Whoo Hoo! You hear the sound?
now coming in accelerated speed …
Am very unprepared this year –
but a Christmas tree  was bought …

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THE GOOD:  It’s not the Polar Express, but one of the old steam trains in Old Town (Sacramento)
dressed up for the holidays and ready to (Tue) Travel
Reflection (Fri)  in window left front, the (Thurs.) door, and little fence (Thurs.) in back ground




THE RANDOM: Before they played in the snow with their kids, daughter with
blue-grey scarf and her hubs in darker blue. On right, blue eyed grand
(sorry no pic of her eyes:)  )

Warm Heart:  probably once in our life time (2014) we decided on this  tree
from our yard for Christmas – a heart warming feeling.


Big XmasballsinMall_3490

THE FUN: These balls – last year in the mall – in the right one reflected hubby and moi.



Snow Bonanza Road_3838

You know the song “Let is snow?” That’s what started the day before thanksgiving  –
it’s frightful outside! Such a difference with Southern California –
so WHITE at 3000 feet it’s as if I moved to a Northern state!
This orchid below from the roofless Botanical building in Balboa Park,
San Diego, to remind me I still do live in California.













Flowing Water Huntington_0097

For Tue Texture, and Water World a stream with Forest green and yellow green aside.
Hope we’ll get to it, during December




Turkeys backyard_4040

Last week we watched The Great Escape of turkeys, running through our yard ….
you understand why,  if you know turkey is THE popular meat with Thanksgiving and Christmas in the USA…:)




Hope we’ll still have some sunsets with the holidays, the more the merrier.


(Six Word Sat.)

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33 thoughts on “IT’S COMING

  1. Hello, it is fun preparing for Christmas with the family. Decorating the tree is my favorite. Love the reflections, trees and orchid. The Turkey running is cute. Lovely sky capture. Have a happy week ahead!


  2. The snow is so pretty!
    Have a very merry Christmas!

    And yup – super lucky to have grown up near NYC – as a family we chose musicals over big parties or vacations!


  3. Hi Jeannette. Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog today. I appreciate it. I thought I’d pop over to visit yours. I love your tree – a very unique type with it’s droopy boughs. Lovely. Have a wonderful week.


  4. wondeerful photo’s….. almost get a little jealous about your tree and the possibilty tu have te place and use for one… i can’t because i am highly allergic to them… and we do not have the space and above that, dogs who like them to much 😉

    Have a nice abc-day / -week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫


  5. Yes, only a week away..uhhu….very lovely pictures. And your top picture — though it just woods with snows on it, but it really looks like small chunks of brownie with white sugar coating on them…yummmmyy…


  6. I like Old Town Sacramento! No wonder those turkeys were running – they didn’t want to be caught for the roasting pan. We’re coming to S CA next summer to celebrate our 50th anniversary – hope there is no snow. (We have plenty in CO!)


  7. What a great group of photos. I had no idea it snowed in California. I guess I should have realized. I remember years ago my mother-in-law would say, “I heard it snowed in Texas…how much did you get?” Well, the snow was in Amarillo which is about 800 miles from Houston! In Houston it was in the 70’s. I liked the reflection of the two of you in the ornament.


  8. Hello, we had our first dusting of snow this morning.. It is gone now. I love your post and images, cute shot of the turkeys. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!

    I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!


  9. I thought the snow-covered wood were gingerbread squares. lol. You must’ve got more snow yesterday. We had a nice rainstorm last night. thank goodness for flowers like orchids to remind us of warmer moments. 🙂


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