Leaves fall, flowers fade
trees lose their face
a pause to give my thoughts room
in giving  thanks I’ve come this far
wiping the slate clean
for new beginnings to grow
deep under the earth


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FallenFlowerinto H2O _9232




The beginning of this post – a foggy morning wrapped itself today around nature. Today (Monday): rain changed into snow at 3000 feet – bleh, too cold for California!)
THE GOOD:  fences keep us out of the ditch!



mushroom 9861

Tuesday Texture

One time my grand Peach (4 years old then) and I saw some parts of chewed up mushrooms between the trees, (probably from the deer) and told her. “Don’t touch it. You might get sick, because some are poisonous.”
Then we saw some, nice enough for a pic with my camera, and brushed some dirt off with my fingers.

“Nana,” she screamed of the top of her lungs, “Don’t touch it! You might get sick because some may be poisonous!” Difficult to keep my composure, since she was screaming as if it was her idea! Also, not expecting  a 4-year-old would quote me verbatim!




THE FUN: Every time we come over now , we are greeted with a Zestful, “I AM FIVE!”



Blue door_2787

If you wonder why I’m late in visiting you these days, Fall is a five-birthday-run,
ending the day before Thanksgiving. That means a lot of shopping:) and visits.
Also this week starting on my Christmas








Clouds not modified!

Racing along the firmament – for some, the snowman came a long time ago.Who knows, it could be Father Christmas getting all his info by looking down on us.






Have you started on your CHRISTMAS LIST?
(six words Sat.)


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38 thoughts on “THE FACE OF A TREE (in Fall)

  1. Lots of precious photos. A child with a caring heart is the best kind of child. I would be afraid to pick mushrooms because I am not familiar with them but when you know what you are doing, that is amazing ! Still a little one who cares about you makes a heart sing! Have a beautiful week.


  2. Your granddaughter is very pretty, Jeanette! I’m sure she feels so grown up being 5 years old. Your poem and photos are lovely.

    We had our first snow on the Front range in Colorado today, after a unusually warm autumn. I feel ready for winter — I love the four seasons.

    PS: To answer your question about whether is was hard to breath on Pike’s Peak–yes a bit–the oxygen level is only 60% so many feel light headed and dizzy. Since I normally live at 6,200 feet I am used to high altitude, and happily I don’t suffer ill effects from it, even when I go up to 14,000 feet! It is cold on the mountain top, however–at least 30 degrees colder than at its base. Also, I know what you mean about Garden of the Gods. We have photos from the first time we visited and they all look different from my last visit. There is much to see there and it depends which direction one walks or drives!

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


  3. Hi Jeanette, what a lovely story about the mushroom, made me laugh. Pretty little girls and being 5 is just the best! I like your photographs too.
    I read your comments on my site and in reply I’m not Dutch I’m English but I am extremely interested in the British and European Monarchy. I was delighted to see the King and Queen of the Netherlands at the Cenotaph. I believe our Queen Elizabeth II, invited them as it was 70 years since the liberation of Holland after WW2. It was a most moving
    ceremony. I had to smile as our Queen stood by the side of your king as he’s so tall and of course our Queen is so tiny!

    Kind regards,
    ABCW team.


  4. That first floral shot is my favorite. In my family we have my dad’s birthday on Christmas day, my niece Dec. 28th, my dad and stepmom’s anniversary on the 29th, my second niece at the beginning of Feb. I understand completely.


  5. That picture of the leaves is absolutely beautiful. I have not started on my Christmas list….not really anyhow. We have decided to make this Christmas a handmade one. Every gift has to be homemade. Well, except for a few things we get for the boys since they are only 9 and 11.


    1. Funny that you should ask. I just placed an order with Amazon before I came over here. Those pink clouds are beautiful. I’m almost 70, so I don’t say my age with much zest anymore. To be five again!!


  6. This is really a lovely post .. Joyful family time, beautiful flowers and art … Life is good. I love the soft camellia ( I think that’s what it is .. The first picture) . Cute story about your granddaughter… They hear everything at that stage, and repeat most of it )))


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