For a long time I wanted to do this Scavenger Hunt, and this is the perfect time, because can’t drive the car, because of a leak and has to go in the shop – so, I’m home bound for a few days!

Dual or Two

Without a story to tie them together! Drop your jaw …without a story?

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Frosty and Rocky_3445

Frosty and Rocky






Soft and Folded
knitting a scarf for my oldest daughter




Two Candies2696


Dual or Two
for an occasional sweet tooth

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15 thoughts on “SCAVENGER HUNT on SUNDAY

  1. I came by for Warm Heart Wednesday, but I couldn’t find the post. It’s probably the post before this one, but I don’t know how to go back to a previous post on your blog. Sorry.


  2. Can’t believe that you were able to complete the hunt with just 3 pics! 🙂 Love the scarf…the color is so vibrant and the yarn looks so soft….
    Have a beautiful day!


  3. Very nice!
    Oddly enough, we recently did a “city” scavenger hunt in Laguna Beach. It involved a couple of miles of walking to find obscures things around town. It was fun.


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