HAPPY BIRTHDAY to hubby the day before Thanksgiving – celebrating it with first time SNOW where we live




Tree in Fall Backyard_3476

Tuesday Texture,  Trees and Bushes, Fri. Greens

THE GOOD: my daily view

Anything artful makes me happy and thankful
the blue veil of the fog in the distance
whether it is the intricate details of the branches,
the roughness of the bark
the sun on the dark green of the pine needles
or whatever impression it makes on you


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the simple beauty of a bloom of the Christmas cactus, although mine bloom whenever they want:)




THE RANDOM: Whether it’s a bend in the river a turkey and cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving …



ModSky Fence Reflect_1932

The parasol reflected in the window …
thankful for comfort of a cup of coffee and safety (in this case fences so we won’t plunge onto the freeway below),
or a beach house like welcoming door (the next pic).



Reflectbeach Door-vine




Paaintingpassion_0017Tuesday Texture – grain & posterize –


But what if I could not share that passion and thankfulness?
(Warm Heart  & Six Words Sat)



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39 thoughts on “HAPPY and THANKFUL

  1. Lovely post. So much in our day to be thankful for. Loved the cactus. I noticed mine was beginning to set blooms. Maybe I’ll have a few flowers by Christmas!


  2. Love the pic of the cactus bloom. The color reminds me of coral reefs. Then you had the welcoming of the beach house door! Tell your hubby to keep up the great work! Many warm hugs and sweet memories be to you both this Thanksgiving.


  3. Lovely photo’s ….. and by the way… could you please share some sun with me 😉

    Have a nice abc-day / -week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (abc-w-team)


  4. Looks like something could almost emerge out of the fog in your photo. You made me look at my Christmas cactus, no sign of buds but definitely more dust on it than there should be! It will be thankful that your photo will rouse me to give it a wipe.


  5. Your Christmas cactus is sososo pretty. It always amazes me that they bloom at Thanksgiving. Your first shot is lovely. What a beautiful sky with all of those fluffy white clouds.A pretty day for picture taking.


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