When I finished this post Nov. 13 at least 118 people were killed in Paris by terrorists at a concert and  at some well known bars. This is in memory of the fallen. My thoughts are with them.

Chagall was the beginning of this post a few days before. His  museum is in the South of France.


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Even though Chagall is mainly a painting artist, he made three(?) stained glass mosaics about the Days of Creation.  Sadly his stunning religious works (in Nice, Fr.) are not accessible in America, because the former give a quite different impression than his works in the USA.

What I like about him: his deep, almost jarring ultramarine. On another note, someone may be famous, but at the end of the day …. A story fitting for Jenny Matlock’s new meme: Warm Heart. Chagall adored and stayed true to his wife. He painted in a very difficult time, being a Jew – True to his destiny.
That makes me feel I want to follow in his footsteps.



Door Puccini House2188

Strolling around in Lucca (Italy) we ran into Puccini’s house with his statue by the front door. He is known for Tosca, La Boheme, Madame Butterfly.




Fence Botanical SanD_7244

THE RANDOM: Beautiful iron fence  with a banana bush (?) leading up to the Botanical building in Balboa Park, San Diego





THE FUN: Knitting 2 blankets for my smallest Grands -the other is a pink 10-stitch blanket that is knitted by going around in a square.
Michaels and JoAnne’s World is the place for this yarn. Shown is the backside of the free pattern of





Lilly patches in a pond made Monet famous, except for the reflection on the left, with the gray shirt:)
That I love art, does not mean I like the style of every artist. Monet, for example, does not move me one bit, and don’t think he deserves the fame he has.  My favorite music is classical, but I can’t stand Mozart’s music, it gives me a head- ache.


Since this fountain above is close to Camellia bushes in Huntington Library Gardens, a close up of a Camellia

Camellia Pink0039




StrikingSunset 276

It amazes me that a few days before the terrorists attack in Paris took place on Nov. 13 , I finished  this post that began with Chagall, who escaped Russia, and lived in France, and because of World War II moved then to the USA probably because he was a Jew.

My son (living in Holland) was in Paris to meet an American friend  last Tue. for a few days. Am very thankful they both left France in time. This friend wrote on Facebook that when they left,” it got a little scary… ” A diminutive comment, because they both had lived and worked in another risky country.

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(Six Word Sat.)

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55 thoughts on “CRAFTED by SOMEBODY

  1. I love the gray shirt in the lily pad reflection – and I know what u mean about not liking every style of art – and most of Picasso’s works are not my thing – but I do like many of Monet’s pieces, but I can see why the reporter at Monet’s first show was making fun of them – and sarcastically asked “what” to call the sunrise painting – and money said just put “impression” and while these works do have a simplicity and even unfinished feel – I think that is the allure – the loose strokes and unconventional use of paint – and then to see some of his series – where he painted the same thing at different times of day – and had this play on light – well how nice- and maybe it was far more appreciated in the world back then in the late 1800s – when art was item staunchly and so classic and by the old skool rules – so in a way Monet’s works feel like fresh freedom to me. And cezanne’s and other impressionists –
    Anyhow – I like the blanket for the grandchild 💚


    1. my thought will probably come in spurts – so bear with me. I don’t mind the loose style and use of paint. But my reaction to his paintings are like you talk to someone famous, and you say, “I love the sky today – so full of expectancy, and the person responds with “Yes.” I think, Huh? is that all? I expected a witty or intelligent, or deep answer! I wanted to be wowed, or stunned. Instead I’m underwhelmed. With Cezanne I AM stunned by his use of white, by his placement of objects, etc.
      If Monet was the only painter of impressionism, than there wouldn’t be any competitors, but instead, there are so many, so he keeps falling to the bottom of the list, so to speak.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh that makes sense and I really get your view. And actually Monet is not one of my favorite artists at all (on the C list maybe – which is third for moi) but I guess I appreciate things about his work that were maybe really needed – and piggy backing on your analogy – maybe after too many deep, intelligent answers it is a nice change to get the simpler “yes”
        Oh i dunno – but so fun to ponder and just think – and so are you ready to talk about mozart’s music? Ha – just kidding…


      2. Uh, I rather talk about Pucinni, but then, my favorite music are actually instrumental works of Grieg, Bach, Vivaldi, Rachmaninoff, Gershwin …not to scare you off (smile). Don’t worry, I’ve become more pragmatic than spending my days philosophizing:)

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I like all your pictures and I remember strolling around in Lucca… My favorite is the picture of the water lilies.
    By the way, do you know that your top picture disappears after a second?


    1. Do you mean the header with the leaves, or is it the pic of Chagall’s stained glass window? Thank you for bringing that to my attention! Today the internet did not work for some time (a storm -am living in the mountains where some cell phones don’t work!)


