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PinkFlowerWhite heart_0611


As some have hinted at, after the busy and crazy days of the December celebrations,
I too feel the need for contemplation. See where I stand; if my heart is really as white as I think it is. THE GOOD










More than chatting about it with others, I like to gaze at the reflections and see how much my introspection meets up with reality. THE RANDOM



journal WhiteCover_4912

What do I want to happen this year? One of the ways I like to discover this, is to journal.
and read the journal of last year …
Wished I had bought a few of these in Lucca, Italy. I have an Affinity for handmade paper !
THE FUN – Tue Texture – Tue Travel




The Poet_4593

The painting process: originally inspired by a poet who was in the art group (So. Calif). Somehow she stood out to me. In a dream I once saw pieces of paper flying out like this. The size of the feather and the angel looking on, symbolizes the unmistakable inspiration of the Holy Spirit in her work, who gave her an open door.
(Oil 24 x 24 inch, © St Germain) Remember copy right!


WARM HEART: when I had Pink Eye last week, as well as a cold, and a slight burn on my hand, hubby started cooking and doing the dishes, chased me out of the kitchen. ‘t Was nice not to have to worry about having to work around the contagious pink eye and cold!


With this painting I imagine  the possibilities


Door Grachtenhuis277

Doors opening
(16-17th century houses along the canals in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
for Tue. Treasures)



Horse Norco Fence 078

Dream of  horses and hills behind the fence

hubby’s first photo trip assignments
this horse was far from Aloof!



Sky Clouds Hills_1283

By all means, don’t let your circumstances minimize or dismiss big dreams. The sky is the limit!

Travel in my mind above clouds
(Six Words Sat.)

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52 thoughts on “DREAM BIG

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog @outandaboutglobal. We are not from Utah, but we attended BYU and now our daughter is there, so Utah ends up being a landing place for us. We love Southern Utah, it is so beautiful!


  2. Loved my visit to your blog. Enjoyed all of your pictures, but the shot of the Italian journal reminded me of my trip to Florence where I went into a handmade paper shop. My daughter was upset with me buying so many papers because we were going to have to get them home. I have used them to cover journals and they are wonderful. This design is especially nice. And your past pictures…yes, the sky is the limit. It’s gorgeous. Happy Monday and I hope you have a wonderful week.


  3. The sky is the limit indeed. Thank you for this beautiful inspiration. I feel I’ve run out of fuel, and I’m searching for fresh inspiration. It’s good to connect with kindred hearts. Your artwork is beautiful.
    Thank you for visiting, and for the encouragement. Empty nest is the latest beast I’ve encountered in ever after forest. Not even sure where to begin, but your words are comforting.


  4. Gah! Beautiful handmade paper! Once upon a time I thought I was artistic and did all sorts of things like handmade paper with which I sowed books and then I journaled with watercolors and calligraphy… yeah. I love paper 🙂


    1. Thank you, Tom. Many things in Holland are narrower than in the USA, since there ‘s less space! I’ve seen piano’s or other big objects being moved through windows with cranes:)


  5. What ever we want and plan…. life comes it own way doesn’t it… we just have to take it that way and make the very best of it.

    Have a nice abc-day / week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (abc-w-team)


  6. Hi Jesh
    The New Year is a good time to reflect and feel reinvigorated. I hope you enjoy journaling through 2016. Horses are such beautiful animals–lovely photo!

    I hope your conjunctivitis is completely cured–my granddaughter also came down with that last week, and I could not take care of her because I’m still recovering from eye surgeries.


  7. hello, I’m here again for good fences and that shot of the horse behind that interesting designed fence is great! Happy Fences to you and happy weekend, too. That was nice of your husband to take care of you last week. I hope by now all is well!


  8. Hello, I hope you are feeling better. I love the coastal shot with the gulls and the pretty horse. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!


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