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Now my weekend post

This reminds me on the time that I would stretch the weekend to the last minute
like these birds in hubby’s pic enjoy the last rays of sun.

As promised some info about joining the meme SEASONS on Mon-Tuesday Feb.22 to 24.
Hope I’ll get it together by then. Need to work out the link, but after a few day Inlinkz has not answered me. Yet Linky Tools gave a response after 15 min.! If worse comes to worst, you can put your perma link in your comment to me  (which I will explain at the first link up. For Blogspot-ers, this has no effect on my WordPress blog. Actually some memes/challenges are run this way at WordPress)



Valentine inspires me. The real Valentine, that is.

Am working on a pastel I started at the end of November. A combination of three views, two of Anita who gave her gracious permission to use her blog photos.
Initially, I just wanted to paint a landscape with a sunburst in a foggy forest with birches.
Then had wonderings why I added the house … until it came to me that some have left the passion the real Valentine had. His love for the Irish people eventually caused his death.  Yet, his life so worth living since he saved so many.

A slice of the painting I severely SOFTENED reducing the look of the cross hatch technique in Photo shop, because my camera shows every stroke. Am only half way done!



BirchProc Forest

Somewhere deep in the forest
almost untracable
the seasons withered the flowers
the wind scattered its petals
creepers and crawlers invaded the carved out windows of the soul
where to find Valentine’s passion back
the true you

the things that were abandoned
too hard to carry
let not your mind speak
or your excuses
your soul
find your passion back

Valentine left his own
to give foreigners
a better life
for he heard
I am everything you hoped for
I am everything you could ever imagine
I am everything you could ever dream of
Not only do I know everything on any level,
there is no end to my Love
I AM far beyond any wish you could think of,
far beyond any fulfillment of any wish

(Six Words Sat.)


Have a special day on Valentine’s Day!

Thanks to All the Hosts
Sky Watch * Maleviks Rosen  *  Pink Saturday  *  Six Word Sat.  *  Sat. SilhouetteSat. Critters *


19 thoughts on “WEEKEND OF VALENTINE

  1. Hello, I love the shot with the birds and pretty sky. Lovely sketch and poem. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Sunday, enjoy your new week ahead!


  2. I commented this post earlier (on Friday or Saturday I don’t remember exactly when) but when I posted my comment, the post was gone. You were probably working on it. So now I will try again. I’m so glad that you are showing your painting and I must say I’m proud to have contributed to it. It is lovely! And I love the last picture of the pink flower with the shape of a heart.

    Have a lovely week!


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