Am thinking about a weekly link for you to join me in 2 or 3 weeks on Mon. or Thurs.? in a meme of SEASONS. Anything seasonal: landscapes, food, weather, festivals or feasts, clothes, animals, etc.. Would  that be to your interest? Let me know. My second choice would be Water (so that includes snow and fog)


BranchinSnow 109

See that orange stick on left bottom? If you look closely, there’s a hole next to it. One funny day we were roaming around here, and I suddenly sank in the snow to my hips. Fortunately hubby was close, because I couldn’t pull myself out! All we could figure out later is that there may have been an pocket of air underneath the surface.

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Fence Son in blue_3472

THE GOOD: On the far right, the little boy has grown to 6’4″ more than 20 years later
from pic below. Love the different textures of dry wood  (Tue Texture)
On left, one of the many fences in Yosemite Nat. Park




THE FUN: Non-digital (Big Bear Lake) two of my 3 imaginative kids (Approx 20 years ago) – always cooking up something

WARM HEART: in the days of graduate school, when stress was super high and funds super low, a paraplegic lawyer and his family, customers of hubby, let us use their two story cabin in Big Bear Lake at 9000 feet several years for free!
I could regroup in winter vacation for the Spring semester.
My kids loved the snow, and this is where I took up painting back up again, after more than 20 years.



Snow RlefectionYose 101

THE RANDOM & Mundane Monday
Stark beauty in Northern Yosemite Nat. Park and
below the old door of a shed in Lucca, Italy For Tue Travel



Door GreenShed_1828



Cherry Bloom_0249

At the same time, not quite 4 1/2 hours S. from Yosemite, along the 5 Freeway several cherry orchards begin to bloom between end of January and mid February.
For Eden Hill’s Friday Hunt: Begin with F – Flower
Favorite of the week: Mine: the first pic –  Your count up till now: snow pics & flower
Negative Space: am taking the interpretation of an artist: everything that is not the subject: that would be the birds’ sky



Birds Yosemite_3376

Chatting birds in W.-Yosemite Nat. Park

Are you sure  Spring is asleep?
(Six Words Sat.)

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48 thoughts on “SPRING IS NOT AWAKE YET

    1. Eh … I guess so, yesterday night we had some snow again (but …Fiona, it’s not supposed to happen in California!! Sigh, I have been too long -3 decades – in Southern California – a different world, as I’m discovering now 7 hrs. North!


  1. I think we have skipped winter altogether other than a couple of days. I have daffodils, crocus and snowdrops all flowering at the same time! The snowy pictures are wonderful and must evoke those lifelong memories of family holidays. Your photos of Yosemite make me want to get on a flight across the pond and see it all for myself.


  2. Hello, cute shot of your kiddies. I love the pretty spring blossoms. I am hoping for some warmer weather here, an early spring would be nice. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!


  3. wonderful photo’s… the door seems very old… and no longer in use

    Have a nice abc-day / – week
    ♫ M e l o d y ♫ (abc-w-team)


  4. Love that old door in Lucca – brings back good memories of my time in Italy. Went to Lucca, too! Loved it there.

    abcw team


  5. Lovely old door for the letter D and then you have some Treasures, too. My family spent some good times in Big Bear growing up and in Yosemite. Have a good week!


  6. Sounds like a fun meme. Very lucky you had someone to help you get out of the hole. Beautiful spring-like images this week. We’ve been warm and then a snowstorm followed by cold and then warm. The weather here is crazy. It makes for a lot of mud.


  7. It felt like spring today here with a temp of 60, but it will be winter by the end of the week again… I am going through my blog of the past nine years and I have almost 1000 posts for memes over the years not including Nature Notes.. Then it was one post per meme and not more than that and you visited everyone who linked in and that took a lot of time so I don’t do them as the rules changed and not many people visit even on my small meme…You will have to use Mr. Linky for your links on this WP blog… Michelle


  8. Delightful shots, Jesh. Those blossoms are just wonderful.
    Thank you for joining us in Floral Friday Fotos last week!
    (PS: “Seasonal” is a good meme – there are several “water” memes around already)


  9. New memes are always fun. Seasonal is good because that gives you a wide variety to choose from. I like the water idea though too so either is fine by me.
    Very enjoyable post here today. Fun to see your kiddos – They do grow up quickly don’t they. – Nice fence shot & boy that would have been scary sinking into that snow bank. Pretty blooms on the tree – It will be awhile here yet before we see blooming trees.


  10. Stunning photos, as always. I love it when people are kind enough to share their vacation homes with others. Not everyone can afford them, and it’s such a kind gift, especially to young people. It’s neat that you got back to your art there. =)


  11. Your new meme sounds interesting Jesh, yes definitely interested. The fact that you fell in a hole of snow and couldn’t get out took my breath away. I am so glad your husband was there to help you out, and that you could find it amusing afterwards. I also have a little boy who grew to 6’4 at the present time. How time flies when our little boys grow into men? Cute photos of two of your kids with the snowman. How very kind of your husband’s customer to let you all have the use of the cabin. It looks perfectly idyllic and a good place to start painting again. The cherry blossoms are gorgeous! All super photos and I thank you so much for once again sharing with Today’s Flowers. Happy Weekend to you.


  12. Hi! I came back to visit for HPS! I was rereading your post and the place at Big Bear. How fun! Our oldest son has a friend and his grandparents own this beautiful three bedroom condo at Vail, Colorado. They let us stay there for free and let me tell you, sitting on the patio in the warmer weather having coffee or tea on the golf course, heavenly. It is a beautiful place and close to so many activities that don’t cost a thing, hiking biking, photography. It is good to have those wonderful friends. My pinkey is healing and so is my little grandboy Jayden. It seems like there is always so much going on in our lives. I so love my visits here and all the beautiful photos. It is always my pleasure to be here and say hello. Have a beautiful weekend. Hugs, Anne


  13. Hey there!
    Good thing you weren’t alone when you fell into the hole. You might still be there!
    Lot’s of great photos here! Keep that snow coming up there. We need the water down here.


  14. Yosemite is a very special place indeed and you have some delightful shots there, Jesh!
    Many thanks for participating in the Travel Tuesday meme, don;t forget to link up again this week!


  15. I finally made it! I hope I can remember how I did it. 🙂 Seasons sounds interesting, but I’m lucky to get a post up once a week with Jenny. It sounds interesting and I might try and jump in once in a while.

    Wow…that little boy grew up. I bet that winter break was a lot of fun. How nice that you got to use the place for free.

    I can’t imagine falling through the snow into that hole.

    See you in a couple of days!


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