CHRISTMAS EVE – cannot believe that I woke up to snow, just like at Thanksgiving! But … today also power outage till 4 pm (a driver ran into a power pole and 5000 people were without electricity!). But this week 3 neighbors came by to bring cookies and chocolate, so I’m good:):) Anyone who thinks living in the country is boring, stay with me for a week – it will change your mind!

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Poles of a Fence_0318 THE GOOD: To See the sky gives me a feeling of space and freedom.  Nature is so inspiring! Like a blank canvas – you may add clouds or a sunset, a storm, or a rainbow – somehow it always looks superb.
If you squint, you’ll see the pole on the right side of the fence. Keep going left, and you’ll see the other poles and wire. Sorry, couldn’t get closer!



THE RANDOM: We Had been to Old Town San Diego so many times, but coming out of the coffee and tea shop
never noticed these flowers hanging like this in a tree!
Below, this was hanging in our tree!








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For Warm Heart: One of the few memories I have from early childhood in Asia, was sitting by the open window in the dark (it was hot), eating my evening meal, close to the Christmas tree. No lights, because outside riots were going on, because of clashes between Islamists and Christians ( history repeating itself), so it was safer to eat in the dark. When I saw the collection of these Christmas decorations in the store of the Huntington Library (Pasadena, CA), they warmed my heart. I knew I had to get them, because they just looked like the ones my mom had brought with us to Holland.

THE FUN: looking for a door that with my musings today





Tuesday Texture, Water World, Good Fences, and Weekend Reflection
The Balboa Park Lion fountain in San Diego




The five years before 2014 it was fun to see how many Christmas or Xmas decorations I could “pack” in one room:)
Wherever you live, you make it work! That’s more satisfying than moping around for the December celebrations!


(Sat. Six Words)

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41 thoughts on “WHAT’S HANGING IN THAT TREE?

  1. Jesh,

    I love that blue door with the wreath. Thanks for sharing today.

    Please come back and tell me what you think of my nativity.

    Have a Beautiful Blue Monday and a very Merry Christmas!


  2. I too loved the wreath on the door and the one room of lovely Christmas decorations. The house is so sweet as well.
    Thank you for your comment about my mother’s ornaments. They mean so much to me.
    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas.


  3. Yes, that’s my question also. Is it climbing hydrangea? Whatever it is, it’s beautiful. And, you are so right about nature and blue wide sky — they do give us a sense of freedom and inspiration. Beautiful photos. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


  4. Sunday evening I wanted to post a letter, but I tripped and fell and broke my lefthand wrist, got also a wound on my right leg and my face is a mess.

    Thanks for your wishes, I wish you also a merry christmas!
    Wil, ABCW Team


  5. I love those glass ornaments! That’s what we now have after years of Asian Christmases where we could only find plush type ornaments handmade by tribal women. I loved those, too. I love that you shared your memories of Christmas in Asia. It’s funny how while we had many hot Christmases that I look back on those lovingly now. I always felt like we were just trying to make the best version of a home Christmas during those years, but now they are so special to me.


  6. Love your photos of festive Xmas décor. And I absolutely LOVE your cover photo of the logs with snow caps on them. Have a wonderful Christmas.

    abcw team


  7. Merry Christmas to you and yours! I so love the wreath on the door but as always, your photos are spectacular. Can’t wait for 2016 to see what you will share! Potica is a sLOVEnian nut roll a thinned rolled patsry filled with ground English walnuts, cinnamon, fresh cream and honey. My mother had the absolute best. Many different ways to make this treat. My mother’s sister used golden raisins and there are also strudels that both my sister and here oldest daughter have mastered. Filled with cherries, apple or cottage cheese and cream cheese fillings, My mom’s sister Annie who passed away from Lou Gehrig’s disease made the ultimate cottage cheese potica or strudel. The sLOVEnian dishes are such a wide range and there is nothing we would not eat because mom prepared it so beautifully. If you can find a potica in my hometown of Pueblo, Colorado you are in for a super treat. This time of year and Easter time orders are usually taken at least two months in advance. I have always been afraid to try it in the high altitude where I live (one mile high) but my Japanese friend Kozue took a bread making class at the local rec center and her breads and pastries are bakery quality. I have to get her help after the holidays! I hope you enjoy this beautiful time of the year with those you love. May God bless each one of you and may your new year be filled with many good things. Hugs, Anne


  8. Thanks for your comment. Fortunately there are such wonderful people here in my village. Everybody helps and drops in. I get medical assistance and someone to do my house. Well all will be allright.


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