  3. I went to Giverny for a week and was got to see the lilies. I love how we are all so different tho we love art and music. I adore Monet and Mozart. Chagall’s mosaic is heavenly. The blue is stunning. All of your photos are lovely this week. I am so thankful your son and his friend are fine. I think back on all the years I took students to Paris and how we sat and ate in the title outdoor restaurants…it is so frightening. I am so fearful of what is gong to come next.


  4. There is a small church not too far away in Kent where the windows have been designed by Chagall in memory of the landowners daughter who died at sea. They are also that beautiful blue.


  5. So frightening to live in these ” interesting” times …. But we must go on. Beautiful pictures and what a coincidence to be writing and thinking about France at that time. I am glad your son was not there and I am so sorry for those who were.


  6. Now I’m intrigued to look up more work by Chagall…

    I think that we are drawn to certain artists and musicians based on our innate personalities and natural movement/energy types. I’m a very still person – very structured and precis – so my musical and artistic preferences tend to follow those lines. Impressionism (Monet) is not my cup of tea….Mozart and Bach – very structured and predictable so I love it. Romantic period music is a little too emotional for me.


  7. A nice selection today. I have been to the Chagall museum in Nice and it is quite interesting. I also like your blankies. I have been thinking of making a 10-stitch for myself. Ahhh… one of these days!


  8. Its truly horrific… what happened (still happens at this moment ) there…and on other places in the world…

    all we can do but hope for the best is pray for a better world and spread love as much as we can !

    Have a nice abc-day/- week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (abc.-w-team)


  9. Some lovely SNAPSHOTS here and I’m so glad your SON and his friend is SAFE,
    Meanwhile, today the carnage carries on, We’ve had so many lovely holidays in various parts of France including Paris.
    I cannot believe what is happening in the world.
    It SEEMS that nowhere is safe!
    We have even stayed in the hotel in Tunisia where the holiday makers were murdered recently!.
    Best wishes,
    ABCW team.


  10. Hello, gorgeous images. I love the stained glass window. The flower and the sky shot are lovely. Beautiful post. My prayer go out to the people in Paris. Have a happy day!


  11. It was lovely seeing your tribute to France…interesting that you had started the post before the attacks and started with Chagall. I love the stained glass window! So stunning! Surprised you don’t like Monet….but to each his own! 🙂 Lovely photographs!


  12. Mmmm, I love the work of both Monet and Mozart… 🙂 The paintings of Monet are idyllic, which really does speak to me. But the painting of Chagall are far more interesting, experimental and storytelling. A beautiful and meaningful tribute, Jesh. And your blanket is coming along beautifully. xx


  13. Such a lovely post. I still am in disbelief about Paris, but at the same time not. I am so concerned about the future of us all. I’m glad you and yours are safe!


  14. Wonderful shares. The thought of the tragedy in Paris breaks my heart. I am so frightened by our own government and what they are up to here in America. I think no matter where you go there has to be some security, airports, parking garages, any place public and I just pray. I am glad your son was safe. Love love love all these lovely photos too. Thank you for sharing. My oldest son was boarding a plane in Texas to come home to Colorado. My youngest son just flew into Charlotte, NC last night. I get a little nervous although I so love flying. When I was young my father and mother taught me to be always be aware of my surroundings and I still pay good attention today. I am not paranoid just careful when I am out and about especially alone. I still believe more people are good than not. Have a beautiful weekend and as always thanks for these terrific shares.


  15. The gate at the end was quite lovely. – The stained glass was very interesting although probably not my style. Much like you don’t care for Monet (Which by the way I love his Waterlilies) I find the stained glass a bit odd looking. To each there own right. – You are lucky you can knit (I tried but could never learn how to knit or crochet or sew) Just not my talent. Have a great weekend and thanks for you thoughts and photos.


  16. Excellent post! I saw some of Chagall’s glass stained glass in Zurich but photos were forbidden. Thankfully your son returned safely before the tragic events.

    You commented: “Even tragic for the family of the mastermind, coming to Belgium to have a better life -” Normally I would think the same but I saw a reporter go into the Molenbeek neighborhood of Brussels and interview residents who condoned the attacks saying “it’s an eye for an eye”. I wonder if his family and thousands more didn’t come for a better life but rather to bring their way of life to Europe.


  17. Yes a very nice selection under a good theme. I love things made by people. I see the baby blanket and it reminds me and makes me wish that I could still do my needle work and knitting, but my fingers just won’t cooperate. Babies are so wonderful and a hope for the future…(I am way behind)….Michelle


  18. Marvelous post Jesh! All the photos were great and such an interesting read. I also want to thank you for linking with Today’s Flowers and being so patient, as I know the linky wasn’t working properly yesterday. It is today though and I have added your exquisite pink camellia. I especially appreciate you giving me permission to do so. Thank you so much and have a great week 🙂


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