Oliebol Apple Beignet (right)&liebol

Did you enjoy your Christmas celebrations? Hope you spread around the good cheer to the lonely or sick. If you didn’t, you still have a chance to mean something to someone with New Years Eve or New Years Day. Hubby’s specialty is to make apple beignets and oliebollen (a Dutch treat for this time of year of the same dough with raisins, deep fried in a ball)


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The Path

NO FEAR – Come what may in 2016. A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU!
Am determined not to let any threat or intimidation
Trying to encroach me
rob me from freedom of joy
on the path designed to follow
Away with you fear and fear mongers
this year is mine



StGermaintDoorLight_3430 copy


of all the doors opening up
welcoming me
choosing the one hand made
created by the Designer
to fit my inner room


White Fence_1562


Life may not be a white picket fence
nice or popular or  easy
but ever effort is
worth the journey


For Warm Heart: when my kids were still living at home, every new year we would each write down the accomplishments  of the year before, as well as what we could have done better. For the new Year we would write out, which goals we would like to reach. Then we would share all these items with each other. These were such memorable times!


XmaswDanielnear W-Entrance_3447




In Yosemite Nat. Park – river with snow near W-entrance


my reflection will not
freeze in fear
or melt
in hot pursuit
when chasing castles
in the sky





The (Tuesday) Texture of oil paint & Tuesday Travel – Bryce Canon, Utah

watch me finish some paintings
revisit every ascent, texture and shadow
hearing the rhythm of horses’ hooves
at the base of the mountain
see the flutter of each leaf or needle
longing to know what the distance breathes
before the last brush stroke
is done

Warm Heart: these significant messy moments are the inspiration for the next painting, not the subject, or how well or badly this one turns out!

Yellowsummer rose












but also I’m going to play
forget about the future’s sorrows
ignoring the politicians antics
whether they’re right or not!
for tomorrow is another day
but today I’m going to play

Join gleefully the NO FEAR year
(Six Words Sat.)

Thanks to the Hosts

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45 thoughts on “IN THE NEW YEAR – NO FEAR

  1. A beautiful post, Jesh! 🙂 I always feel as if I could have done more for others in the headlong rush, but it’s never too late, is it? The writing down and sharing with your kids is a lovely idea. I’m goalless and befuddled this year. I need a good shake 🙂 Happy 2016 to you!


  2. Your words are fine art today as well as are your pictures! I think I’ll adopt those no fear words as my mantra …. I already have resolved not to watch the news channels ever again. Talk about fear mongering! Happy New Year and thanks for the up,if ting message.,


  3. I like the mantra “No Fear,” Jesh. I will keep saying that as I am having eye surgery in a few days and naturally I’m a little worried about suffering complications. My first eye surgery had some complications that I am still recovering from, and now I am having the other eye operated on.
    Have a very Happy and Healthy New year!


  4. I love all those small thought-provoking things/comments (not sure how to describe them) that you have written through-out the post. I am going to write them down and keep on reading them as we all need them some time. A beautiful post. Happy New Year 🙂


  5. Your hubby’s specialty looks so yummy. I enjoyed reading about your families New Year tradition and loved your pretty fence shot. – Also the lovely painting at the end. – I wish for you & yours a great New Year! It’s been a pleasure blogging with you this one.


  6. Your husband’s Dutch treats look Delicious. And enjoyed the variety here – while my favorite photo is the white picket fence one / the angle – shadow – and mood – well happy new year Jesh and “may the God of hope fill u with all joy and peace in believing and may you abound in hope – abound in power – by the power of the Holy Spirit” Romans 15:13


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