In the city most things are “in your face” with defined colors and boundaries. On the country side often things are more subtle or more hidden. People are friendlier in general, and wave or greet when they pass. That does not mean they’re naive. They are very observant, and not afraid to tell you their opinion. Still after one and a half year living in this area, I discover new things. They’re worth “a second look.”

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Bar in Dry Town_4479

THE GOOD: & Tuesday Treasure
Whenever we drive by this bar I smile for two reasons – it’s the most crooked building I’ve seen (am exaggerating), as well as the irony of a bar in Dry Town (there was a time that certain counties were “dry” – meaning no alcohol sold).




THE RANDOM: Try not to give the deer a second look, so they don’t run away, but it’s hard to ignore bambi!

Start with D: Deer
Weeks Favorite:  My favorite was the Drytown Club
Beautiful: Camellia or Bones of a Tree
The Camellia below blooms in California in these first months. Plenty of looks here:)



Camellia PinkPeach_0566



Brown WhiteRocksSilverLake2474

THE FUN: (Tue Texture and Tue Travel) Textural such contrasts, the rough surface of the bottom and the smooth feeling of the water and the grass.

Spending a Sunday at Silver lake, an hour higher up in the mountains, I first only saw the brown stones in front of me, but giving it a second look these intensely white rocks further up!



Two Business doors_4026

Two business doors hidden halfway behind a fence


BareTree LowFence_0190














In Spring everything is a beautiful soft green, but in winter, the bones of the trees make their characteristics and individualistic nature visible – it keeps my camera clicking. and smiling, thinking of never getting enough of drawing trees in my teens (For Warm Heart)

For: Fence, Sky


A Second Look Deserves Much Attention
(Six Words Saturday)


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61 thoughts on “A SECOND LOOK

  1. The double doors are cool – but the tiles leading down to them really have that desert or California essence – also / how cool that Bambi visits your area – ❤️❤️❤️❤️


  2. love it that you captured the character of this old building. I’m not sure where you live in California but it sure provides some great photo ops!


  3. ahhhh in a kind of meltdown after seeing that deer-photo…. how precious that animal is….

    Had to look a second time to notice how you’d filled in this weeks letter…. totaly forgot with my mind at the deer 😉

    Have a nice abc-day/-week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ <abc-w-team)


  4. Love the “dry” bar, beautiful Bambi, the business doors, and the bones of the tree. I find it amazing when I see trees well over a hundred years old that are so statuesque – bold looking down at us so young!

    abcw team


  5. What an absolutely gorgeous set of photos! That bambi is absolutely perfect. You’ve made me want to head out and hit a back road to see what we have like that around here.

    I host a Photo Friday link-up each week – I’d love it if you considered joining us 😉


  6. Lovely photos Jesh, I always enjoy visiting to see what you have to share. To make it a little more convenient for friends of Today’s Flowers, I am adding a link when I visit those who have participated before, just to make it a little easier. Thanks for being such a good friend to our meme. It is snowing here, going to be a blizzard they tell me so I am battening down the hatches along with the rest of us.



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