A PERSONAL VIEW: The meaning of “finer” things in life-  pour moi – are to live to the fullest and make a contribution than merely being a consumer.
It translates into taking an active stance in what I believe, instead of following the crowds,
into making things instead buying an instant product at the store. Okay to buy something instant when in a hurry, but on some things I won’t budge.


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Oil, Grapes of Eshkol ©St Germain – they’re as big as plums, my friend:)
With permission of S. and K. Higashi.

THE GOOD ( the things I won’t budge on):
First – art that is meaningful. Significance and meaning need no advertising
Two – no cookie cutter style – not in anything
Three – real flowers (that’s a Dutch thing)



THE RANDOM: Don’t care if the containers for the brushes are from recycled stuff, but good brushes are a must for me -it makes a world of difference in the end.
For Travel Tuesday: The red haired brush  – laying down – was my  own souvenir from Beijing and had the whole store looking up which kind of hair it was:)
and white haired also from China was given to me.


China Art book3702
For WARM HEART: After our son had lived for two years in China, he brought a hard cover, 190 pages with illustrations of Chinese watercolor art – past and modern times (the Chinese are genius in this medium). He had to search for this second hand book. That makes it even more of a  treasure.







THE FUN: With “good” art things around  I feel like a fish in water!
I do compromise – Underwhelmed –  with hair cuts, cars, dishes, restaurants (as long as it’s not fast food).


Variegated Flower_9362



Bougainvilla- REAL flowers, please









Door bookstore_3592

Thursday Door and Reflection of the street across
I don’t “have to” read any latest book, just because everyone is talking about it.
About the fence above – one of these days I’ll paint a vineyard, like the one behind  this fence. Am holding off to find the right view/angle!



Sky Sketch_2508

Like someone sketched this warm sky
(six word Sat.)




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41 thoughts on “THE FINER THINGS IN LIFE

  1. Hi Jesh,
    Love the images and the thoughts. The GOOD things I love… anything handmade (especially from someone I care about), quality TIME with others, a breathtaking view of anything natural. I guess that is why I like your posts 🙂
    Take time to breathe deeply! This time of year seems to call out “hurry, hurry, hurry!”


  2. i think the definition ‘fine’ is different for every one of us…. and that that is good, its the way it should be…
    For me the ‘finest’ thing in my life is to be alive…wanting to be… after a long period of being very ill and loosing every wish to live… to be able again now to enjoy it…. is something bejond fine for me.

    Have a nice abc-day / – week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y <abc-w-team)


  3. The finer things of life….. Our senior choir loves to sing:” Het zijn de kleine dingen die het doen..” ( the little things are most important, like a smile, a handshake, a letter, the sun shining after grey rainy weather… )
    Have a great day.
    Wil, ABCWTeam


  4. I am very much in sympathy with your life philosophy. I love that two paint brushes can have such meaning for you, each one bringing back memories. And what a beautiful book your son found.


  5. Hi, One of the finer things in life is getting a nice comment on my blog from someone like yourself who really knows something about photography and art. Thank you! You have quite a nice blog here. I like it that you “follow your own drummer” so-to-speak. It is always nice to see something fresh and new. I hope you will stop by my blog often and let me know what you think. Thanks again!


  6. Such wonderful shares. I love the art, love visiting our local art museum and wish I had such a wonderful talent. Thanks for all these beautiful shares. I am not into cookie cutter anything either. Have a great week.


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