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THE GOOD: Twin leaves –  there aren’t many, so in Photo Shop I “made” one for you

From my little nieces in Holland I know
Twins say things at the same time, make a gesture or facial expression at the same time
they finish each other’s sentences.  As toddlers they talk to each other in bed and sing
each other songs. If one is happy, the other is happy too-  if one is sad, you have two
sad little people. If one is loud, the other is not quiet.
They seldom fight and cover for each other in school, or anywhere else.





THE RANDOM: Research says that they tend to choose a twin as a mate, or brothers or sisters.
When one of the twin dies at birth, the surviving one, feels this void throughout their lives,
even though the latter one does not know he or she is a twin.
For WARM HEART: I cherish the therapeutic work with some of my (previous) twin-like clients,
which I cannot be specific about, because of confidentiality, except that they are dear to my heart.

Twin Ship_0657

As a  therapist I know

Twins are two with one mind. They are  a mirror of each other.

Some people are not twins, but have the same internal drive to look for their “twin” in relationships. It is stronger that what is normally referred to as “soulmate.” Several psychologists, like Winnicott have written on this.  The theories pale by the experiencing this in the therapeutic relationship. since they start mirroring the therapist in terms of clothes, hand gestures, etc.



Front Door Castle Fraemelaborg ( in province Groningen, Holland) and  two kinds of fences.  Went here with the grandparents of the twins. Many things are symmetric , reminding me on twinship


THE FUN: Why is it important to know if you are wired internally to look for a twin?
If you are, don’t look for a person with opposite characteristics to spend your life with. You’ll end up unhappy. Look  for one who mirrors you, internally or even externally

water around Frelembourgsmall

A  mirroring is a reflecting  relationship. Different from narcissism, whose love is in self, not the other.
(the clue is relationship)


How do you know if you like a mirroring relationship? A telltale sign is that  you don’t like, or even  avoid people with a different lifestyle, viewpoint, clothes. The saying “opposites attract each other” is definitely not in your book! Other “signs” are: liking people who dress the same, complete your sentences or thoughts, and like similar strengths and weaknesses.

Sky Twinship_0153

How do you know if you are not looking for twinship?
Even though you may like similar styles in clothes as your friend(s) – which maybe a form of peer pressure, or a feeling of belonging  – you have a different mindset and View of life.


Twinship is not a good or a bad thing –  just handy to know why you like to be the same, or different from someone else:)

Twin or no twin, you’re good!
(Six Word Sat.)


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47 thoughts on “TWINS

  1. Sweet little girls Jesh, their photo and your description made me smile. I always enjoy visiting, so many beautiful photos and always appreciative that you share them with Today’s Flowers. Thank you so much!


  2. I think I would be looking for a twin relationship. I really don’t like the conflict that goes along with opposite viewpoints. My husband and I shared many of the same values, hence the long relationship but not without conflict over a few points!


    1. Hello Jeanniemaries – am so happy you figured out how to work with the comment section, but …do you have a wordpress blog? I’ll writ your email in case you’re at BlogSpot! Happy week:)


  3. Hi Jesh,

    You are so right! I am a twin; I have a brother, so that makes us fraternal twins. My mother always told me about our extra closeness as babies. My sister’s twin died in vitro. She has always felt kinda lost.

    My husband is an identical twin.

    Thanks for playing today.

    Have a Beautiful Blue Monday!


  4. Very interesting. My mother was part of a set of triplets (identical twin boys and her), I had fraternal twin boys, and one of my twins has boy/girl twins.


  5. Hello, I love your images, the leaves and seeds are beautiful. Your twin nieces are adorable. Gorgeous flowers and a lovely sky capture. Great post. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!


  6. Great post, Jesh. I am an only child, but was told when young that I was a Gemini, the star sign of the twins. So I was always asking: “Where is my twin?”
    Thanks for taking part in Travel Tuesday.


  7. well what a splendid surprise you had here for me !!!
    From all of you pictures…. one stood out….. Fraeylemaborg… have you been there? Its my place of birth!!

    Thank you for your loyal participation !

    Have a nice abc-day / – week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (abc-w-team)


  8. Lovely entry, Jesh. When I look at your header picture I can’t stop thinking the logs and snow are chocolate cake pieces dusted with icing sugar…
    Many thanks for joining us on the Floral Friday Fotos meme.


    1. You could get to know a lot from your mom and hubby (for example, does he/she know of any other twins in the past in their family). The connection is often stronger with identical twins.


  9. Hi Jesh

    You wrote earlier:
    ” Oh you’re on WordPress? Or you have a Blogspot and a wordpress? I did that for some time, but it became too confusing.Why I’m here – yes I and hubby went to Fraemelaborg (sorry I always spell it wrong) in 2011 with my brother and his wife, because they lived in Veendam. Wished I had taken more photos – such a beautiful castle!”

    I’m sorry, first of all, my previous comment was linked to the ‘wrong’ blog.
    Normaly i blog on …the blog you’ve left your comment on is also a blog of mine but i only blog there if the regular one is out of order for a longer period.
    I’ve always blogged at wich later in time changed into WordPress. I don’t like Blogger due to different things, WordPress is much better (i think)

    Never mind the wrong spelling of that castle 😉 Veendam i do know very well too ofcourse… how nice that you’ve visited my country and especcially the province and place i was born in. It indeed is a very beautiful castle… quit near is another one, did you visite that as well? Menkemaborg-Uithuizen, about less then an hours drive from Veendam.

    Have a nice weekend.


  10. Your photos are stunning. I couldn’t resist that photo of the darling twins. And, I enjoyed your observations on twinships.

    Happy Pink Saturday. Your post is being featured on my Pink Saturday this week as “the one that caught my eye”.


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