts on “A SHORT DIVERSION

  1. Happy Anniversary and best wishes for many more!
    Though I haven’t been married as long as y’all have, I can understand what you mean.
    Even in the current times, there is, unfortunately, non-acceptance of the union of two hearts.

    On a lighter note, your food photo was terrific and it made me hungry.

    Have a Beautiful Day!!
    Peace 🙂


  2. I wish now I’d found those extra few minutes on Saturday! Congratulations to you both 🙂 I could easily have helped your husband with the Irish Coffee. Many thanks for slipping me a mention. 🙂 Happy ‘walking’!


  3. A long marriage is a treasure for sure. Good for the two of you! It’s nice to see a photo of you. Visiting from ABC and tuesday treasures. Thanks for your visit, I appreciate it! Have a beautiful week.


    1. Oh my head is spinning from all your cool photography! Crepes, oh my goodness, love them a lot! The anniversary, woo hoo, awesome accomplishment and especially when others were against this! Goodness, I am so happy I was raised in such a good environment, I never looked at anyone differently. The 60;s and 70’s were interesting times but I will never understand any type of prejudice. Those mail boxes are so neat! I could just go over all your photos all day long! Beautiful shares. The photo of you two is sweet even if your waitress was not a super photographer like you! You really take wonderful shots and capture some of the best things. Happy anniversary to you and your love. I think you make a perfect couple. Amazing how we stick by each other through the years. Have a terrific week and thank you for always sharing your beautiful talent here. Hugs, Anne


  4. It was fun to see the two of you together even if it wasn’t the best picture. You can’t expect a girl to be a professional in two careers ;>)! Happy Anniversary; it is so pretty around where you live and the Irish Coffee looks wonderful (I haven’t had one of those in wayyyy too long).


  5. I too am in a mixed ethnicity marriage. We have been married thirteen years. After I was engaged a friend told me that I should really consider my decision because “all bi-racial children are ugly.” Needless to say she was not invited to our wedding nor did I pursue that friendship any longer.

    Congratulations on your 44 years of marriage. And gorgeous pictures too!


      1. If you go to my blog’s homepage http://thetonyfiles.com & click on the link symbol when you hover over an image that takes you to the actual post with the comments below. Clicking on the eye symbol, post title or image only enlarges the photo. I’ve never thought of it before but I guess it can be a bit confusing. Maybe I need a more user friendly theme


  6. Happy Anniversary. It seems we share the day if not the year. 10 years apart. Many more to you. My husband once carried a 30lb gargoyle cross country on a variety of flights for me. Because of course I couldn’t find one I liked for our house in New Jersey. I found it on Vancouver Island in Canada. Love manifests in wonderful ways.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Happy Anniversary and may you have many more. My parents just celebrated their 61st . Your photos are beautiful and your breakfast I could eat right now. Thanks for sharing your life.


  8. Happy Anniversary! Wow, so many years and you look so happy. I have finally had time to catch up with your posts…you two are so humble…you did not even mention anything the other day. 🙂
    Thanks so for sharing some of those years with us. I LOVE the picture of the bridges…so peaceful.
    Have a beautiful day.


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