Tiny details can make big impact! Even the size of this post is “smaller,” because of Valentine’s weekend, which I will post on Sat.,  as well as the memes/challenges of Sat.
By then I’ll have more info. for you to join me what experiences you’re having in the Season(s).  Am Excited – it’s a subject I like, and varied enough you can give your own twist on it.

The Good: Acorn coming from the Black California Oak. I picked this up in our back yard  last Fall.

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PutShoes On_0664

The Random:
The adult version of a small detail: when there’s red muddy soil all year around, put your shoes on, Peach

For Warm Heart: this little girl LOVES pink. While I was knitting on her sister’s blanket in the summer, which is the lavender one below, she looked at me with big eyes and convinced with the most serious voice, “But I get cold and lavender is my most favorite color too!” When I told her mom, we both burst out laughing:)


Back of purple Blanket_4155

The Fun: this is Mackenzie’s blanket finished in December – like the back of her knitted sister’s blanket even more
than the front.
Free pattern of – For Tue Texture

New Kitchen Lights

New Glorious kitchen lights hubs put in since the sound of the old fluorescent light in the middle gave me headaches.
(Start with G) – The Gaping squared hole has meanwhile disappeared!
Most Favorite – my Grand daughter Peach – your comments and moi too:)
For Fri Photo Hunt from Eden Hills (By the way, that’s one of my24 x 24 inch paintings on the top wall)








Tiny Flowers in the pond with faint Reflections of the Chinese Garden in the Huntington Library Gardens, Pasadena, CA









This Door of the Bridge Keeper’s house in Muiden (Holland)  – we saw in the Spring in the town of the castle Muider-
slot.” It’s smaller than normal. Also a Fence on left and right. The bridge keeper’s job was to open the bridge for boats who came by, and bring it back down afterward. This bridge is not in use anymore and is as the keeper’s house considered old.
(Tue Treasure, Trees and bushes, Tue Travel, Good Fences, Thurs. Door)
PathRed in sky_2654















Which DETAILS do you cling to?
Thanks to all the Hosts!
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48 thoughts on “LITTLE DETAILS IN LIFE

  1. The acorn photo has such clarity and beauty! And the small little house reminds me of the tiny houses show my spouse watches! However – this strong and well built brick house is extra cool – and three Windows -also – the black trim adds so much – so I guess those are details I liked most! Hope u have a nice day Jesh 💚💜💜


  2. That lovely acorn and shallow depth of field, your beautiful ballerina in pink, your story about her pleading for her own blanket, the little Bridge Keeper’s house- so cute, and that door would be perfect on Norm 2.0’s Thursday Doors!


    1. You are kind:) Coming back to yesterday’s chat. Whenever you have a brave day, buy the primary colors lemon yellow, red, ultramarine blue, sap green plus titanium white and black or Payne Grey, and two inexpensive brushes (Winton and Princeton for oil are easy to handle) at Michaels, and some (not too small) canvas, and experiment! Choose a subject with not too much detail. Remember, you just paint over your “mistake.” If it’s a larger surface, I wait a day (or two, depending how warm the weather is) Ten times – no problem!
      Ask me any question, am happy to help get you addicted to the oil medium:) Have a great week!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. LOL! You’re funny! Want company in your boat? 🙂 Do you have to use a Gesso sealer or layer before painting with oils? Are acrylics the same thing as oils? See I know nothing about oils and canvas!


  3. I love the little Bridgekeepers house and the acorn too. Lovely post. We have California Live Oaks here in inland Southern California, the kind with longer pointy acorns and stabby leaves, I love them though. The Black Oaks and their fat acorns are ever so attractive!


  4. That sweet little girl needs a pink blanket! I’m sure by the time it’s done she’ll be back to having pink as her favorite color. By the way, blue is my favorite color. 🙂


  5. for you to join me what experiences you’re having in the Season ( s ).  Am E xcited – it’s a subject I like, and varied enough you can give your own twist on it. Where such information?


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